Star Hustler: A Break in the Clouds

Published  June 2016

03 ANTIGRAVITY Star Hustler by Happy Burbeck
Remember how the new year started and we all just collectively began banging our heads against the wall? Then in February we wanted to fight each other? At the end of March everything we had ever done wasn’t enough, right? The rolling of the planets has been extremely tough this year with month after month of new obstacles, new realities, and new things to take in stride. June starts with peace, along with a need to act on the things you know about the world around you, and the messages you haven’t known how to make a reality for all these months. It’s time, as they say, to put up or shut up. The inner turmoil we have just faced should have made multiple things abundantly clear to you. You know what you need, you know how to get it and you know what to cut loose. With Venus in conjunction to the sun until the 25th, there is also luck and love on our side. Things just feel easier this month, which is a welcome shift from the chaotic, confusing, emotional months we have all been experiencing up to this point.

This month, the sun is in the sign of Gemini, bringing a lot of information and communication in spaces where you might have felt confusion or a lack of knowledge. It’s an important time to seek truth, stimulate the mind, and have conversations that you may have been avoiding. Humor is also something that comes out in full force with the sun in Gemini—bringing fun and lightness in spaces that usually feel dark. On the 14th, Neptune starts its yearly retrograde phase. Where usually we look at retrograde phases with doom and gloom, Neptune rules psychic waves, intuition, confusion, and illusion. In a retrograde phase it flips, giving everyone a sharper edge. This time would feel like a fog being lifted, and we will all have a better understanding of what we need or want. With the help of the Venus and sun conjunction, this time will be full of clear outcomes and positive moves in the right direction.

Finally, Mars goes direct in Scorpio on the very last day of this month, making for a day of big moves and feelings to be realized and acted upon. The nature of Mars in Scorpio is aggressive and emotional, and with this energy being cooped up for the last couple months, there might be some explosiveness to this planet when it finally goes direct. Try to be gentle, try to make sure that you are not overacting during this time, too. Your actions are much more profound in a phase when Mars is in Scorpio, and it is important to mean what you say and how you act during this time.


Since July of last year, the planets have been throwing you around, Aries. You have been asked to transform, to process, to wait and—while all this chaos is swirling around you—to stay calm. This month, there is clarity around battles you have been facing. You have a new voice, a new vision, and it could feel like a whole new brain. Change comes this month through speaking up, speaking out, and having your voice heard louder than ever. If people are not listening, it’s time for them to go. You haven’t had this chance for almost a year, and you deserve it.


When I was a little kid, my parents made me donate two toys to get one new toy. Purging is not the favorite activity for a Taurus: your belongings help define who you are. This month, purging makes way for more abundance, more happiness, more clarity and peace. Get rid of two things to make room for one special thing. This horoscope is figurative and literal, Taurus. While purging the broken and dusty treasures that you will one day fix can be profoundly healing this month, there is even more to be said for emotional cleansing. If you spend all of your energy in situations that don’t serve you, you are not keeping any energy open for something that fits perfectly. Free some space up!


The world is being graced by new inspiration with the sun in your sign, Gemini. There is a very special trade-off this month. With the sun and Venus conjunct in your first house through the 17th, things will come easier. Self-love and admiration will be more common and you might feel like you have shifted into a sunny, beautiful reality where you are honored for exactly who you are. On the 17th, your ruling planet Mercury moves into the first house as well, bringing a spark of mental clarity that you haven’t had since May of last year. You know what needs to be done, and you have the attention and spark to make your visions a reality. Do it.


The beginning of this month brings a lot of beauty and healing energy in very quiet moments. However you feel most peaceful, especially if any peace comes from a creative outlet, this month is a time to champion those experiences. On the 18th, Venus will move into your first house, with the sun closely following it on the 21st. This transit brings a lot of opportunity knocking at your door in the realm of work, love, and social status. It’s a good time to allow yourself to be honored and celebrated.


The world revolves around you, Leo, and as a rule you are someone people follow. As the sign ruled by the sun, you are worshiped for most moves you make, regardless of the motivation. This month asks that you take into account what you think is best for not only you, but your community and the people you love most. It is a month for selflessness; this month’s world revolves around you doing something to benefit a group. If you are unsure of what this should be, just ask. There are people surrounding you who need your fire in their corner, and your power is strong this month.


What do you do with a mind that’s going 100 miles per second, Virgo? ACT ON SOME OF THESE IDEAS. This month, your brain will be flying through ideas pretty much constantly. While some of this “inspiration” might feel a little overwhelming, this is an incredible time to change the way you might have been thinking about a range of things. To create new outcomes sometimes a disruption is necessary and this is the time where fresh ideas bring a lot of opportunity and reward. Big projects and displays of the work you have done are most celebrated after the 18th of this month, and you should be ready for a celebration centered on that work.


It’s time for you to check in with how much growth you have experienced since the beginning of this year. You have been tested emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It could have felt like as soon as one thing was in order, the next thing was going very wrong. You have survived this phase—you are through the hardest parts of it. What do you want to do to celebrate? My greatest suggestion to you this month, Libra, is to do something totally unusual and fun. Prioritize lightness, travel, and adventure, especially with a crush or partner. You have earned it.

04 ANTIGRAVITY Star Hustler by Happy Burbeck 01

When a Scorpio is asked to dissect their experiences and connect to their psychic and emotional self, they do it better than any other sign. This year has asked that you think and feel (and think some more) about where and who you want to be. While some of that energy is getting lifted for the world at large, you exist this way always, and the focus is just a little less intense. With the sun in your eighth house this month, it’s an incredible time to honor the work you have done and the things you have accomplished since the beginning of this year. Starting the 18th, there is strong energy around going on a trip and lightening up in general. Run with it. Go somewhere new and only bring people who you have fun with.


You are a fiercely independent sign, Sagittarius. You can take care of yourself and do it well. Sometimes involving another person in your affairs can feel extremely vulnerable, and there are certain ways Sagittarius learns to work within these relationships to make partnerships function as positively as possible without too much sacrifice of self. This month asks that you look closely at these relationships, whether they are current or past relationships, how you function in them, and how you want to function in future ones. If they aren’t working, examine if you might be holding yourself back. If they haven’t been working, examine why you are continuing them. If they are working, extend special energy and consideration to the people who work with you in these partnerships.


June is the month for big changes in work, Capricorn. This shift can mean a lighter workload, responsibilities changing, or a complete change to what your job is. It’s a necessary thing that you shift in some way in your work. If there’s a reason that your job can’t change, volunteering or taking on new responsibility this month feels just as productive. Mentally, you will be extremely satisfied by a creative project, especially if you complete it before the 18th. On the last day of this month, Mars goes direct in your house of friendship, which is a good time to plan a party, trip, or even just meet up with a group of your favorite friends.


Your sign rules friendship and community, and June asks that you work from a more self-centered space. This month, when you make a move that is best for you, the world is better for it. I realize how hard it is as an Aquarius to not be in consideration of what others may want or need, but this month asks the question: what do you need? Have you lost track? Do you know the things you can do immediately to feel your absolute best? Do them. Act selfishly. Indulge in space where you ask for what you need from others. When you make your personal desires known this month, the universe will deliver.


Call your mother. OK, maybe not literally, but when you think about the things that have nurtured you into your best self, when was the last time you checked in with them? This month asks you to pay attention to parts of the universe that have mothered you, that you have called home, and that you continue to use as a part of your foundation. Honor them, move from a house that doesn’t feel like a home, check in with your routines around taking care of yourself. Get back to your roots.

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