August 2016 – Antigravity Magazine
AUGUST 2016 • VOL 14.8 • #145


Letter from the Editor: Fourth Annual Photo Issue

Welcome to our fourth annual Photo Issue. It’s always a treat to throw (most of ) our usual programming to the arid winds of August and let the shutterbugs have some love. This year I’m…Read full article

Star Hustler: What’s Your Role in the Struggle?

As I write this, I am sitting in Minneapolis where there is a daily protest of the recent police murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. Since the last time I wrote, there was a mass shooting…Read full article


Roy Killjoy: Barista


The K Chronicles: Life’s Little Victorie


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Photos: Gabby Steib

“Through my work, I want to document the maternal awakening I’ve had being surrounded by the women of this city. I want to document the feeling of taking the streetcar alone at 4 a.m., not…Read full article

Photos: Brandt Vicknair

“Working on film projects in high school, I recognized immediately that having a gigantic camera on my shoulder wouldgrant me access to just about anywhere I wanted to go. Most of my personal photography work…Read full article

Photos: Emily Quirk

“The underground indie, punk, and rock scenes of New Orleans have been my personal life-blood the past year or so, once I turned my ears in and turned my camera on the guys and gals…Read full article

Photos: Avery Leigh White

“Camera in hand, I wander the streets of New Orleans to kindle my fire. I circle the French Quarter on my pedicab, snapping photos of tourists and locals while looking for passengers. On my days…Read full article

Photos: Sean Ambrose

“Whether music, portraits, skateboarding, or other, my photography is communication through creative means. Listening and sharing is key to a healthy society and holistic worldview. Love what you do, and serve each other through that…Read full article

Photos: Adrienne Battistella

“To the volunteers and campers of Girls Rock! New Orleans – thank you for letting me in to capture these moments. When I look at them, I smile. I hope you do too.” @adriennebattistella…Read full article

Photos: Lenore Seal

“I take photos as a means to connect with the world around me. I aim to display the personalities of the people I photograph, and in return I put a little bit of myself into…Read full article

Photos: Patrick Melon

“Going into Baton Rouge the day after Alton Sterling was killed, I didn’t know what to expect. There was so much emotion in the air throughout those days. The anger was there, that’s for sure….Read full article

Photos: Josh Brasted

Photos: Beau Patrick Colon

“I like to make images that tell stories, and speak to a truth, outside of the whirlwind of bullshit that is the dominant narrative.” @beaupatrick    

Stage Name Delta: Legislating Lust and Labor in the Vieux Carré

  A man steps out of the Louis Armstrong Airport. He wipes humidity from his brow. In his mind, he holds a story. Maybe you know the one: about a city built upon a river…Read full article

Slow Dance: An Interview with Colin Roberson

Colin Roberson’s ongoing art project is titled Taxi Dance, a nod to the early 20th century practice of renting dance partners for an allotted amount of time. The exchange of intimacy for money is a…Read full article

To Chance, With Love

  Chance died on June 23, 2016 of a heroin overdose. He had lived only 26 years before he was ripped away from me, and from all of us—all of the people he made laugh,…Read full article

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  ALICE BAG S/T (DON GIOVANNI)   Perhaps it was her activism, the penning of her memoirs of the Hollywood punk scene of the late ‘70s and of her travels to post-revolutionary Nicaragua, or her…Read full article