Published  December 2016

You cannot move forward fully into a new project without a complete understanding of what you had—and what you lacked— the last time you attempted such a feat.

We can all agree 2016 has been tough. Exceptionally tough. Every year there are planetary alignments that create chaos and pressure, but this one was definitely the extreme end of the spectrum in term of outcomes. As we wrap up this year, we find ourselves with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn from the 19th to the end of the year. While this might not be the best time to have a smooth start to new projects, it is a good time for reflection. The themes of Capricorn have to do with hard work, steady and constant dedication, and simplification. So, as you wade into this past year of love, loss, passion, and gain, consider these themes. As you go into 2017, what can you change by looking at the same problem as clearly and logically as possible? Can you change an outcome if you work with a stronger web of support and backup?Find time in this retrograde phase to appreciate the good things that have happened this year because you cannot move forward fully into a new project without a complete understanding of what you had—and what you lacked— the last time you attempted such a feat.

There is something called a T-square between the planets Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus this month. This doesn’t happen often, and it is a squaring up of the planets that rule transformation, unusual outcomes, and justice. Of course, this could mean something different on a worldwide scale than in your own house. Maybe this is the month you finally win the fight against the cockroaches in your cupboard for the last 20 years, or get a raise out of the blue. The last time this T-square happened was 2003; the main difference between this planetary alignment and that one is that we are currently in a space that is more trailblazing and surprising than we were in 2003. Expect the unexpected during this time.

Uranus has been retrograde in Aries every December since 2011, ending each year since then with unavoidable, important change. This year, however, Uranus is joined by the abundant energy Jupiter brings in opposition, and transformative Pluto in an exact square. This month is the launch of a rocket, building since 2011. Your most powerful and biggest days will be after the 20th of this month, and continue into next year. Some things to consider: the fastest moving planets are asking that you consider others. As you move forward, are you thinking about what’s best for them? “Them” of course changes from reader to reader. Try not to be selfish, while honoring what you need. Be gentle—the moves you need to make will shape your entire emotional process and it is a good time to face your deepest feelings. A strong suggestion: the 15th and 16th are the most powerful days of this entire year for an Aries. Pay close attention to what action you feel called to do, and do it. The actions that you take these two days will change everything.

There are a lot of traditions in December that bring upon an awareness of what we own. The tactile experience of having the right things around make a Taurus’ life a lot better. While excess is always OK and absolutely promoted this month, Taurus, I want you to dig deeper. From the beginning of the month until the 20th, the sun and Mars are working in areas that are extremely vulnerable. This overexposure, emotionally or physically, could make you feel like hiding from the world. But embracing the illumination of your deepest truths is very important and special this month. Recognition of your deepest wants and needs will emotionally pay off in the physical world on the 29th with a new moon in a grace-filled trine to your sun sign. Realistically this could mean you spend the entire month obsessing about a thing you buy on the 29th. If you spend the entire month in deep personal reflection and face your true self, your physical space will be much more full.

Until the 21st of this month, the sun is in opposition to your sign. Your sign rules duality, so the illuminating parts of yourself that you can’t see don’t really apply to you, Gemini. This transit in conjunction with a full moon in your sign on the 13th is a good time to recognize the parts of your identity that you hold as absolute truths about yourself— examine them from the bottom up. Unraveling and analyzing some of your strongest beliefs this month has a huge payoff when a positively aspected Uranus goes direct on the 29th. A boom of unusual approaches and new confidence comes after lots of careful consideration. This month also breathes new life into your romantic world starting on the 7th. The last couple of months have been process-driven in your love life, and this month promotes fun and adventure. Do something different, see someone different, start something different.

Maybe you are familiar with the feeling of walking into a room and having everyone stop what they are doing to look up at you. This month, the planets are creating a sort of cosmic record stop. Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter are in a very powerful relationship to each other, all of which are pointed directly at your sign. This energy creates power, Cancer—quiet, but real and profound power. Whereas making big changes can feel terrifying at different times because of the vulnerability that comes with it, this month there is a lot more self-assurance. The sun and Mars lend themselves well to getting out of your comfort zone after the 20th. The new moon on the 29th will really clean up anything you left behind in terms of explosive self expression and movement.

The Leo experience is definitely shaped by outside expectation. Yes, you are a perfect ball of shining light, Leo. You are also complex and flawed and imperfect, and this month I strongly urge you to consider the things you need when thinking only of yourself. The work you do and the relationships you hold inform the passions you feel about your life, but I want you to think about how you landed in these passions. Have you lost any part of yourself? This month, especially until the 20th, there is a lot of illumination in your self-awareness and ability to create new outcomes. As this year winds down and Uranus goes direct on the 29th, you will have all-new firepower. Hibernate, process, or meditate about who and what you are, but be ready for big moves at the end of the month.

I want you to challenge your oldest ideas about what partnership looks like to you this month, Virgo. Dismantle, examine, and over-analyze how you feel about relationships and what they mean to your health and wealth. Mars enters your house of relationships for the first time since April of 2014, bringing with it a need to tear down some of the walls that are no longer working for you. The sun is also bringing some truths about your home life and creative process this month. It could feel a little like spring-cleaning for your life. The new moon on the 29th makes an affirming trine to your sun, helping you understand that you are exactly where you need to be by the end of this year.

It takes an oyster years to create a pearl. Pressure and examination and repeated obsessive work are needed this month, Libra. The nice thing is, no matter how you shake it, you will create something beautiful. Jupiter is in your sign, making a lot of things feel really good in your world since September. This month starts with that energy being disrupted and shaken up. The energy that shakes it is transformative, and changes the tides completely in your luck and comfort level. The overarching theme I’d like you to remember is: this energy will shake you but everything is working on your side. You have a lot to experience and see in the next few months, and December promotes kicking yourself into gear. If you are having a hard time getting moving, the 9th and 10th offer some very motivational moments. Pay attention.

Who are you taking care of? Who is taking care of you? Starting on the 7th of this month, it is a good time to honor the people who make you feel safe and at home. On the 20th, there is a notable shift in action and passion when Mars, the planet of war and passion, moves into your house of personal passion and creativity. This is a good time to make something personal and profound to you, selfishly. Spend time making something you like, that you feel like the world needs. This process does not need to be for anyone else—or you can show every person you encounter. The object is to fully commit yourself to the process without ego. When Uranus goes direct on the 29th, the processes of self-investigation and honoring the people who take care of you will have a huge payoff in your daily life.

There are a lot of realities that bring a lot of people down, Sagittarius. One of your strongest powers is your ability to find light and happiness in moments that deflate most other signs. This month, the world could feel a little more real than usual. The sun is in your first house until the 20th, which brings a lot of awareness to ego and how other people view you. Are you doing your best? Are you present and trying? There is also much to consider intellectually about the longevity of your financial plans. Is it time to start saving for something? Are you making a big purchase that you will feel tethered to? On the 20th, Mars shows up and asks you to strongly consider your living arrangement and whether it is working for you. These themes may overwhelm you at times, but this perfect storm will not happen again soon, so power through it. You will be better for it.
The change that Pluto brings is extremely slow in the grand scheme of things. The last few years could feel like one life-altering lesson after another for a Capricorn heart. This month, Jupiter and Uranus join the mix. The beauty of this pressured month is that through the difficulty and discomfort that square formations bring, you get to understand completely what you want and who you are. Get in touch with your luck, recognize where you hold giant reserves of love and attention. Relax this month. Approach your daily tasks that are mundane and routine with a different route. Try a different toothpaste. Allow a shakeup. You do not need control at all times to have control over your life, and this month will force you to ride the waves.

This month begins with Mars in your sign. Moving forward with confidence is an interesting process for an Aquarius: there are so many possible outcomes and absurd possibilities in your reality that it is sometimes hard to feel like you are making the right moves. Mars brings a lot of hard and fast concrete certainty to whatever you point it at. If this month starts with you feeling unclear about something, I strongly urge you to take action. This could be something small, like asking a question you have been afraid to process with someone; or something huge, like making a career change. When Venus joins Mars on the 7th, everything will be a lot smoother, especially if you lead with your emotions and try not to over-analyze. The last time Venus was in your sign was April of 2014. Expect your love life to get a new shine.

Mars is the planet of war and action, and it is entering your sign on the 20th. Fierce combat and aggression are not really your strong suit, Pisces. The thing is, as a person who understands the furthest depths and corners of the human experience, there are fights you mean to have. So, how do you wage war? What do you want to fight against? Your voice will be strongest this month anytime after the 18th, and the Pisces voice can take many forms. This call to action is unique, because what the world needs from you can take such different forms from Pisces to Pisces. Maybe it’s that you live in the mountains and create healing potions for the masses because you are done with people in endless pain. Maybe you are a professional wrestler because every person should follow their dreams. Maybe you go to work to provide for a family that you can teach how to create a better world. Recognize how you are changing, shaping and creating a new, better world. This is the month to get more steadfast in your beliefs. Your actions can change everything.

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