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06 ANTIGRAVITY- Dirt Nerd Illustration by Melissa Guion-JULY2016-WEB_Page_11_Image_0001

Dirt Nerd: A Hot Mess

I never saw an oft-transplanted tree, Nor yet an oft-removed family, That throve so well as those that settled be. —Benjamin Franklin In the New Orleans of the present and foreseeable future, we can expect…Read full article

04 ANTIGRAVITY- Star Hustler Illustration by Happy Burbeck-JULY2016-WEB_Page_07_Image_0001

Star Hustler

The sign of Cancer is the first of three water signs in the astrological wheel. It has cardinal energy, meaning that it thrives in head-first movement, ideas, and motion— all very emotionally. As the sun…Read full article

05 ANTIGRAVITY- Reality Bites Illustration by Ben Claassen III-JULY2016-WEB_Page_08_Image_0001

Reality Bites: Williams Boulevard

There’s lots of talk about NOLA foodie hotspots, streets where every block is jam-packed with hip, cool restaurants: Freret Street, St. Claude Avenue, even good old Magazine Street. Well, this month we’ll be looking at…Read full article

23 ANTIGRAVITY- Comic by Shannon Wheeler JULY2016-WEB_Page_27_Image_0003

Too Much Coffee Man

42 ANTIGRAVITY-Comic Roy Kill Joy-JULY2016-WEB_Page_37_Image_0001

The Many Twisted Faces Of: Roy Killjoy

21 ANTIGRAVITY- Comic by Caesar Meadows JULY2016-WEB_Page_27_Image_0001

Qö Mix

40 ANTIGRAVITY- Comic Dirtfarm by Ben Claassen III-JULY2016-WEB_Page_32_Image_0001



43 ANTIGRAVITY-Orlando and The Facade of Tolerance Illustration by Happy Burbeck-JULY2016-WEB_Page_38_Image

Orlando and the Facade of Tolerance

The first gay club I ever went to was The Coliseum in Fort Lauderdale,roughly three hours south of Orlando’s Pulse. My boyfriend at the time and I were both under 21, and he basically dragged…Read full article

13 ANTIGRAVITY- Gatherin Shattered Pieces Illustration by EGAN JULY2016-WEB_Page_16_Image_0001

Gathering Shattered Pieces: Navigating Birthwork at the Intersection of Race, Class, and Reproductive Justice

The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “a woman who serves.” A doula is a professional who provides continuous emotional, physical, and educational support to the mother before, during, and after labor. My…Read full article

10 ANTIGRAVITY- The Music Box Photo by Adrienne Battistella JULY2016-WEB_Page_15_Image_0001

Cranking Up with The Music Box

New Orleans Airlift—a collaboration of musicians, artists, event planners, and everything in between—launched a  Kickstarter on June 7 to help with funding towards a permanent home for their Music Box installation. The Music Box was…Read full article

08 ANTIGRAVITY- Paw Talk Photo by Mariah Harmony JULY2016-WEB_Page_12_Image_0001

Paw Talk: Wolves to the Rescue

In this age of mindless reality television, it’s nice to find a show with some real heart and soul. Pit Bulls and  Parolees is that show for me, and I assume for many other animal…Read full article

18 ANTIGRAVITY- Irvin Mayfield vs. The New Orleans Public Library Illustraton by Ben Passmore JULY2016-WEB_Page_24_Image_0001

Overdue: Irvin Mayfield vs. The New Orleans Public Library

Even Irvin Mayfield’s detractors would be hard-pressed to deny that the Elysian Trumpet, which the musician commissioned in 2007, is magnificent. Brushed with a 24-carat pure gold finish, its soft exterior glow seems to emanate…Read full article

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24 ANTIGRAVITY- Reviews JULY2016-WEB_Page_28_Image_0001


BANTAM FOXES GOLD RECORD (BANDCAMP)  A Bantam Foxes release is like a sonic postcard that comes every few months, attempting to pack in as much as it can without seeming too dashed off, and leaving…Read full article