Letter from the Editor: Twelve Years of Grubby-Ass Newsprint.

Published  June 2016

As you should be able to tell from the raucous cover, it’s our 12 year anniversary as a print publication serving the city of New Orleans. Many thanks to Steve WhatStyle, who’s been around for as long as I can remember, doing his thing. It’s been quite a ride so far as we navigate a rocky media terrain that does not seem to give much of a damn about the printed page anymore. But we’re stubborn over here at AG HQ and we’re going to keep at it. One thing I’ve come to appreciate about working on this mag every month is the fight we are taking to the ever encroaching hostility, acidity, and breakneck pace of the internet. Believe it or not, a lot of work goes into each issue of this magazine, and our boneheaded, antiquated, and outdated medium of grubby-ass newsprint, monthly, forces us to craft content that is thoughtful, timeless, and while not always positive, at least constructive. One thing I lament about online culture is that it is slowly draining us of our humanity. I’m seeing a lot of vitriol and ugly, petty behavior on social media these days by people who I believe in real life to be decent human beings. This behavior looks a lot like road rage: people yelling at each other, popping off, and just saying all-around awful and hurtful things at each other in a way they never would face to face. After a while, it doesn’t even matter what anyone is saying and all that’s left is a lingering negativity that casts a cloud over the whole operation. I know there’s always the option to unplug and I admire those that have resisted so far. You are truly living life, sirs and madames. Unfortunately, as an editor, I feel an obligation to stay tuned in. I’m also entertained and informed plenty—especially by some of the righteous anger out there, channeled into thoughtful takes and article shares. I do love the empowering nature of the internet and its democratic capabilities. It’s a reader’s paradise and we are rich in information, which is why it’s important not to devalue it. So as we prepare to blow out the proverbial candles on Year 12, I make a wish that everyone take a deep breath before they hit return on anything they’ve just typed up after a passing moment’s thought. Think about what your contribution to this constant discussion is: are you planting a tree or pouring used motor oil into the sewer drain? What kind of virtual citizen are you? —Dan Fox

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