Photos: Lenore Seal

Published  August 2016

“I take photos as a means to connect with the world around me. I aim to display the personalities of the people I photograph, and in return I put a little bit of myself into the photos that I create. That’s most true with #FemmeDeLis, my photo series that highlights female artists in the New Orleans area. It started out being a series where I featured women excelling in their artistic endeavors. But with each new session, I learn a little bit about myself as an artist.”

ANTIGRAVITY-AUGUST2016-Lenore Seal_Image_0001

Nora Patterson, singer from Royal Teeth

ANTIGRAVITY-AUGUST2016-Lenore Seal_Image_0003

Diamond Smith, Dancer (recently featured in Beyonce’s Lemonade)

ANTIGRAVITY-AUGUST2016-Lenore Seal_Image_0002

Sarah Burke, local musician and singer

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