illustration by Happy Burbeck
Published  September 2016

illustration by Happy BurbeckIn 1610, Galileo discovered Jupiter’s moons. This revelation blew open our understanding of the solar system, namely that our moon wasn’t the only one of its kind, and it didn’t trade places with the sun (as it would be very natural to assume without any tool to prove otherwise). In reality, Jupiter takes around 12 years to make its orbit around the sun, which equals about a year in each astrological sign. Jupiter, because of its origins, represents expansive experiences, spirituality, and adventure. Jupiter is also the planet of luck. This month, Jupiter moves from grounded Virgo to airy Libra on the 10th. Jupiter lifts difficult energy and provides creativity, unusual ideas, and a sense of freedom to anything it touches. Collectively, as this shift happens, it is a good time for creative energy, love, and speaking your mind and truth with grace, balance, and clarity. As Jupiter leaves the sign of Virgo, be aware of your work ethic and daily routine. If you see yourself losing track of either, give special attention because your focus could be so mental that you lose track of the necessity for daily routine.


This month, the sun is ruled by Virgo, the sign of organization, health, and daily living. This is the perfect time to get into a new health routine, check in with your happiness and mental health in your work, and bring order and organization to a space or project you are involved in. With the sun in Virgo, we see everything as a project—a special time to get it all together. The sun moving into Libra on the 23rd is the perfect time to relax, connect with your love life, and pick up new literature and music to soak in.


Pluto has been retrograde since April, but goes direct this month on the 27th. As Pluto is known to be the planet of complete transformations, when it’s in a retrograde phase, the transformations can feel out of control and too big at times. The thing about this transit is that it happens yearly. Every year, we are forced to really get down into the depths of our realities to clear out the cobwebs created after months of transformation. Imagine Pluto going direct like an engine restarting with new parts: hold onto your hats.



Coming into extreme focus this month, Aries, are your long-term partnerships and relationships, especially after the 10th, when Jupiter makes its moves and brings happiness, joy, and abundance to your partnerships. This is a phase traditionally where you might meet someone you spend a very long time with. This is a time where you could decide to get married or enter into business deals; the possibility for either can come up very unexpectedly. As you enter this time of happiness and luck, make sure you think about the realities. You may feel like you deserve all the things that are coming for you romantically and financially, but it’s important to recognize when you are being too impulsive. This month also provides opportunity to reignite some passion around adventure and thinking outside the box. Headfirst is good for you, as long as there is forward momentum.



If, in the past year you have felt an unstoppable force in creativity, then you will be happy to hear that this giant force will make its way into all aspects of your daily living starting the 10th of this month. Jupiter brings luck and happiness to everything it touches. This is a time to invest in yourself, Taurus. Do you like the spaces you spend your everyday in? Your home? The space you work in? These things might be screaming for a makeover, and this is just the month to do it. Starting the 24th of this month, there will be a focus on who you are romantically involved with and how you want that relationship to look. This is a good time to make changes in relationships, for better or worse.



The unfortunate thing about making art for the masses can be having to play to the audience. Gemini, with your intellect you know how to do this well. You can make things that other people respond to and appreciate. Starting on the 10th of this month, the universe is asking you to make things that are true to you. While the guidelines of this are vague, the focus is to make things that you love, that you miss, that you want created (and no one else has made as well yet). This month is the dawn of creative outlet for the next year. From the 28th to the end of the month, there will be a special acknowledgement of a deeper self in the work you are doing. Go there, get into it, and make things about your feelings.



Sometimes, outside forces touching your sacred spaces of home or nest make you feel a lack of control that is not positive to your experience. This month on the 10th, Jupiter enters your house of home, bringing joy, happiness, light and luck to your home. This transit, at first, might be strange, like a stranger barging in and screaming about how it’  time to party. Cancer, you deserve this party. The last time you had this special relationship to your home was 11 years ago. This is a time to celebrate the ways you have created good space. This is a time to declutter and make room for the new. Around the 16th, I strongly suggest making a plan to take a trip or go somewhere that feels uncomfortable to you. You have something special to learn on this adventure.



Have you been sitting on an idea for longer than you can even remember? Starting the 10th of this month, there is big energy around executing ideas you know are great for you. As a Leo, the possibilities are endless, really. The beauty of this transit is that you will have more ideas and mental energy than you know what to do with, so having an outlet is not only important, it’s necessary. The lunar eclipse may bring some emotional truths like a bolt of lightning around the 16th. Do not be so stubborn you miss your own need for emotional growth. The 28th brings a big change in your daily life. Consider new work and do a personal check-in with your health. This is a very good time to start new healthy habits.


illustration by Happy Burbeck


The last year has been a real adventure of finding yourself: not in a cheesy write-a-memoir about- your-journey kind of way, but through a series of strange and enchanting new experiences. As the transit of Jupiter moves into your house of introspection and money on the 10th, the focus should be to consider the impact positive experiences and positive reinforcement have on you. This is also a time that happens once every 12 years, when your money should be a lot more flush and easy to get. For a Virgo it’s not enough for me to suggest trusting that the universe has your back financially, but pay attention to how much money and property are suddenly at your feet now.



Something very special is brewing for you this month, Libra. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, is moving into your sign on the 10th. The last time it was in your sign was the fall of 2004. This marks the beginning of a year of new opportunities. This is a time where you can explore your feelings around spirituality. This is a year that makes you feel lighter than you have for a long time. The special thing about this transit is that Venus, the planet of love and your ruling planet, is also in your sign all month until the 23rd, and the sun enters your sign for the rest of the month just as Venus moves along. Feel the love, soak in the creativity, and celebrate yourself.



The last year has been dedicated to finding your social backbone. Recognize who your people are in this world who help you feel human and grounded and accepted. On the 10th of this month, this transit will change and shed some light on your deep emotions. While usually deep emotional understanding comes with a lot of sadness and darkness for you, Scorpio, this transit marks the beginning of a year of understanding how to be happy, what psychically you need to feel emotional fulfillment, and recognition of how special and important your psychic gifts are. On the 24th, Venus enters your sign, which brings a lot of celebration around the energy that makes you who you are. Your love life will get a needed boost during this Venus transit.



Consider this month your rebirth, Sagittarius. You are rebuilding. It’s time, and the planets are aligned to bring you to a new phase that feels full and complete and special and magical. Over the last year, there has been a focus on your public persona and career. This phase is important and you might feel more on top of these things, but we are entering into a phase where the focus is on your social world. Abundant energy around friendship and community is coming for you. Sometimes, when we are focused on who we are publically, it can get tough for a Sagittarius. Your moves do not feel comfortable when dictated by other people’s expectations or wants. Having time to soak in new communities, new people, and sacred relationships is the focus now. Allow yourself to feel the love this month.



It is time for you to show off all your hard work, Capricorn. The past year has asked you to get outside of your comfort zone, investigate your wildness, and connect to your sense of adventure. This month, starting on the 10th, there may be a desire to talk about what you learned. Venus is also in your house of showing off, so it could be as simple as being proud of a relationship or crew of people you finally feel like you belong in. When the sun joins the party on the 23rd, there is a time frame until the end of the month that is perfect to truly present something to the world around you. A project? Getting a new haircut? It could be simple, or it could be the day you change everything. You choose.



On the 10th of this month, Jupiter moves into the house it naturally rules in your chart for the first time in 11 years. This begins a phase where adventure, expansion, and fun are key. So Aquarius, I ask you: where do you want to go? This is a good transit to take a long trip but it’s also a good time to focus on your spirituality, personal relationships, or the boundaries that you have set for yourself that are no longer working for you. On the 23rd of this month, you will get even more insight into where these adventures are meant to take you. Let go, get lucky, have fun! It is definitely time to get into some unknown territory. Disclaimer: I know that money is something that feels a little confusing in a realistic way when you read a horoscope that says “MOVE TO THE MOON FOR ALL I CARE” but trust that money comes as you need it. There is an intuition in the moves you are making now that will take you to the best places.



Over the last year, Jupiter has been in your house of long-term relationships, causing some big, sweet changes to your love life and how you approach it. Usually, you feel that growth can only come from huge emotional revelations, but over the last year the biggest growth has come from fun. The lesson of the transit of Jupiter, which lasted a year and will be done on the 10th, when you felt your best and most fun, is: who did you want closest to you? How did you bond in light situations and faith? Did you lean on someone when you didn’t know how to feel limitless? Meditate on these things; this transit is important. On the 10th, we see Jupiter move into your 8th house, which represents the beginning of an adventure around transformation. Transformation will come this year in subtle ways. Aggressively work toward joy. Lightly brush up against your sadness. Do not be lazy about feeling, but recognize where the change needs to happen and let yourself go there.

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