Star Hustler: So Many Feels

Published  March 2016

antigravity_vol14_issue3_Page_06_Image_0001When pointed at astrology, the idea of evolution has to do with being all knowing. March begins with a highly intuitive phase for the world. We can see into dark spaces where there hasn’t been light for years. New levels of understanding in our environment can be reached by walking through it and feeling, picking up things whether we intend to or not. Pisces, the sign of the sun, is currently working its way through and it knows and feels everything. With this level of understanding, reality can be too much at times, and finding space and activities to retreat to are very necessary. Of course, the idea of self-care looks different on each sign. A Piscean self-care session might be binge watching a TV show about aliens, while a Virgo might need to start training for a marathon. Finding the things that emotionally feed you while still granting you time to process and experience the depths of emotional understanding are key now. With the sun conjunct the ruling planet of Neptune at the beginning of the month, this is an especially incredible time to understand the roots of your emotional space, your dreams, and trust your instinct around the “vibes” that you get in regular life.

As I was going through and charting out this month to write something about it, I realized that there are an exceptional amount of squares in the relationships between planets. Squares (mathematically: when two planets or signs are 90 degrees apart) represent a tension: a space where conclusions are not always simple, and we have to battle to find the right outcome. The most pronounced of squares this month are with Mars. When in a square, Mars—the planet of war, passion, and action—begs for something to go up against and shift through moves, action, and sometimes war. Collectively, we can all feel the political and social wars that have been taking place nationally and locally, and this month brings a lot of things to a head. Stand your ground. Make space for humans and feelings over money and power. Connect to the humanity and dreams of your opponent. Your thoughts and feelings are powerful and profound this month, and it’s important to not allow the enormity of a situation or experience to dissuade you from participation.

On the 25th, Saturn will start a retrograde phase that will go until August. Saturn rules our ideas of responsibility and how we make choices for the future. When it goes into a retrograde phase, we spend a lot of time rehashing the last several months, reconciling the choices we have made, and making sure that we have fully dissected every part of a move to make sure it’s what’s best for us. With the help of deeply emotional energy coming from Pisces at the beginning of the month, and a Jupiter retrograde that is still going strong, this focus, especially in the months of March and April, will help you understand if you are in the right place. The strongest suggestion during this time is to make a move. If you know for sure that you need to get out of something, or bring on a huge thing that you have been putting off, now is the time to do it. Saturn is a planet that brings a lot of information about what you need and what is best for you; it also rules health. A lot of times when you don’t deal with the things that you need to in your home, relationships, or work life, it manifests in a very physical way. Deal with it. With the sun ruling Aries starting on the 21st, there is all kinds of fire to get you going.



Do you know what the term “in like a lion, out like a lamb” is in reference to you? THE LAMB IS YOU. How? How is this even possible? As a human who wears their heart on their sleeve and reacts appropriately to the things that are happening around them, the energy to channel at the beginning of this month is lamb energy. Be gentle as you wade through your inner self. You are constantly learning, and the journey of understanding the time that has passed and how it has made you who you are is very important. If you stop running as you read this, and focus on the thing you need to tackle in terms of your emotions, what is it? What do you need to dwell on that has you running from or toward it? As the sun enters your sign on the 21st, and Mercury on the 23rd, you will be especially ready to take on the world with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh outlook. Give yourself the opportunity to know what you are working toward fully to use this life- giving time to the fullest.



As this month starts, you are being asked to take a hard look at your long- term relationships. There is a lot of aggressive energy in this realm of your life, and it’s important to get to the root of the fight. Are you fighting for a better outcome, or just to fight? The sun is in your house of friendship and social-life until the 21st of this month, and as you are hashing out your love life and the emotional energy that is brewing, call on your friends. Recognize that your ideal life is very present if you want to tap into it, but you need to make room for the best things by letting go of the things that aren’t serving you as well. With your ruling planet Venus in the 10th house until the 12th, there could be a boost to the way you see yourself and how others see you. As we present our most loving and beautiful self to the world around us, it is natural for other people to respond positively. Believe in what is being reflected back to you, and know that this is who you are at all times.



It is always time for Gemini to share their ideas. They always have the right knowledge and voice. This month, especially until the 6th, it’s an incredible time to talk about something you are feeling. Not theories about emotion, not a story about other people’s feelings—how you personally feel. There is also very positive energy in your love life around travel. Going on a trip with someone you love, meeting someone in an unusual location or adventuring in some way that you don’t usually is strongly advised through the 12th of the month. One word of caution: Mars is the planet of action and movement, and it is in your house of health and daily life until the 6th of this month. This is a time for silly accidents and potentially unnecessary drama. If you want to take a positive action during this time, as the ruling sign of talking and intellectual understanding, I would suggest learning more about an aspect of your health. Go to a therapist. Watch a YouTube video about laughing yoga. Try out a daily vitamin.



As a creative human that is probably most focused on other people, you are being asked to focus on your creativity until the 6th of this month. Maybe this means having a dinner party for a bunch of friends, and maybe it’s about collecting tears in a bottle and mixing them with watercolors. A part of taking action this month is making something that deals with your feelings, and taking personal time to be creative. Cancer, with the climate of our world right now, it is reasonable to feel a little more than usual (is that even possible?). It is also a very good time to retreat into the secret life you hold with people who you’re in intimate relationships with, especially until the 12th—these relationships will make you feel more grounded and loved in a time when we are all being asked to unlock our intuition and emotions. On the 21st, the sun will enter into a square with your sign, which may be a time for you to focus on the things you want to change. The extra-special aspect of the sun during this time is that it is trying to help you access your best self, which will be staring you directly in the face through the end of the month.



As a fixed fire sign, you are very clear about what is best for you at most times. Even in a space where things are very unclear or weird, you are great at pretending like you have everything under control. As the focus this month is about unlocking some of our secret feelings, and slowing down to take very great care of ourselves, the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all begging you to connect to how to do this with compassion and conversation. Create a ritual around how to better care for your true self. This month is also an incredible time to focus on the health of your sex life. As we both know, you do not enter any situation haphazardly, and if your sex life (or lack thereof ) is in a questionable state, it is a good time to make moves to get it back into shape. This month also brings a lot of awareness around who you are as a creative. As you make things this month, make sure they are for you, and your process, and try not to be as connected to the way it will be perceived.



Endurance and longevity are terms that are automatically associated with Virgo. You know how to slowly but surely win the race, and are not afraid to make the right moves to be the best version of yourself. This month brings some energy that can feel like it’s working against you. The main focus is to connect your emotional self with the origin of how you respond and react to outer stimulus. There may be a bit of a communication breakdown at the beginning of this month, followed by a very necessary personal retreat to re-establish what makes you feel most comfortable in the way that you deal with a topic or a person starting on the 7th. When you think about the list of things you have made that need to be accomplished this year, or even this week, I want you to make room for March bringing about a change in some of those hard-set goals. Try not to work hard on things that suddenly feel different. Check in especially between the 8th and 9th when there is a lot of power around how to best spend your time.



This month begins with a streak of luck that goes through the 6th. This luck is associated with learning about money coming your way, a new job, or attainment of something that you may have wanted for a very long time but didn’t know how to get. On the 7th, there is a bit of a shift as Mars, the planet of action, and Saturn, the planet of responsibility, asks you to show your work for the things you have been granted. This is a great time to take on more responsibility and kick yourself into a different gear around anything health-related. The beginning of the month also brings new energy to your love life that could feel fiery and exciting in a way that has been missing. Talk about the things you want in a partner—with your partner or anyone who will listen; this is a time for manifestation of those qualities. With Mercury in your 6th house, this is also a time where you could more comfortably fall into the right work rhythm, especially if you clarify what you need or want in your workdays.



For many people, the mystery of Scorpio can often be a lack of understanding in terms of the depth of your feelings. When you spend a lot of time with walls of emotional protection up, it’s reasonable that other people can be surprised by the ways you express yourself emotionally. You know how you feel, and action around those feelings is going to be very prominent this month. From the 1st to the 6th, the planet of passion and war is moving through your house of identity, helping you understand what you need to do to feel healthy and together. On the 7th it will be in a space that will help you see yourself compassionately and make the right emotional moves to make space for what you need. As Saturn goes retrograde at the end of the month, while it is also in the same sign as Mars, I want you to focus on what you absolutely need to keep and what is good for you, not what you want and the fears that you have held. There is a tendency as a Scorpio to want to try to control an outcome and the potential emotion around it, and this month is asking you to allow these things to unfold instead of knowing how they will turn out. Allow it.



As we talk about self-care and what it looks like to take care of yourself, the typical does not necessarily apply to Sagittarius. A great Sagittarius friend of mine once went through a really tough breakup and within one week moved across the country and started a whole new life. While this type of thing is not socially considered the right thing to do as a person who makes space for themselves wherever they are, this is a perfect response as a Sag. This month, you will be asked to focus on what you need most, and how you will get it. March is a time to set into motion the act of dictating your adventure instead of riding the wave of the worlds around you, especially in your feelings about home and friendship. On the 28th and 29th, there will be a special magic in the air around movement and how to make the best decisions for the year ahead. Forward momentum only!



antigravity_vol14_issue3_Page_07_Image_0002Feelings shmeelings, am I right? Here’s the deal, Capricorn: the work that needs to be done this month is extremely vulnerable but still very important for your sign. With the beginning of the month asking you to communicate your innermost desires and the end of the month asking you to take a hard look at home and how you function in your relationships and feelings of security, you could feel like every day is another day of too much feeling. As with any other thing you take on, you can tackle this with the best tools. The sun is bringing a lot of information to you through the 21st. As your ruling planet Saturn goes retrograde at the end of this month, the information you gather will be very helpful to understand what to focus this energy on. Until the 12th, there is a lot of potential to express your feelings to a romantic partner or tell someone about your romantic feelings towards them. Whatever you do, make sure you fully sort out where your feelings lie this month.



As this month starts, it seems that your love life is front and center in your ideas. The thing is, while you say most things as they come to mind, the function of love life and who you love is something that might be more mysterious than you think. Until the 6th, I challenge you to communicate where you are in romantic pursuits, the greatness of being single, and the weirdness of cohabitating—all of it. This is an exercise for you, and the communication isn’t meant for anyone other than those you choose, but checking in is key. Around the 21st, with the sun entering a sign that brings very positive energy to your sign, there are new ideas sparked and inspiring energy around new ideas and self-leading intellectual pursuits. From the 21st to the end of the month, there is great energy around taking a short trip to get a different perspective. You will also have a renewed sense of belonging in your work at the beginning of this month. This is a very good time to take action in the way you want the world to see you, and to create a new level of respect and acknowledgment.



The sun is in your sign, making this month especially beautiful to be a Pisces. The collective thought this month is about healing, about facing ourselves, and seeing the places where we need to focus light. As a person who exists as this at all times, it is nice to see that light being shined upon your sign. Not only does this month start with the sun in your sign, it ends with Venus, the planet of love and compassion, in your sign, bringing a full month of healing and life-giving energy to your inner being. Mercury and Venus both start this month in your 12th house, which will make your intuition even higher, and bring almost daily shows of love to your life. Pay attention to the ways these things manifest themselves. With this level of intuition it’s nice to focus on the ways the universe is taking care of you. Mars will travel between your 9th and 10th houses this month, asking you to bring fun to your life, and some level of acceptance of yourself as a public person. What do you want to do with power? How will your actions shift the world around you? Are you connected to your wildness?



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