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Published  July 2016

04 ANTIGRAVITY- Star Hustler Illustration by Happy Burbeck-JULY2016-WEB_Page_07_Image_0001The sign of Cancer is the first of three water signs in the astrological wheel. It has cardinal energy, meaning that it thrives in head-first movement, ideas, and motion— all very emotionally. As the sun starts this month in Cancer, we are all rolling in these waves. With help from Mars being direct in Scorpio this month, emotions run high and can feel like they are changing with the tides. While Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs, they have interesting ways of showing themselves. The sun in Cancer brings you to tears in public, makes you laugh bigger and louder, and wants you to build your safe space to be soft and nurturing, not only to yourself but to the people around you. Mars in Scorpio wants you to make big emotional moves that last. It wants you to build permanent walls to protect the soft spaces you hold—with the people who deserve it. It wants you to attack the emotional spaces that have hurt you and sever all ties to the person you were when you lived inside those realities. The support and absolute different approach of these two energies is definitely something to keep in mind this month. Be careful to disengage without destroying. Be mindful that you don’t need to nurture something you know is not working.


This is a time to balance the incoming and outgoing love in your life. How do you want to honor the people who have made you feel safe? What walls do you need to build to honor the person you have grown to become? This can be a simple call to bring together your chosen family, or a letter to a place that shaped you; or it can be a literal laying to rest of something you cannot burden yourself with anymore. This month, you deserve to feel it all, and tell it all.


On the 13th, Venus enters the sign of Leo, which brings a lot of warmth, passion, and wildness to the realm of love. With the sun joining Venus in Leo on the 23rd, it’s an excellent time to declare and define exactly where you are. Leo is the sign that is ruled by the sun, so you can imagine that we are all shining a little brighter, our realities are a little more clear, and we are accepting the places where we proudly stand. It is OK in this time to be selfish, to ask for attention, and to be proud of the hurdles you have flown over in the last few months.


With all of the passion of fire and all of the emotion of water, it will be a nice grounding break to soak in the Capricorn full moon on the 19th. This full moon will be about focusing on practical results of the magic you are experiencing. What do you want to make of this inspiration? How could you be more prepared for this level if passion and emotion the next time it rolls in? Get busy making these dreamy times into working times.



Does it feel like you have been fundamentally lacking a sense of home in the last year, Aries? A space either physical or emotional where you could truly relax, be yourself, and exist without feeling the pressure of being? This month, familiar feelings of security and safety come through. Celebrate the spaces you feel yourself in. These spaces can be wild and temporary or last forever. Celebrate them as they exist in this moment. If you still feel a problem in the spaces you feel safest in, address it. Get the energy out. This is the time to create a figurative or literal fort and crawl in with the most magical and mystical of beliefs around profound healing that can exist after a full year of running. I also want you to pay close attention to who is holding your romantic attention on the 13th. This person may understand you in ways that are very unique and individual to them. How do they reflect back your best self? This should set a standard for what you want in relationships to come.


This month is about working through new ideas, with the confidence that the entire world is behind you and interested in anything you have to say. The month begins with you in a space where people are listening closely and hanging on your every move. With this audience, it might be important to raise your voice and recognize how it shifts the world around you. Practically, this can be in writing something publically, telling your community about an experience that shaped you, or fighting like hell for something that you want to shift. What are your secrets? What of those secrets are you ready to share? What do you think you could share to create a more human experience for people around you? This is a time to connect and bring up things, no matter how trivial or unimportant, to clear your mind and shift the thought of those around you.


Have you felt like the last few months you’ve been treading water? You can feel that something is about to happen all the time, but the exact way it will has seemed a little confusing. This month, something will shift in your daily life: a new job, a new relationship, a new route to walk your dog. Something is happening. There is a burst of inspiration in your understanding of the things that make you tick, a practical shock to the ways that you have understood yourself to be for the last year. On the 19th, there is energy around having a conversation that may re-route your experiences. In its nature, it could be very emotional and potentially dramatic. Do not avoid this: you need to work through it to get to something better, and avoidance will only cause it to come out in ways that are not as powerful as you putting your whole brain behind your beliefs.

03 ANTIGRAVITY- Star Hustler Illustration by Happy Burbeck -JULY2016-WEB_Page_06_Image_0001CANCER

Cancer, you have all the light this month! When you think about the things you want deeply, what are they? Connecting to yourself and getting self-centered is really very good for you this month. The 4th is a good time to allow yourself to be pampered and experience all the love that the world has for you. The 13th brings about a time where you might reach new intimacy with a romantic partner. And on the 19th you may feel like you recognize a relationship that you want to exist in forever. This month is love-driven, but these doors are mostly unlocked when you acknowledge those things you want deeply. Allow your naturally selfless ways to receive all the good things that are coming to you!


Is there a person or situation that immediately stands out when I say there is someone who is not honoring you in the ways you need to be honored? This could be a completely transforming month in work, home life, or your personal relationships— depending on whether or not you are connected to the ways other people feel about you. Naturally, you need to be celebrated and praised for the hard work and dedication you give everything. This month is no different, but there may be a feeling of waking up with new eyes to what’s not working anymore. Change these things. You need a recharge and a new outlook emotionally. Your intuition is also extremely high through the 13th, with the biggest emotional intuition on the 4th. Someone comes up in your mind? Call them. Things don’t feel quite right? Face it.


This month a special thing is happening in your world, Virgo. On the 4th of July, there is a new moon in your house of community and friendship. So, all those parties and BBQs that bring everybody together, the fireworks and celebration, are kind of meant for you. While you may have a normal-ish routine around a day that everyone is gathering, this year I want you to think about where you feel most comfortable and celebrated. Where the people involved in the gathering are your people. Throw a party with your favorite humans yourself if the group isn’t contained in one social circle. This is a month for recognizing the people who have helped you find the ground in the most lofty spaces, and to lean on them for support. On the 19th, I strongly encourage taking some personal time

to do whatever you want. Take a break from the projects you’re working on to do something that truly makes you feel relaxed and refreshed.


Libra, you have been waiting to make a move for almost a full year, and the time is now. Whether you are moving your home, your job, or your emotional health from one place to another, it is time. The sun and new moon at the beginning of the month are gracing you with the confidence necessary to make this move, and the full moon on the 19th is giving you the drive and focus to make it happen and make it last. Some things to keep in mind for this move: money. Do not put yourself in a position where money becomes something that is a stress for you, but also allow yourself to recognize that money is secondary to happiness in this case. Make this move to be proud of the person you are, not for anyone or anything else. You need this change, and it is here for you.


Sometimes when a bad thing happens, as a Scorpio you may feel like it’s unfair because of the volume of work you need to do to make sense of it, dissect it, and think of all parties involved—all of this while trying to figure out exactly what to do with this new reality, this new defining part of your experience. Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and movement has been taking your sign for a wild ride. This month, it’s asking you to shake up your personhood and shake out the fears, pressures, and wars that are going on internally. You have a voice, and it’s louder this month than it has been for the last year and a half. I strongly suggest connecting to your passion and aggression this month through spirituality, creativity, and meditation. As I wrote that, I thought about how it could feel too light to tackle the intensity of this time, but sometimes healing comes through finding some things to remind you that the universe has your back and that you create your own happiness.


Two major questions propel your experiences this month: how do you need to heal, and what do you need to indulge in? Sagittarius, some themes have been brought up this year that might feel a little murky and darker than what you expected. This month you are meant to dissect these things, understand them, and be able to speak on them from the bottom up. The nice thing is, after dissecting, you have time to be free of these things and feel a lightness that hasn’t felt very possible over the last few months. The 21st through the 23rd is a very good time to have big conversations, if any of this dissecting needs to be shared with someone else. The full moon on the 19th asks that you indulge in

some personal magic that makes you feel better taken care of emotionally. If this means a day spending money, do it. If it means going on a day trip or decluttering, yes. Have a mental health day where you reward yourself for all the things you are working through.


Very powerful things are happening this month, Capricorn. I think you are well aware of the pressure that has existed in your life for the last several years, brought to you by powerful Pluto, the planet that wants you to transform in ways that are sometimes completely unknown to you until they are happening. Every July since 2008, the planets have added a bit of drama to this transit, with the sun opposing it and the full moon sitting directly on top of it. Until 2024, July will be a month of big changes, emotional shifts and incredibly powerful moves. This month, the epicenter of this transit is the full moon on the 19th. What do you want to do this year that will benefit you for the rest of the year? Have you been meaning to start something new? Putting off something too big? You have all the abilities this month to make it work. Start now.


This month, you hit a new stride in your daily life. It’s like all of a sudden people in your work and home life are lightening their grasp on your happiness and fluidity, and empowering you by trusting your actions. So, with this trust, what do you want to do? Make sure that the way you make money makes you happy, or work on getting a new job. Your health is also very present this month. Starting new routines for more healthy living makes you feel empowered and stronger in general. The full moon on the 19th brings a very intuitive and familiar feeling to your life: spend that day enjoying the ride.


This month’s new moon is on the 4th of July. It falls into a space in your life where being self-centered and celebrating yourself is very important. What do you want to do to have a personal party? Do you want to call on your people to have the lightest time, or honor the places you’ve been as a human through ceremony? Any way you choose is the perfect way to celebrate this month.  Make things, connect, and brag about how much you have done. This month you can also connect with where your passion lies through adventuring. Having a hard day? Go for a walk. In a rut? Sign up for a class, do it alone, and empower yourself.

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