Star Hustler: Slow Your Role

Published  May 2016

Star Hustler Happy Burback May 2016There is a climate in the universal alignment and planetary movement that has, for the last few months, asked us to look inside ourselves for answers to questions we didn’t even know we had. To process deeply. To flip things over and look at them from a different angle, without attachment to what we might find. This month starts with a new retrograde phase of Mercury: from the beginning of the month until the 23rd. Mercury retrograde is a very common experience that happens about three times a year, giving people near and far a catch-all for any frustrating situation. This retrograde is special because as it starts the month, Mercury is one of five planets in retrograde (the other four being Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto), giving us a universal experience of feeling a lack of clear outcomes, a need for freedom (and a lack of ability to access how to achieve it), and unnecessary tensions. We can talk all day about how this is an incredible time to process; to know yourself and your responses better. It is one of the best times to understand our own personal motivations and internal dialogue that amps us up or tears us down. All the while, I know that with Mars retrograde it’s infuriating to hear that you will have to wait for clarity around moves you are making, that everything you are doing needs to be informed by an intuitive response to your circumstances. During this time, anger could be an emotion that is much more easy to access, and connecting to our anger, how it fuels us, and how it molds our consciousness is important. Actions based on anger and passion—making moves to release yourself from limitations external or internal—can be so rewarding. On the 28th of this month, Mars retrograde will transition from Sagittarius to Scorpio, which will be the first time the planet has had a retrograde phase in this sign since 1999, ushering in a time for deep understanding of our motivation psychologically, sexually, and a profound understanding of the walls we have built.

On the 10th, Jupiter enters a direct phase for the first time since January, in Virgo. This will alleviate some of the need for deep processing, and bring joy through movement. The energy of Virgo can be overly analytical, so this phase of Jupiter going direct will buck some of the self-doubt and confusion we have all been stewing in over the last few months ( brought on by the retrograde phase of Jupiter). Go outside, pour yourself into activities that make you feel healthy. Recognize that your ability to find your healthiest self and maintain your own version of reality is what fundamentality gives you personal freedom.

With all of the retrograde phases we have faced since the beginning of this year, it would be a shock to no one that we are all feeling a little uncomfortable, some of us overflowing with too much knowledge, others
unsure of how to make their newfound truths into realities. The sun in Taurus begs us to sloooow down, get comfortable with our surroundings and build the most beautiful shrine in dedication to the unwavering. If you are looking for something to meditate on in this phase of the sun, I suggest checking in with how you feel secure. Who are your ride-or-dies? When you are slothy, what makes you feel the most rejuvenated? Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus, asking us to get romantic in this phase, fall back in love with our world. Find beauty where you have been too busy. Slow it down.


This month will ask that you define your self-worth and why and how you spend your time and money. Aries: why, psychologically, are you doing the work you are doing? Do you feel honored and respected in the spaces you hold? And if not honored, at the very least empowered? The new moon in your house of finance on the 6th brings about a whole new perspective on the type of financial goals you should hold. However, Mars in retrograde in your house of adventure, then moving into your house of psychology on the 28th, asks that the motivation behind money- making is personal and emotionally motivated. Take a pay cut if it means less headache—look for a job that falls into the realm of your passion over your paycheck. Making money in this time that does not emotionally fulfill you will lead to quick burn out, and it’s better to work on something you feel passionately about than from a sense of obligation.



With the sun and Venus in your first house of identity, it could feel like all eyes are on you this month. New energy in your love life, celebration in the work that you are doing, and inspiring ideas are present this month. Jupiter has been retrograde in your house of creativity since the beginning of this year, and while this phase breathes new life into projects, on the 10th you could feel a surge of unstoppable creative ideas. You do best surrounded by beauty, and making things that you feel profoundly attached to is a freeing experience this month. The full moon on the 22nd could bring some surprising emotional revelations, but with the aid of Mars in your 8th house this month, there is nothing emotionally that you can’t handle.



Sometimes, Gemini, feelings that come to the surface are really surprising to you. You are a person who works well with ideas, information, and facts, but emotional response can be a shock even when you intellectually understand where you are. This month, you are being asked to dig deep, to explore your intuition and emotional response.With your natural ruler Mercury in a retrograde phase—in addition to the sun camping out in the house of deep hidden feelings—you could feel a lack of footing in terms of where you stand in most spaces. Luckily, most of the need to go with the flow will shift dramatically when on the 21st the sun brings light to all new ideas, and on the 25th Venus brings affection and attention from fans all over the place. Jupiter goes direct on the 10th in your house of communication and learning, reigniting your love for the life of a Gemini. This is a time to speak on what you have been brewing on, and fight for the space you need for your best mental self.



It’s time to call in the circle, Cancer. You need your community to be with you, to celebrate with them, to shed some of your emotional burden in the arms of everyone who loves you. There is difficult energy in your house of health and work, adding some pressure and frustration to your daily happenings. Lean on your community to get you through. On the 28th of this month, Mars will transition into your house of creativity, helping you access things you need to make your nest more livable. If the inspiration is not immediately flying with this transition, throw a dinner party and listen carefully for the spark you need to move in the right direction.


Oh là là Leo, the spotlight is on you! What do you want to do with all the people who are following your lead? This month the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your house of power dynamic and public attention. While most people will not be literally bowing at your feet with gold bars, they will be figuratively. Take this time to receive this affirmation, that the things you are doing are important and worth celebration. The full moon on the 22nd floods your creative energy, and I urge you to be selfish in this moment of creative pursuit, because the more personal and raw, the more effective and moving to the world around you. On the 28th, Mars asks you to motivate around your home life. A move might be in order? A whole new world in your living situation perhaps? Whatever the case may be, this is a time for perfect motivation around where you should be and who you should be surrounded by.



This month, Virgo, it could feel like the whole world is opening up to you. Jupiter has been retrograde in your house of identity since January, asking that you dissect inner feelings and be extremely present emotionally. The beginning of the month starts with the Sun and Venus in Jupiter’s house of freedom and movement, and when Jupiter goes direct on the 10th, you could feel like life is a party at all times. Virgo, this month the party is for you, you are granted more knowledge for how to let loose and empower yourself through wildness. The New Moon on the 6th brings a glimpse of how fun and carefree your life can be. Push your own boundaries! Use the pent-up energy that comes from months of internal investigation to start a whole new chapter. LET GO! You’ve earned it.



The Mars retrograde phase asks us to understand our motivations and why we make moves the way we do. This month, Libra, you are being asked to look closely at what sparks your thoughts. What information you are hungry for. This month there is a conversation that needs to be had, a place where you will feel a need to speak up. It could be in your personal life or on a grand stage; the pressure to stand up for your thoughts will be bigger than ever. On the 22nd, a phase starts that brings some much-needed lightness to your love life and sense of freedom. If you are single, this is a great time to meet someone in an unusual place. If you are in a relationship, this could be a time to have fun together, to do something out of the ordinary to add some elements of wildness. Try to allow events to unfold organically and not overthink anything.



This month starts with a lot of self-reflection on your long-term relationships. With the sun shining bright in your house of partnership until the 20th, you are motivated to understand why you choose partners people you do. On the 21st, the sun transitions to the eighth house of Scorpio, which will feel a little like a homecoming. Freedom to care deeply, and to understand how dynamic your life has gotten is strong during this time. On the 28th, Mars will be retrograde in your sign for the first time since 1999. This will ask you to understand your motivation around identity and spark change in a lot of personal habits and appearance. With this rare of a transit, you may feel pressure to change things that you are surprised by. Mars can bring some destruction, but sometimes you have to see how something lands after a blow up.



The new moon on the 6th will bring a whole new level of inspiration around your daily living. A new job, a new health routine or even a whole different attitude about something that is happening on a daily basis is sparked when this fresh energy introduces itself. With Mercury in the same house—in retrograde all of this month—it’s a perfect time to find your own version of talk therapy. It could just be making a call and setting up an appointment to speak to a therapist, but profound mental understanding could also come from surrounding yourself with great friends and talking about shared experience, or even going for a hike in a place you’ve never been. The Sagittarius full moon on the 22nd brings about a celebration of all things you. Spend this day reflecting on how special you are, how much you add to the situations you are in and how important your life is.



Capricorn, this month you have to make something. This might feel like a very silly thing to read in a horoscope, that your entire month should be dedicated to creating a thing, but you are in a phase where making something very selfishly—taking time to build something just so—is extremely rewarding. You could make a song or build a house—you just need to completely immerse yourself in the process of creating. On the 10th, Jupiter goes direct in your house of adventure, which is a great time to go somewhere unknown to you. Ideally, this adventure would aid in your creative pursuits, but both can exist next to each other without a need to overlap. On the 25th, Venus enters your house of partnerships, bringing about a sweet time in your love life through the end of the month. Allow yourself to let go a bit in your romantic life. It’s a nice time to be swept up.



Mars is retrograde for most of this month in your house of community and friendship. This is a good time to apply yourself in this realm, to communicate with people what you want from them to make your community feel better or more nurturing and empowering. This transit last happened in 2001; when you think back to that time, do you remember the shift in your social life? If it’s not working as-is, strongly consider new people in your social circle. On the 22nd, you could feel a romantic spark with an old friend or meet someone you feel is very familiar to you. Comfort and emotional connection are very important in your intimate relationships this month, leading you to seek people out that you can confess feelings to. Let it out, Aquarius.



The new moon in Taurus on the 6th has you talking, Pisces. There are important things you need to communicate this month, which could come to light very strongly when Jupiter goes direct on the 10th. This is a good time to introduce the world to some of the ideas you’ve been brewing on since the beginning of this year, or have a talk with the people closest to you about your relationships to them. There is also very strong energy around the way you want to affect the world through your action. Are the things you’re doing healing to those around you? Do you feel good about the ways people see you? This month, you are empowered and powerful in the messages you are spittin’, and when you think of a wide our every word, what do you want to say?

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