March 2016 – Antigravity Magazine
March 2016 • VOL 14.3 • #140


Letter from the Editor: Still Growing

I don’t know if it’s the constant reminder of our collective mortality, the onslaught of another glorious New Orleans spring, or some weird freaky DNA thing where my grandfather is calling to me through the…Read full article

Reader Feedback: Bite Me, Big Thinker

Our resident rascal Jules Bentley took to the printwaves last issue to expound on the closing of Booty’s Street Food, a Bywater eatery that was symbolic of the new wave of entrepreneurship and Silicon Valley…Read full article

Star Hustler: So Many Feels

When pointed at astrology, the idea of evolution has to do with being all knowing. March begins with a highly intuitive phase for the world. We can see into dark spaces where there hasn’t been…Read full article

Reality Bites: Fabulous Falafel

Maybe you’ve gone meat-free for Lent, maybe you’re meat-free for life, or maybe you just enjoy a deep fried food that is still high in soluble fiber. Obviously, the right food for you is falafel….Read full article

Hidden Louisiana: The Republic of West Florida

When a group of white anti-government militants occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Western Oregon in January of 2016, they claimed to be acting under a divine message from God. While the occupation appeared at…Read full article

Paw Talk: Rescue Therapy

Last April I had a lot going on in my life, as many college upperclassmen can relate to. Every day was becoming a challenge, and my anxiety began to creep in and consume me, making…Read full article


Shannon and the Clams: Sleepovers and Dream Dinner Dates

Shannon and the Clams are an Oakland-based band with a style that can sound old, harkening back to Phil Spector’s girl-group glory days—but also new, like the best possible version of the wide variety of…Read full article

BUKU V: AG Picks

There are only a handful of cities that can brag about having their own amazing local music festival to look forward to each year, and New Orleans is one of them. The BUKU Music +…Read full article

Finally Free: The State of Louisiana vs. Albert Woodfox

The secret is out: we are men! But the blunt, open articulation of this secret has frightened the nation to death. —James Baldwin, “An Open Letter to My Sister, Angela Y. Davis” A Cold War-era…Read full article

AG Report on Stolen Bicycles in New Orleans

Please note the corrections to this article at its conclusion If you’ve ever had a bike stolen, you might have scoured Craigslist looking for it or cased every similar bike being ridden down the street….Read full article

Momma Tried’s Spa Castle: What’s Indulgence Got to Do with It?

“I think we deal with pleasure very well in New Orleans.” So Micah Learned, one half of Momma Tried— an interdisciplinary art project and irreverent nudie magazine-meets-installation piece—succinctly concluded an interview regarding Spa Castle, their…Read full article

Humor: Don Donnie’s Easter News Roundup

EMMET, ID —Ammon and Ryan Bundy, still reeling from their  militia’s failed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, presented a “redress of grievances,” and promised armed occupation of their corner of the dining room…Read full article

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Reviews, March 2016

Books BOB MEHR TROUBLE BOYS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE REPLACEMENTS (DACAPO PRESS) There’s an expression—”don’t sit too close at the ballet”—that’s sometimes used to describe the feeling of learning too much about something you…Read full article