Published  November 2016

As some of y’all already know, ANTIGRAVITY recently signed on with WHIV-FM to host a monthly radio show. The idea is to take our content from these ink-smeared pages and convert some of it into audio form. Many thanks to our first few guests: Laura Tuggle (Executive Director of Southeast Legal Services), some of the folks from the Anti-Oppression/Anti-Bullshit Voting Guide, and our live in-studio performers to date: James Hayes, Kallie Van Tassel, and Zach Quinn. We appreciate you all being our virtual guinea pigs as we strike out in this new medium. ANTIGRAVITY RADIO is two “episodes” in and let me just say, this radio business is harder than it looks! The learning curve has been steeper than I imagined and I’ll admit to some newfound humility amidst the hubris of this undertaking. After 12 years of publishing AG, we’ve gotten into a pretty good rhythm and can at least fake a decent publication. Like a 12 year-old human, we can mostly form complete sentences and do behave from time to time. But when it comes to the radio show, we are clearly babes in the woods, spitting and stumbling all over the airwaves for two hours every month. It’s easy to get discouraged when the training wheels come off and those first few tumbles bruise the ego more than any physical pain. It’s also like learning a new language, where you want to say something so badly, but you don’t quite have the tools yet. Learning is pain, and vice versa. But as awkward and frustrating as this new endeavor can be at times, it’s still exciting to break out of our comfort zone in new and challenging ways. Many thanks to the staff and fellow DJs at WHIV. It’s inspiring to see a new media outlet blossom in New Orleans and we’re lucky to be a part of it. This ol’ city still has a few surprises left in her yet! Well, it’s at that hour again where if my brain were a Thanksgiving turkey, it would be time to stick a fork in it, cuz it’s done. Enjoy this issue, it’s quite the spread. —Dan Fox

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