June 2016 – Antigravity Magazine
JUNE 2016 • VOL 14.6 • #143


Letter from the Editor: Twelve Years of Grubby-Ass Newsprint.

As you should be able to tell from the raucous cover, it’s our 12 year anniversary as a print publication serving the city of New Orleans. Many thanks to Steve WhatStyle, who’s been around for as long…Read full article

Star Hustler: A Break in the Clouds

Remember how the new year started and we all just collectively began banging our heads against the wall? Then in February we wanted to fight each other? At the end of March everything we had ever done…Read full article

Reality Bites: Zapp’s

Have you ever wanted to buy every single flavor of Zapp’s Potato Chips and try them all? Well, I did it. I lived the dream and now I’m here to tell the tale. (OK, not all of…Read full article

Dirt Nerd: Drink up

The single most common phrase uttered from would-be gardeners is “I would, but I’ve got a black thumb.” I find this sentiment utterly meaningless: how could the color of one’s thumb possibly have anything to…Read full article

Hidden Louisiana: Louisiana Treasure Museum

All I really knew about the Louisiana Treasures Museum in Tangipahoa Parish was that it was filled with old glass bottles and pictures of dead cops. I eyed a century-old giant wheeled cage, formerly used to transport prisoners, standing in the front yard…Read full article


Roy Killjoy

June Photos

Pessimists Photo by Mariah Harmony King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Photo by Emily Quirk Trance Farmers at the Saturn Bar Photo by Emily Quirk Deftones Photo by Brandt Vicknair  




A Few Minutes with the Men of Pudge

Every so often, Tulane and Loyola spit out a band that takes hold of people, like Caddywhompus or Donovan Wolfington. Now, Pudge is following in their footsteps. In February, the punk band played their first show, then…Read full article

Out of Order: How to Rent your Soul for T.V. Justice

It was probably four or five hours in when I started wondering if what I was doing was worth it. I sat waiting in a small room in Chicago’s NBC studios building thinking maybe I was stuck in some sort…Read full article

Catching Up with Lily Keber: Filmmaking, Travel, and Change in New Orleans

Lily Keber’s filmmaking journey began with an innate desire to make art that started conversations with people whose stories needed to be told. And she’s done just that—from teaching at the Appalachian community arts collective Appalshop in Whitesburg,…Read full article

Now & Then: The Cure Live at the UNO Lakefront Arena

When it was announced that The Cure would be playing New Orleans, I couldn’t buy tickets fast enough. With the help of a friend’s pre-sale code, I snapped up two moderately priced nosebleeds for their May 11th show at the UNO…Read full article

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MUSIC JAMES BLAKE THE COLOUR IN ANYTHING (POLYDOR) “I can’t believe this, you don’t wanna see me,” croons the refrain, amid spectral moans and piano chords. From this opening, James Blake’s newest offering, The Colour in Anything, engages listeners on…Read full article