Star Hustler: What’s Your Role in the Struggle?

Published  August 2016

ANTIGRAVITY-AUGUST2016-STAR HUSTLER-Happy Burbeck_0001As I write this, I am sitting in Minneapolis where there is a daily protest of the recent police murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. Since the last time I wrote, there was a mass shooting during a Pride event at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. An egocentric billionaire with no political background has a strong backing as potential president of this country, all while spewing hate and racism. It has been a year since Sandra Bland died in police custody, and three years since George Zimmerman was acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin. Collectively, when dealing with these kinds of evils, there is confusion at times about exactly how to act. We all have conflicting feelings; we want time and energy to be worth something—to change something. It feels inappropriate to not honor the chaos around us, and give some insight as to how to deal with the deadly, aggressive, and confusing energies surrounding us. Astrology is meant to be a tool to understanding our specific place in the vastness of the universe and the universal experience of being. You matter as a person. As an individual regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, birthplace, or residence, the universe brought you to this moment, and you are important. Usually, I write horoscopes specific to the month we are entering. These horoscopes are centered around how to find space in creating a new social and political reality. They interpret how to be a part of the change that so desperately needs to happen.



Your first response is generally ground-shaking anger when something unfair or unjust happens to you or to people you care about. With this anger, you are immediately propelled towards whatever is causing it, and you are unshaken by anything or anyone as long as your proverbial fire is lit. Your sign is helpful and you are needed as a leader in moments of movement. Whether it is a small gathering of people meant to change something in your micro world, or leading protests of thousands, you are ready even when you are tired. You have a tendency to lose parts of yourself in your passion and dedication to the things you want, and it’s important to be careful not to burn yourself out. August 7th and 8th are very good times to take a self-care break. The 21st and 22nd are days of fulfilment around actual results of your unwavering dedication. As you pursue the changes you want to see, please remember gentleness and humanity in the causes and humans you are up against.



Taurus, you are like a boulder. You are someone who takes such a long time to move. But once you are going there is no stopping you. As you encounter difficult times, you can feel dwarfed by how much information you are getting. Your sign sees the entirety of a situation and you are careful to not involve yourself in things that are too big, too messy, or too hard. So, as we all collectively stand on the outside of a difficult social reality, I encourage you to find a space that feels comfortable to you. Write the stories of a revolution. Be the person holding the signs at every protest you go to. August 10th and 11th are good times to relax and work on some self-care. The 23rd and 24th are days  to rally and be present in the ways that you want to see change. As you pursue the changes you want to see, please remember that confronting your discomfort and fear usually brings the highest rewards.



You have something to say, Gemini. Gemini is represented by twins. Two working minds next to each other makes for a complete reality through two perspectives. As you gather information, you are thorough. When something doesn’t make sense to you, you dissect it until you comprehend its moving parts. When it comes to big political and social movements, you understand the depths of the mental challenges we are up against, and are so important in creating shared knowledge. Volunteer to be the voice for the thing you want to represent. Make arguments that are impenetrable. When someone says you are wrong, show them why you are right. Your footwork in social change comes in small conversations, in sharing your experiences on social media or in enlightening groups at dinner parties, for example. You know it, so share it. In August, the 12th, 13th, and 14th are good days for self-care. The 25th, 26th, and 27th are good days to talk, write, and scream about the ways you need to see change. As you pursue the changes you want to see, try to watch your cynicism and believe that if we all want something to be different, it can be.



You are a caretaker. You understand that with every murder, every incident of violence, an entire community is torn from its roots. You are a person who feels safest when you know everyone you love is safe, and you are careful to honor and treat everyone as an individual. You are a force for love and compassion to those who need it, especially in dark times. Like any crab, your claws only come out when you are pushed into a corner, and you would rather create safe spaces than fight. Invite people over who need love. Create space for others who make their experience on the planet feel meaningful and honored. Bring food to protesters. Initiate conversations about how to make peace. Lead with love. In August, the 1st, 2nd, 28th, and 29th are good days to extend yourself completely to whatever causes you need to be a part of. The 15th and 16th are good days to be centered in yourself and your home. As you pursue the changes you want to see, remember that you cannot fix every broken heart or keep every person safe at all times. Be careful to take care of yourself.




You lead by example. People look to you for cues about how to react to situations that feel too big for them. When you stand up for something, other people follow. Leo, this kind of truth should not scare you, or make you feel pressure to act exactly the right way. You do not need to be perfect—you just need to show up. The climate we are facing now needs activists, people to occupy space, and loud voices to get the point across (yours is the loudest of them all). We also need people who take charge to create social change in their micro worlds. People under the Leo sign create things to get their point across, are celebrated for their voice, and are watched for how they address injustice. Make something, show up, and stubbornly hold your ground at all times. In August, the 3rd, 4th, 30th, and 31st are all days to focus your voice and action where you seek change. The 17th and 18th are good days to recharge. Find things that truly make you happy. As you pursue these changes, make sure that you are careful to see the processes as one step at a time. You have a tendency to burn out if you feel that something is too big for even you to handle.



You keep the engines running. Virgo, your greatest talent is holding everything together. You do the small tasks that other people overlook or are too busy to consider—and you do them very well. When it comes to a big social or political shift, you are an incredible organizer. Planning, holding meetings, and being a solid group member are things you do best. What you do is completely fail-proof. When you find a cause you want to be a part of, get in touch with organizers and see how your talents can be used best. Your willingness to organize is a very special role to play. The 5th and 6th are good days to start applying your energy to organizations that you love. The 19th  and 20th are very good days to focus on your own health and happiness. As you pursue the changes you want to see, understand that as one person, there is only so much work you can do. Your role is key, but you do not need to hold the weight of an entire movement. If the task is too big, ask for help.



You understand what true justice looks like. Sometimes, the injustice that happens in the world around you is so overwhelming that understanding how to deal with it, or making any kind of difference, is flattening. Your voice is necessary to back the most fair and balanced approach. You reach more people because you intellectually understand how to include every side to create peace and fairness. Libra, one of your biggest talents is using the written word to sway a group of people. My challenge to you: share your story. Speak to a group of kids about how to find compassion for each other. Pitch an article to your favorite media outlet about your experiences. Write a status on Facebook. Make a short film about equality. You love the human race, and seeing injustice is something that slowly chips away at your sanity. Take charge. The 7th, 8th, and 9th are days to share your story. The 21st and 22nd are days to spend having fun with the people you love. As you pursue the changes you want to see, remember that even as you see opposing sides of humanity and perspective, there are people who have never had justice. Focus on long-term fairness and equality.



Scorpio understands huge life changes, including death, more than any other sign. When the main news is story after story of murder and power struggle, you understand the depths of emotion that are happening on all sides. With this kind of understanding comes loyalty and dedication to the emotional well-being of the people you want to protect. Scorpio, your strength comes in reminding people of the gravity of what they are fighting for. You understand how to appeal and shift other people’s perspective completely. Your talents shine in creating new organizations to aid in the conversation. The reality is, Scorpio, when something is upsetting to you, you have to face it. You have to square up with it and either defeat the problem or start a war. The scale of issues we are facing collectively is too big a problem for one person, and I urge you to find like-minded people to talk to, move with, and convey a message as a group. You move people. The 10th and 11th are days that are incredible for doing work, even starting new collectives or organizations. The 23rd and 24th are good days for self-care. Try to take some time for emotional release and light experiences. As you pursue the changes you want to see, remember that not everything is horrible, and you need to focus on the good in the world to remember why you are fighting the bad.



As an independent and spiritual mind, you think outside of the box. You know that healing comes from freedom. As you see basic freedoms awarded to certain people and not others, your passion to create a better world comes up in full force. The thing about the burden of experiencing heartbreak after heartbreak is that you tend to run from the things that hurt you. While you may be compelled to experience rallies, memorials, and protests for the things that you believe in, your talents are very well used when you can address a large group of people and share messages of peace and love. Empowering through teaching, unifying through sharing experiences through art and nature, and finding inclusive spiritual groups are just some of the ways that you can fight oppression and hatred. The 12th, 13th, and 14th are good days to engage in some political and social change. The 25th, 26th, and 27th are days for selfcare and lightness. As you pursue the changes you want to see, do not run from topics or moments that are tough or scary. Make something about them, talk about them, and engage.



As the resident builder of the astrological wheel, you do not enter any cause, purpose, or project lightly. You want real change, even if takes your whole lifetime. The interesting thing is, you will do all kinds of work and when you are acknowledged or celebrated for it, you feel a little uncomfortable. So, how do you create victories and orchestrate real change without being the leader? You lead through words and ideas. You write articles that expose. You make music, art, and work that tells the truth and have part of the proceeds go to the causes that you believe in. You start at the fundamental parts of structures to dismantle them. My suggestion, and this is a lot bigger than something you can do tomorrow, is to do work that is true to your social and political needs for change. Create space that is inclusive. Start organizations that are for the benefit of others. Make room to be celebrated if your message is for the betterment of humanity. The 1st, 2nd, 28th, and 29th are days for self-care. The 15th and 16th are days to work on projects. As you pursue the changes you want to see, find people and places that make you feel like you can actually relax. You do not need to work at all times.



You are the idealist and lover of humanity, Aquarius. Even with its flaws and difficulties, you want to find love for everyone. The voice of compassion and friendship for even our enemies is sometimes lost on others, but continuing to talk about how we can more completely love each other is a strength of yours. You can imagine peace and are frustrated and floored when things could be better with a little more love for each other. When it comes to having a part in a conversation about the future, perpetuate peace. Call people out when they are not treating others with fairness. Educate everyone you can about the history of inequality and disadvantage. You are a needed voice of love, and you are stubborn in your need for change. The 3rd, 4th, 30th, and 31st are all good days to expand your knowledge around what self-care means to you. The 17th and 18th are good days to go out and become a part of a movement. As you pursue the changes you want to see, focus on one thing at a time.



You are a dreamer. You connect so completely to the pain of others that the current climate can make you feel like running and hiding. When you are a person who burns out easily because of how psychically and emotionally connected you are, it’s important to aim your energy very specifically. My suggestion: every person that is encountering the world right now needs space to clear their minds and hearts. Make space. Better yet, make grand space. Start prayer groups, start the world’s biggest group hug, invite your family over for a night of emotional togetherness. You know the toll of emotional experience, and you are a special force in healing for many. The 5th and 6th are a good time to daydream and work on self-care. The 19th and 20th are very good days to have a gathering focused on healing. As you pursue the changes you want to see, do not get discouraged by evil, and make yourself remember daily about the dreamy, positive things that are all around you.

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