Published  January 2017

It is natural at the end of a calendar year to think about a fresh start, a blossom of limitless possibilities. 2017 has the potential for anything, right? January 1st of every year, the sun is in Capricorn, a sign known for steady and headstrong energy. In order to start our potential best year ever, our roots have to be examined and reworked to get us to grow higher. As this year starts, your best work will be methodical and thoughtful, acknowledging your talents but also your mistakes. The first two days of the year, the moon is in Aquarius, the sign of community and humanitarianism. Emotionally connecting to our humanity and recognizing how the biggest movements come from united hearts is a powerful beginning to this year. Compassion and love for those unlike you can be hard, but with the addition of Venus and Jupiter in justice-based signs, we can find light where we didn’t expect to this month.

What grows from your personal chaos? What can we collectively learn from chaotic and drastic situations?

Around the 11th, be aware of your surroundings. The sun, Saturn, and Uranus are making a connection that can shake the very ground we walk on. What grows from your personal chaos? What can we collectively learn from chaotic and drastic situations? The full moon on the 12th will bring an element of emotion that could add fuel to the fire. This is a good time to tackle an issue you couldn’t find long-lasting solutions for, or to change something drastically in your daily life. Try to remember gentleness and composure when necessary (the full moon in Cancer brings out the full spectrum of feelings, and sometimes it is very nice to just feel them all, especially in their heaviest forms).

On the 20th, this country will get a new president on the same day that the sun shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and peace; it also rules humanitarian ideals. With the inauguration, I urge you to consider aligning your politics with compassion for every human, and the betterment of the human experience through freedom and love. If Aquarius energy is anything, it is stubborn. We have to fight for each other, especially when we see moments of injustice.

The right thing for your life isn’t always necessarily something you trip over, pick up, and run with. Sometimes, the right thing is something that stews and drives you crazy. This month, Venus and Mars are in the part of your chart that rules the mystical—your dream world, your psychic energy. In order to recognize what’s brewing for you, it will take time to uncover and understand what’s going on this month. Secret romantic feelings, unclear pathways, and frustrating outcomes are some of the things that will occur during this transit. When you trust your instinct, and take time to think about what you want in its purest form, you get a lot more. The new moon on the 27th brings your community out in full force; allow this to feel a part of something bigger than yourself.

OK, you can do and be anything in the world: what do you want? Limitless boundaries could almost be defeating for you this month. Growth and wildness are something to keep in close contact with, and pushing your limits is the first step in any direction. Taurus, let go a little bit; your mind needs to be changed this month. On the 12th, the full moon will bring new information that will redirect some of your energy, especially in the ideas you hold most stubbornly. Free your mind and the rest will follow. On the 27th, the new moon in Aquarius will square your sign, which might make you show proof of your work. Get to it.

There have been a lot of things to quickly digest in your life over the last year, Gemini. Yearly, the month of January is emotionally deep. The sun asks that you care and think and even obsess over where you have been emotionally, and the moon wants you to make it personal. What have you seen, experienced, and known in the last year that you haven’t let sink in? Did you forget to stop and honor the profundity of something you did this last year? This month, explore your true feelings about what you have just run through. The 12th is an especially potent day to acknowledge some of these big moves.

There are relationships that you fall back on when all else fails, and this month the sun is highlighting those people in your life. Traditionally, this energy is reserved for lifetime partnerships, people that you are married to or choose to be in business with for an extended period of time. How do you want to celebrate these relationships? How do you want to honor the person or people who have created a new version of yourself through knowing them? If this month you feel that your partnership is being challenged, when Mars moves into your tenth house on the 29th, the appropriate path should appear, whether it’s moving forward, changing things, or ending them.

As this year begins, I see a lot of new energy in health and wealth in your life, Leo. It is time to change up your work life, and get real about new routines that make you feel physically connected to yourself. When the sun moves into your house of long-term relationships on the 20th, there is a lot of really nice light shed in spaces that might have felt stale. Unfortunately, this light can also illuminate the cracks in your relationship and cause some discomfort if you don’t fully express and honor those issues. The new moon on the 27th is a time for new beginnings. Use it as a launch pad for a fresh start.

When you think of your own creative process, do you ever feel like it saved your life? This month, you will feel the most alive and productive when you are making and creating. The full moon on the 12th also happens in your house of community, so involving people in your creative outlet can make it doubly rewarding. When Venus enters your house of long-term partnerships on the 4th, expect some changes to your love life. If you are interested in someone, let it be known. Make some healthy moves in your relationship or focus energy on existing loves. The new moon on the 27th brings a new work opportunity that is perfect. Follow up!

I want you to consider how deeply admired you are. This month, with the sun in your house of home and Venus in your house of daily life, there is a lot of attention on you. It is a time where you should be aware of just how much is available to you, and how much you mean to the world around you. The full moon on the 12th launches a new level of recognition that could come in the form of the perfect job, or a surprising fun opportunity that you have been dreaming of for a long time. When Mars moves on the 29th, be aware of any pressure you feel in your romantic relationships. The discomfort might be necessary to recognize some changes that need to be made.

When you raise your voice, sometimes you might feel like it is falling on deaf ears. As a Scorpio, this can be tough: you don’t want to waste time or energy in spaces where you are not honored or respected. This month, especially through the 19th, I urge you to grant your voice to anything you want. Communication can be a chameleon for a Scorpio: it can be telling a story, protesting, holding a benefit, or teaching a group of people about a message that you hold dear. Know that your voice holds weight this month. The full moon on the 12th urges you to get out and adventure. Push your boundaries and consider lightness in any approach to fun.

The sun moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn every year at the end of December. This shift can be hard for a Sagittarius at times. It could feel like you are driving a million miles-per-hour and have to slam on the breaks. As we start this new year, the universe asks that you hold the pause, and think deeply about where you have been, what you have been, and how you want to be. This exercise is urged as a solo mission, and I also urge you to keep the process to yourself. In the most selfish of spaces, what do you need? After the 20th, the sun moves into your house of communication and learning, which is the perfect time to shout about it, tell all your friends and family about it, and bring your ideas to a new level.

You know the sound of an orchestra tuning at full blast right before it becomes silent to start a show? That silence, Capricorn, is the sun in your sign. It’s like a 30-day period every year where the complex, chaotic planetary alignments are less intense for you. This month, the sun is in your sign the 1st through the 19th, which will provide a time to focus on yourself without all the static that can be present other times of the year. There is a full moon in Cancer—the sign that opposes yours—on the 12th that could bring some deep feelings to the surface, but those feelings should just provide more dimension.

What motivates you? When you are alone, and you are left to your own brain and heart, what do they obsess over? This month, the sun and Mars are granting you access to a secret awareness of self through the 19th. Exploring inspiration and the roots of why certain things catch your attention and hold it for so long can be helpful this month. Mars is meant to shake things up a little bit, so as you think about motivation, this could be a good time to realign what makes you get up and get going in life. On the 4th, Venus leaves your sign, bringing into focus a person who moves you deeply, maybe even in a surprising way. The new moon on the 27th is in Aquarius, which is a perfect time to see yourself in a new, complete light.

For most of this month, Mars (the planet of action and passion) and Venus (the planet of love and compassion) are in your sign. Both of these planets come around every couple years, and bring a lot with them. Renewed passion and dedication to projects and relationships is present this month. A word to the wise: when a million great things are coming for you, and everybody wants your attention, you can have a tendency to hide. Choose the things you feel most passionate about, and focus on working those things up. This is a time for blessings, not for stressings. On the 12th, there is a full moon in Cancer, which could be an especially emotional time. Spend time in places and with people that you want to feel something with. You have some depth in your feelings to explore.

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