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There is a very special dual energy that rules every October. The month is mostly dedicated to the sign of Libra, an air sign that asks us to focus on beauty, love, music and art. From the first to the 22nd of every October, we float a lot more than usual, our energy light and balanced. This year, October begins especially bright and airy, with the sun in the same sign as the moon for the first two days of the month, and the sun in the same sign as Jupiter for the first four days of the month, bringing harmonious feelings and actions that don’t require a lot of second thought. Pluto, the planet of transformation and change, is in a difficult aspect to this sunny energy from the first to the 12th. This transit can ask that we change in ways we don’t see coming. But with so much positive, affirming, and fair energy ruling the beginning of this month, this transformation should have a soft landing and rounded edges. Usually, Pluto brings some destruction and explosion, but this would be more like a controlled demolition when approached with an open heart and mind.

On the 23rd, the sun moves into the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a dedicated and emotional energy that likes to get down into the deepest depths.

A lot of the spooky vibes of October come from Scorpio: it rules the underworld, darkness, and death.

A lot of the spooky vibes of October come from Scorpio: it rules the underworld, darkness, and death. When we approach this transit, it is an especially important time to understand where our personal deaths have occurred this year. Death is a broad term when it comes to Scorpio. Death is a lack of something in the form it existed in before. Death is a transformation of energy, emotion, or matter. Have the deaths in your experience been people? Are you absolutely done with being treated a certain way? Have you lost something that really matters to you because of laziness or lack of care? While the sun is in Scorpio this month, from the 23rd until the 31st, checking in and honoring these pillars to how we were is special, sacred, and needed to move on or incorporate new feelings.

Mars, the planet of aggression, movement, and war is colliding with Pluto, the planet of transformation and change from the 13th to the 25th this month. This is a good time for actions to make actual changes, and a very important time to make sure that you want your actions to make the changes you intend. Don’t start fights that you don’t want to completely change the world, as you know it. Do start to work on your passion projects. Mars is also making a hard aspect during this time to Uranus, which rules chaos and unknown outcomes from the 18th to the end of this month, so things could possibly get a little out of control if you don’t carefully think out what you want the outcomes to look like. Make sure your intention matches your action, and this transit will be a lot less difficult.

The new moon on the 16th, in conjunction with Uranus in your sign, brings a revolution to feelings of self-care and celebration. You could feel like you’re on fire (no pun intended) in most ways this month, but the new moon is exactly the spark that rejuvenates and realigns a passion for your actions. Mars and Venus spend the month promoting adventure and fun, all while being recognized for just how much of that adventure and fun you bring. As the sun goes into Scorpio on the 23rd, take time to reflect on how freeing it can be to burn a bridge, to let it go and to get on with it.

This month, you may find yourself a bit uncomfortable for all the right reasons. Mars and Pluto are both in your house of adventure and expansion, bringing about a time in your life where you may need to travel, do something unusual, or even just try a different method. With the sun and Mercury in your house of work and daily living, you may also feel that it’s time for all new everything. A new job or title, new responsibilities at home, or new inspirational people are all showing up this month. The new moon on the 30th may bring some emotional upheaval that you don’t completely know how to handle. Slow and steady.

Do you feel that your voice is heard in the safest of spaces? Do you have equal say in your home, work, and social community? Communicating your desires in any of these spaces is very important this month, and making sure you say what you mean and following through with action is a bit more effortless this month than usual, so get to it. On the 19th, Venus enters your house of long-term relationships for the first time in two years. In partnerships (romantic and business) do you like who you are? Do you exist in a way that feels good to you? Exploring and confronting behaviors that make you feel successful in these relationships could be very fulfilling through the end of the month.

It’s time to move. You don’t need to be moving as you read this, but there is energy in your chart asking you to look at your nest and do some reassessment. Space for you is key to happiness and feelings of safety, so finding the right bedspread, room alignment, house, city, state, or country are extremely personal and need to be processed fully this month. This month will also revolve around the person who mothered you and how you mother things now. Whether you take care of a baby cactus or a gaggle of children—is there anything you want to do differently? Do you need to call your mom(s)? Connecting to the space in yourself that takes care unlocks a lot this month.

Leo, I want you to remember that even when you are feeling insecure and unable, people look to you for your voice and presence in the spaces they fill. This month, your voice is needed deeply for something that you hold near and dear, especially through the 22nd. On the 19th Venus enters a phase in your life that asks what exactly you want romantically. Are the relationships you have experienced honoring your spirit? Are you spending time with someone you feel proud of and happy to be seen with? In your most selfish moments, is there anything that you wish could be possible in romantic relationships that has been lacking? This transit will last through the end of the month and it’s a good time to communicate all of these things to prospective or existing partners.

Let’s talk about money, Virgo. Generally speaking, this isn’t a topic I would bring up with you. You are on top of finances better than most. This month, there is a special expense or focus on money. While usually you understand that through hard work you can make whatever money you need, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed with your financial life or be excessive if you have a surplus, especially through the 22nd. Mars and Pluto are in your house of creativity all of this month, and it’s an incredible time to work on a passion project, no matter how selfish the time spent.

Libra, you should still be experiencing the high of Jupiter in your sign last month. This month, the sun and Mercury start in your sign, bringing some extra shine to your daily routine and special attention and attraction from all kinds of people. Interestingly, Mars and Pluto are in your house of home, bringing a little chaos and discomfort to space that feels like it belongs to you. This might be a good time to consider a move. You are a person who is usually very well balanced, but be careful not to pick fights with people who you share space with, because you are a bit more on edge about what your space feels like to you. The reality of this month, and the upcoming several months: if you set on an intention and work toward getting it, exceptional things will come for you.

Recently, a Scorpio friend of mine reported the experience of being introduced as a Scorpio and having people flinch, as if they were standing in front of a human-sized scorpion. You are a misunderstood sign: while intensity and absolutes are a part of the game, emotional depth, true understanding, and acceptance of all people are the name of it. On the 30th of this month, I want you to celebrate all the ways you have created a better world for yourself and the ones you hold closest to you. This month is also a good time to connect to the fact that even in very light situations, there can be sincerity. The spotlight is on you, but the praise and celebration might come without the high intensity that you are used to. It is still very real.

On the 19th of this month, Venus enters your sign for the first time in two years. This is happening at the same time that sturdy Saturn is already in your sign. These two energies combined create an interesting thing for a fire sign, a moment in your life where you could feel free to be yourself in the most responsible way possible. This is a month that you could start something in your romantic life that truly serves your best self. This is a time where you might feel like recognizing your interest in excess: either make peace with it, or cut it down a bit. By the 30th, you should know exactly what will be best for you. Until then, do some experimentation.

Pluto and Mars are hanging hard together in your sign this month, Capricorn. The last time this happened was November of 2014. This transit brings aggression, transformation, and shifts that you don’t see coming. A proactive response to this transit is to start working on something that is mentally and physically consuming. There is a type of control in doing something you can put obsessive energy into that is very helpful now. There is also a conjunction of Venus to Saturn, which is a good time for you to start a lasting relationship, work out the kinks in an already nice relationship, or split something up that isn’t working. Don’t pick fights, and be gentle to yourself.

Psychic powers are interesting as a potential power, right Aquarius? While this isn’t usually something that is the strongest ability as an Aquarius, this month you have profoundly strong insight and intuition. What is your gut telling you? The sun and Venus are in your house of public persona, so this is an especially strong time to understand your place in power structures, and how you move a crowd. Connecting on an individual level will definitely be aided by Mercury the 1st through the 7th. A piece of advice for the new moon on the 30th: the human experience is relative, and when you feel the pressure of changing your perspective, consider that moving a single person can be a feat. Celebrate the small changes.

Phases and stages of human experience really affect you, Pisces. You are moved by love, death, and birth. So much so that when someone you are close to experiences any of these things, you could feel like it’s happening directly to you. The sun is in Libra this month, asking that you connect deeply with your feelings and transformation around these stages, particularly death. The full moon on the 30th would be a great time to celebrate and honor the lives that have impacted you gigantically over the last year.

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