May 2016 – Antigravity Magazine
MAY 2016 • VOL 14.5 • #142


Letter From the Editor: I Don’t Lie

If I could butcher a phrase from The Shining (har har), let me just say: all editing and no play makes Dan a dull boy. Been a crazy month at AG HQ, folks. I won’t…Read full article

Star Hustler: Slow Your Role

There is a climate in the universal alignment and planetary movement that has, for the last few months, asked us to look inside ourselves for answers to questions we didn’t even know we had. To…Read full article

Reality Bites: I Scream, You Scream…

In honor of the beginning of summer, I wanted to visit as many ice cream shops as I could find. And I discovered that it’s surprisingly hard to find a spot that serves up plain…Read full article

Paw Talk: Uptown Cluckin’

Ah, Uptown New Orleans! What a place. Walking down Maple Street, you see restaurants, bars, businesses—it’s a fun little area, where there’s usually a drunk person or a group of college kids around to make…Read full article

Red Light Fever: Pheasants

“It’s all about communication,” says Robert Randow, the vocalist and guitarist of Pheasants. Randow and the other musicians that make up the band communicate a multi-layered, purposefully two-sided record of sentiments and feelings called Pheasants,…Read full article


New Orleans Botanicas: Wax & Whine

Over the course of two years, I’ve snooped around candle stores, botanicas, cultural emporiums, holy product dispensaries— whatever you might call them. You know, those shops with shelves full of talismanic tapers printed with images…Read full article

Down by the Levee: The Deslondes’ Sam Doores and Riley Downing

The 9th Ward Holy Cross levee sits directly across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, the curve of the city’s crescent plainly visible from its banks. From this vantage point, New Orleans appears close yet…Read full article

Let It Grow: A City Farming Field Trip

Springtime in New Orleans. Vines crawl along fences. Weeds peek up through cracks in the sidewalks. Secret gardens, teeming with life, are tended by growers. I wonder about these eccentrics who cultivate land in the…Read full article

The Darkness: Live at House of Blues

Seeing a band perform live that you don’t really have a prior musical relationship with is the best possible way to get a crash course on what they’re all about. In that instance, you’re experiencing…Read full article

Long Live Prince: June 7 1958 – April 21, 2016

For me, Prince and the word “death” just don’t go together. Even as I write this now, the news still hasn’t sunk in. I keep expecting some newsflash to pop up showing Prince buying fro-yo…Read full article

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Reviews, May 2016

MUSIC ALL PEOPLE S/T (COMMUNITY) All People’s second, eponymous album is an eclectic half hour of guitar-heavy post-punk entwined with introspective lyrics, horns, and synth-pop. There is remnant influence from ‘90s bands like Pavement, Archers…Read full article