Letter from the Editor: It’s a Mystery to Me

Published  April 2016

One of the many joys of putting this thing together is seeing how it shapes up as the month progresses. I’ll admit that a lot of the time it’s a mystery to me how the issue is going to look until it’s in my hands. AG is practically its own sentient being and I’m not
sure who’s in control of who here. April’s offering is no exception, as our subject matter runs the gamut, from looking at the heroin overdose epidemic of late 2015/early 2016 to globetrotting with singer-songwriter Sarah Quintana. But one theme emerges and that is a determination to work against the ever-encroaching sense of utter futility in these oh-so modern times. It’s not easy, but the voices in these pages aren’t shrinking from the challenge. Anyway, enough deadline-riding bloviating from me this month.

The issue wishes to speak for itself.

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