Star Hustler: Mars Attacks!

Published  April 2016

Antigravity APRIL 2016_Page_06_Image_0001As spring sprung last month, the astrological wheel restarted its turn. Aries is the astrological baby, ruled by an animal that uses its head to ram into anything it doesn’t want to be bothered by. The images of spring are always gentle, right? We think of it as a time for things to quietly bloom, for people to come out of their blanket caves and re-learn how to be with other people, in preparation to get all the way wild in the summer months. Spring, as it comes into the world, is anything but mild. Growing is explosive in all forms, and as the planet at large is being inspired by the tireless energy of the sun in Aries, a lot of electric energy comes in small bursts, out of nowhere.

It is natural, then, that this sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and passion. Mars wants the war. Mars wants the fight, and wants to knock over anything in its path, as quickly as possible. On the 18th of this month, for the first time in two years, Mars is retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius. While Mars retrograde affects a naturally aggressive sign (like Aries and Scorpio) in a way that may calm them down a bit, generally Mars retrograde brings out a lot of aggression, hasty decisions, and sometimes easily avoidable physical damage. Mars in Sagittarius is a time where people need to respond to their anger and frustration with actions. The translation of that, unfortunately, changes from person to person and of course, I urge you to find a mountain to climb instead of a thing to punch. Historically, the last time this happened was 2001, and the time before that was 1969. Both years heavily shaped American history through physical responses to social climates, and both years led to a “new normal.” With this retrograde phase—in addition to the phase of Jupiter retrograde still going strong—the universe decided to add the atomic energy of Pluto in retrograde on the exact day Mars goes retrograde. A retrograde phase of Pluto (the planet of transformation and complete shifts) brings profound changes that sometimes surprise and often transform in ways we cannot imagine. One can only assume a lot of personal revolutions, tidal waves of emotion, and a potential “new normal” will come to light starting with this phase.



This month it could feel like you are being pulled in five different directions. While most other signs might not appreciate that level of chaos and possibility, you have the endurance to do it all this month. From the 1st to the 12th, you have a whole new outlook on the work you are doing, and how to establish your identity within it. This is also a good time to land a new job. From the 4th to the 14th, there is a pull from the spiritual world, asking you to connect to your higher self. Paying attention to the ways your movement feels emotionally is key during that time. Decluttering any spiritual difficulties you are having is also advised. On the 3rd through the 11th, your sun is square Pluto, bringing a lot of big power to your chart. Transformation, awakening, and complete shifts are very likely during the beginning of this month, Aries. From the 28th to the 30th, we see peaceful retrograde Jupiter gracing you with tranquility and a good adventure probably resulting from a lot of important moves. As a wise woman and man once said, “Treat. Yo. Self.”



You know, Taurus, there is something that will come into clear focus this month that you feel like obsessing about more than usual. MARS IS TRICKING YOU. Please know this. You are a bit more obsessive this month, especially after the 18th, when Mars goes retrograde. The silver lining in this situation is that your intuition and emotional ability to quickly navigate situations is very high right now, and people who have the best intentions for your experience very closely surround you. Trust your gut, trust your friends. It is better in this time to work on you and your experiences than worry about how to help or give a hand to someone else.



Actively nurturing your relationships is very important this month, Gemini. You could feel like you have a whole realm of a social world opened up to you, and very easy connections are made, especially until the 19th. Unfortunately, this month your thoughtful nature and cool-as-a-cucumber attitude could appear a bit more fiery in the realm of your romantic relationships. As a sign who can talk it ALL out, I have no doubt that any romantic quarrel during this time could be dealt with in a logical, down-to-earth way. You have to be aware that this will be necessary. There might also be a draw to try something romantically this month that you know is not necessarily right for you, and while I think this can be important and even good during this time, make sure you are not creating problems for yourself.



There is pressure in your house of daily living all of this month, Cancer. I have experienced that generally speaking, Cancers are either in a caretaker role or being completely taken care of, and this month you need to take care of yourself. Do you need a job change? Even a small one? Going on walks during your lunch break? Letting go of some of the things you can’t control? Are you feeling a change in your lifestyle in general? A new diet? A new routine to work out? This is a time where you need to focus on the fundamental parts of your existence in a daily way and motivate yourself to move toward things that are working really well for you. From the very beginning of the month until the 5th, I urge you to spend time accessing and speaking your personal truth. It doesn’t have to be to a large group of people (it can be!) or the most profound thing you will ever say (it definitely can be!); but people are listening and it’s time to speak your truth.



A part of owning up to being a Leo is that you appreciate people honoring your power and light. This month, there is aggressive energy toward that power, and how you hold yourself as a public person. There is a need to be selfish, to create a new understanding for everyone around you, even those closest to you. This is a clarifying month for who is in your life to honor and appreciate you, while potentially letting go of some of the people who don’t celebrate your being. Until the 19th, there is also strong importance in adventuring, in letting yourself be moved and enjoy the ride of the emotional, romantic, and spiritual world. Get on board!



Spring cleaning is a sacred ritual to a Virgo. A time to clear out the literal and figurative cobwebs that have been kept in secret, cold weather for the last few months. There is a heightened sense to the ritual this year, with Mars asking that you take action in all kinds of ways. I talk a lot about practical ways of dealing with the pressure that exists as a Virgo: making lists, making shifts, responding to the challenge with a calm assurance of your own personal stamina. What are the ways that you feel secure, Virgo? How do you feel a sense of home? What serves you best when you feel a lack of control? This month is about defining that for yourself, getting rid of the old to make room for the new, or getting rid of the old to not have another thing to analyze. There are things you need to keep, and things you need to toss that will be VERY clear this month.


You know how you bought all those DIY books about how to build your own tiny house/learn how to play tuba/get to Antarctica for cheap? You know how they are all under piles of other beautiful daily life things, and you keep putting them off to when you have more time? The time is now. There is a lesson that you have been meaning to teach yourself, and a spark to gather information for your own future. There is also an energy of snags around transportation this month. Be patient; get your car/bike/ sneaks tuned up. Every April, until about the 20th, you are asked to take a very clear look at your love life, Libra. It’s a time to meet someone new, celebrate the life you live with a person you love, or make strides to create lasting partnerships.



Sorry to bring this up, Scorpio, but we gotta talk about money. How you have it, spend it, and how it comes to you is very important and defined. Are you being paid appropriately for the amount of energy and work you put in? Do you spend too much money on things you don’t need and end up with extra stress because of it? Get it together! This is a time to define your true values and align your wallet with your heart. The beginning of this month also brings back very familiar feelings about a past romance until the 5th. If, after the 5th you are still feeling it, make a move.



With Mars moving through your house of identity, it asks that you take a bold look at how you present yourself to the world around you. During this transit, your bravery and connection to self will be tested. But as a fire sign, you can handle the tests that are coming for you if you stay strong in the ways you want to be seen. This identifying energy will be most strong in your love life after the 6th, all month in your career, and your family life and home will be a focus until the 19th. Sagittarius, the last time Mars was retrograde in your sign was 2001, and when you think about how dynamic that year was for your identity, and how you dealt with things, do you feel like you have lost some of those lessons? In gaining new perspective sometimes we lose track of our wildness. Reconnect.

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The energy that the world is experiencing at large is very well spent on your home space this month. With the sun, Mercury, and Venus all in your house of home, making space that feels renewed, intellectually satisfying, and romantic is key. Are all of these elements already present in your home space? Tweak them! Abundant energy for comfort is here! A challenge this month will be felt in your experience around unknown outcomes, and potentially strange emotional outbursts. Mars traveling through your 12th house is asking for you to churn through the depths of feelings that are present—which is a phase to honor. But on the 18th, Mars will go retrograde, bringing odd emotional outcomes and surprising feelings from your own heart or someone you have a sacred relationship to. Be patient, now that you cannot control this fiery energy. If anything gets burnt during this time that you want to rebuild, you will have that opportunity when Mars reenters your 12th house later this year.



With Mars moving through your house of community and friendship this month, there may be a tendency to fly solo a bit more readily than usual. Making space to be alone, to reboot your passion for your community and the betterment of humans in general, is appropriate during this time, especially because you may be experiencing more frustration in general for the ways humans can treat things they love and care about. Luckily, this month brings strong ties to information, a new lesson, a needed inspiring word, and easier communication with the people you love. After the 20th, there is also big energy around where you want to live. This will go through the end of next month. Make sure you are in close contact with how your home, city, or country are affecting your life choices and daily feelings.



April brings some needed fights in the world of your business. There is sometimes a tendency with Pisces to accept the things that come to them, and to make space for others who can be pushy with their abilities and power. This month, you need to define for yourself that you can do it with or without the support of anyone. And with anyone who challenges your power or strength, it is a good time to show them just what you are made of. “The best revenge is your paper” is a line from a queen of an opposing sign to yours—Pisces— and it is there to inspire a more well-rounded experience in all that you do this month. After the 6th, a lot of very clear lessons are coming for you, and your ability to communicate what you need and gather the information necessary is very strong.

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