Published  November 2016

Sometimes, things that are uncovered in darkness are gnarly, forgotten, and unrecognizable. Scorpio lends a hand in seeing the beauty in these spaces.

Illumination is a profound experience in the astrological cycle. The sun brings light into a new world every 30 days, without fail, hesitation, or change. That brightness, focus, and oomph that moves to and from each sign can be difficult, extreme, or sweet, but it is always on time. This month, until the 21st, the sun is lighting up spaces in the world that are the darkest. Sometimes, things that are uncovered in darkness are gnarly, forgotten, and unrecognizable. Scorpio lends a hand in seeing the beauty in these spaces. This is the time to pull the death card in tarot; this is the time to focus on a phoenix rising from the ashes. We are looking to see how we’ve kept living or where we have died, and make peace, let go, yet never forget where we have come from. With the sun and Mercury in Scorpio until the 12th, emotions will be high, but not very visible. You might find yourself unrecognizably jealous or constantly comparing. Try to resist the urge to dismiss these “bad” feelings, because with Scorpio, everything emotional just is as it is, without boundaries. Why do you feel this way? What are you avoiding that you need to focus on to feel in control of your own life and destiny? The Scorpio phase also ushers in a time of heightened awareness of sexuality and ourselves as sexual beings. Are you happy with where you are in your sexual experiences and identity? This is exactly the time to address your health and happiness in this realm.

When the sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 22nd, the focus and brightness moves from our most emotional selves to our most adventurous selves. A lot of growth happens with the sun in Sagittarius when you challenge your own boundaries and step out of your routine. What does adventure mean to you? Around the world in 80 days? A different route to work? Giving yourself time to spend having fun? This yearly transit brings out the party, and the focus in lightness is a special time to try anything in celebration of the world being a big, beautiful, complex place. Sagittarius also brings focus to spirituality and our connection to the human experience. Give space, time, and energy to praise, pray, meditate, and celebrate the powers that make the world spin.

When Venus enters Capricorn on the 13th, romantic endeavors get grounded, and with a conjunction to Pluto on the 20th going through the end of the month, we will see very explosive, transformative times in our romantic lives. Capricorn helps you see situations for exactly what they are, without any doubt or second-guessing. In a relationship with unclear outcomes, this is a necessary (and sometimes difficult) space to hold in order to understand where to go from here. With this transit, there is no going back. If you are hurt, bothered, or done with a person during this time, it’s best to cut ties without lingering. If things are feeling great in your love life, talk about it, think about it, name it, and understand the strength it holds.

I’d like to talk about all kinds of things that are happening this month, Aries. The beginning of the month is a good time to get into your feelings. The end of the month is a time for ignition of fire feelings and grounding in passion. The big thing we need to talk about, though, is right smack dab in the middle of the month. There are a couple days where Venus, Pluto, and the moon really need you to make a move. It is understood that you appreciate a blunt approach and many options, but this month asks that you strip down any complexity, throw out any insecurity, and get to action around actual change. This is especially true in your love life. It is not that complex, and with a difficult, pounding reminder from Capricorn, the universe will ask you to put up or shut up. Do not be afraid of what you know you need, do not underestimate your power or ability, and trust that this month brings information that will change the course of your love life in ways that are necessary for your growth.

What are you married to, Taurus? What have you decided is a part of your life forever? Traditionally, this would be a human that your world revolves around, but it could also be a passion or movement that you are with every day, all day. Does this marriage move you when you feel trapped? Does this marriage inspire change and facing vulnerability? This month centers on why and where your passions lie in lifelong relationships. The full moon on the 14th, with Mars sitting in your house of public recognition, brings a lot of attention to you. Flaunting the things that will be with you forever is a good place to start the celebration of everything you. A word to the wise: if this month brings negative attention, you have the ability to shape perspective through action. Your actions can change stubbornly held opinions for anyone you encounter.

Sometimes, it is easy to lose track of other people—their needs, wants, what inspires them. Connecting to their feelings can be secondary to over-analyzation of their meaning in movement or something they have said. This month, Gemini, especially after the 12th, I strongly suggest that you connect to how in your partnerships you are moved and inspired. This could be a romantic partnership, very good friends, or even people you work closely with in business. Take time to slow down, appreciate, and honor the people who have brought out the best in you and informed parts of your experience that you didn’t even ask for. The full moon on the 14th may bring a profoundly emotional period, and it will be absolutely necessary to surround yourself with people who love you and helped build your best self.

Over the years I have heard the phrase “you can’t love someone until you love yourself” uttered by every self-helper, cheerleader, and meme. Cancer, you don’t need to have this stitched on a pillow or printed on reclaimed wood, but this might be a mantra for you to live by. This month, with Pluto and Venus holding court in your most self-centered personal space, there is a special energy focusing on yourself and your needs in your relationships. Revolutionary self-love can change your whole outlook on what you are willing to experience and put up with on the daily. On the 14th there is a full moon in your house of community. Consider bringing people together during this time to do something you love.

The fundamental parts of living are a bit in flux this month, Leo: your living situation, your fiery love life, and your slightly chaotic work environment. Fire signs like yourself thrive in chaos; don’t forget that as things start to unravel a bit. The full moon on the 14th is a good time to remember that there is a whole world outside of your bedroom, workspace, or the places you go to most commonly get out. Go somewhere. The first through the 12th brings a lot of acknowledgement and reality to how you best live in spaces. Do you function best alone? Do you want to live with multiple people forever? This is a time to set goals around an ideal living situation or sculpt the situation you already live in to work better for you. You may have more work than you can handle this month. Trusting and releasing some of the work to co-conspirators is freeing during this time. Finally, your love life requires work and isn’t always fun. This month brings some difficult energy that promotes growth. Get into it!

In the depths of your emotional side, there are special sacred spaces that make you feel most comfortable. This space could be a physical space that you can go to, close a door, and be alone in. It can be an action that grounds you and restarts your energy, or it could be as simple as hearing a song or story that brings this comfort. This month brings change to that space—a necessary but potentially difficult change. The new moon on the 13th will bring new information, and the rest of the month is centered around readjusting to a different kind of comfort. During this month you may learn you need to move, or feel shakiness around your most sacred relationships. Do not avoid the feelings that come with this level of vulnerability: a part of the work that needs to be done this month is emotional.

With Jupiter in your sign and all kinds of other planetary backup, the last couple of months have given a lot of light to your life, Libra. This month, you might feel some of that energy slows down long enough to consider some of the deep emotional freedoms that can be achieved through lightness and happiness. I want you to keep this knowledge in mind when, mid-month, you get a burst of mental inspiration. Have you ever considered more education? Do you have writing you need to share? This month asks that you share some of the emotional wealth of abundance that has been ruling your life the last couple months.

Mercury and the sun begin this month in your house of identity. This is a time where your emotion, intellect, and identity line up in perfect unison to articulate yourself exactly as you want to be perceived and received by other people. The full moon on the 14th brings a lot of energy to your partnerships, and this is a good time to pay attention to how the people you hold closest have created a better experience for you. This month we also see the movement of Venus from your house of personal awareness to intellect and communication mid-month, which will create a lot of personally positive affirmation. Growth this month comes rapidly. Try not to create roadblocks for yourself in this time of change.

There is a lot of energy this month that could make you feel like you are being pulled in every direction. The month begins with a lot of spiritual and emotional growth. Mercury and the sun want you to consider an adventure into the psyche and limitlessness of emotional possibility in all situations. Venus is giving you a special charge this month, bringing attention first to you, and how you are as a human. People might be even more excited and appreciative to have you around during this time. When Venus moves into your second house of personal growth and money on the 13th, it will be joined by Pluto, creating a big love-filled transformation. This transformation will be for the best, and it is a really significant time for learning new ways to love yourself, even in complex times or times of uncertainty.

With Mars and Venus in your house of identity, it would be no wonder that all eyes are on you, Capricorn. What makes you feel good? Who do you like spending time with, especially in a time where it feels like everyone adores you? You don’t need to be reminded that work is good for you. Having something to show for the strategic and careful building of the last couple years would really start to come into something worth showing this month. The full moon on the 14th brings a shock to your creative world, lending itself well to making something that focuses on beauty over function. The absolute need to make something will be present, so it is important to do something with it this month.

Have you ever thought about the impression you make? Have you seen the inspiration you have created in someone else’s experience explode into a whole new world that creates all new inspiration for the people who encounter it? This month begins with a close check-in to how your influence moves the world around you. With Mars in your house of identity starting on the 10th, it’s a good time to take action on the things you have been meaning to do to make an impact on the world at large. The full moon on the 14th is a good time to consider a whole new idea in a living situation. This moon phase brings a kind of unusual idea or concept to a home environment. On the 29th there is a new moon in your house of community. Get social, get out, get together.

The concept of the chosen family is really important this month, Pisces. There is energy where you may need to be held or hold your community this month. Profound need for close friends, like minds, and celebration around togetherness is very strong this month—you need to get your people together. On the 10th, Mars moves into a space that makes all of your lofty, dreamy ideas a potential reality. It is a time to focus on the best possible outcomes, and the reality-based decisions you need to make to get to them. All of the things you want can become realities but it’s important now not to be lazy or lose track of the end goal. On the 29th the moon may make you feel more comfortable and confident embodying your dreams for the public. When using your voice to support your dreams, get loud.

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