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Published  February 2017

For six months every year, Jupiter goes retrograde. This year, the retrograde will begin on the 6th of this month and last until June, introducing themes of inner awareness of your true feelings and your spiritual growth since the last time this transit happened (January to May of 2016). In 2017, this retrograde is happening in the sign of Libra, which adds a dimension of deep meditation and a focus on beauty, your love life, and equality. Are you being fair? If you consider all of the blessings coming your way, is there anyone who is losing out? During this retrograde phase, it is important to think about equability. If you are getting everything, and someone else is losing, this period will shake loose that relationship. If you have put dedication and effort into something that hasn’t been working exactly as you want it to, have you lost sight of all the other things waiting in the wings? Celebrate your wins—but make sure everyone is winning.

This is a time to act on your impulses, make your moves, and let your desires be known. 

There is a lot of firepower happening this month. Venus and Mars will be riding a cosmic wave together from the beginning of the month to the 16th, bringing our biggest passions to life. This is a time to act on your impulses, make your moves, and let your desires be known. This energy is in opposition to Jupiter, so it is especially potent when you make moves concerning issues that you have been meaning to approach.

Jupiter is also in a square to Pluto this entire month, bringing a lot of success to the internal investigations that you assign yourself. In fact, success is an understatement when you tackle your personal demons. This transit has the power to fundamentally change the way you look at yourself and your world.

The new moon on the 26th is in Pisces. Pisces is the sign that rules vast worlds accessible through meditation, mind expansion, prayer, and the dream world. This is a good day to devote to doing exactly what you want, as long as you explore the magnitude of the human experience. This could mean calling upon your spirit guides in a prayer circle, floating in water and thinking about the people who have come before you, or getting drunk and talking about how deeply you love everyone. Get into those feelings.

There is social conditioning for an Aries that asks you to be calm, patient, and quiet. It asks that when you encounter people, don’t scream who you are in their face and then run away as fast as possible. The reality is, Aries, there are times where this approach would be a lot easier than sitting still and processing, but the world expects more. This month, Venus and Mars enter Aries, giving you a little more license to live exactly and authentically as you can. What do you need? Because of expectation, have you lost your ability to move? Get in touch with what in your core makes you move, then move. If you can skip the step of “getting in touch” and just go, then go—that is really the essence of this transit. This month also begins a six month period where you will feel a strong sense of self (through potentially difficult lessons) and how to best get what you need next in life. Dig in.

Every 12 years a transit happens in your chart that asks you to look very thoroughly at your health and work. This month begins a six month period where you need to get deep into why you make your choices around these themes. Taurus, you have a tendency to overdo things and stay in them too long, and I want to examine whether either of these are true in your work or health life. This is a pivotal time to change jobs, start a new lifestyle, and get in touch with anything that could make your daily life the best it could possibly be. The new moon on the 26th makes a difficult aspect to your sun, which can create a bit of chaos if you don’t begin to tackle some of these things at the beginning of the month. You know the changes you need to make—you have been thinking about them for years. Get to it.

For months there has been a focus on your creative output being mass production. This month, a six-month period starts which defines your personal relationship to creating. If you have been meaning to make more, it’s a good time to start. If all you do is make things, now’s a good time to learn more about your own process and seek out new inspiration. Mars and Venus are in your house of friendship, which has the potential to bring every person you have ever cared about into your house over the next month—or start a fight between you and your favorite friend. This energy can be sweet or volatile in the same day, and it’s fine to explore both things. The new moon in Pisces on the 26th lands in your house of adventure. It will be a good day to do something outside of your comfort zone.

If everyone led with more compassion and love for the human experience, the world might be a different place. While it might be heartbreaking to see injustice, Cancer, this month I want you to consider your own personal ability to shape power in your personal life. You have the floor, you can say and do and be whatever you want this month. Everyone is listening to you. What do you want to do with this space that is granted? Jupiter is retrograde in your house of home, which helps you realize some of your deepest feelings in your relationship to home. Do you like where you live? Do you like where you come from? Is there peace to be made somewhere along the way to move forward, better informed and with less emotional crap to carry around? The new moon on the 26th is a quick reality check for something that has deeply informed your feelings of home and might be forever changing.

This month, a special, sharp focus is granted in the realm of your personal empowerment and feelings of adventure. This is a good time to consider where you want to go and what you want to do without a ton of planning, if possible. This month also starts with a big spotlight on your love life. Now is a good time to consider who you are spending time with, and whether or not it is working as-is. If yes, then celebrate or consider symbolic movements in a relationship: sharing a key to your space, telling your best secret, meeting sacred people in each others’ lives, etc., or document related moments like moving in together or getting married. If you want to end a relationship or start a new one, this month is a powerful one for both. The full moon on the 10th belongs to you. Celebrate with a fire.

Sometimes you have to lose something really important to you to learn how to live outside of fear or anxiety. This month, Mars and Venus are together in your house of death and rebirth, asking that you approach the idea of loss with passion, and the experience of rebirth with love and curiosity. On the 20th, the sun enters your house of daily life and work, so even when things get intense emotionally this month, you can always rely on having some gems to focus on in your work and health after this date. The Aquarius new moon on the 26th may bring a shake-up to your work life, but it will be for the best.

Since this past fall, everything has come for you from all angles. Sometimes, this has been exciting and promising and fun. Sometimes, it has been overwhelming and too much. This month is the beginning of a six-month period that happens once every 12 years in your life, where it is good to consider what you really want. The universe is ready to give you anything, as you may already know. What have you liked to receive? What do you want to stop? This month Mars and Venus are in your house of long-term relationships, which brings a special focus on how you want your relationship to look and whether it is working for you. It is time to make moves that are personal and personally motivated. It is time to consider what you need and want before you consider everyone else. The new moon on the 26th will provide a eureka moment. Ride the wave.

When you think of your wildest, most fantastical dreams, which of them feels attainable? If you cut the fear and impossibilities out, which do you want the most? Jupiter is bringing a special light to the part of your life where you daydream. What fuels these dreams? It’s reasonable and worthy to want something better for yourself, the people you love, and the world at large; and this month, you should connect to what these dreams are. Make small steps to make them happen. On the 18th, the sun lends a hand to these endeavors with a personal empowerment that you haven’t experienced for a year, and with Mars and Venus in your house of daily living, you can live and breathe these fantastical ideas. I know that you may feel this month that what you want is too big, but the biggest movements have to start somewhere.

Sometimes, the world and your life can get so busy that you forget to check in with what helps your immediate environment tick. Sagittarius, a part of your balance in life is finding a community and people who have your back when you need them, and hold you accountable when you are being too wild. Who are those people? Have you lost some of them? This month, Jupiter starts a six-month period that happens once every 12 years, centered on your personal social circle, and how you feel in your community. It will ask that you consider the space you hold in the communities you belong to and work out difficulties in close relationships. The beginning of the month is an especially pronounced time for your creativity, so calling on your circle to make something with you is key.

You are the best one to lead us, Capricorn. This month, I want you to connect to what power means to you. I want you to consider people in your life who you allow power (your family, your partner[s], your friends), people in places of power in your life (your boss, politicians), and power itself. You are not easily ruled, and when you see someone misusing your time and space, it is very difficult to continue that relationship as it stands. What I want you to know is that you belong to yourself at all times. Other people’s influence is something they earn. When you give power—when you let other people share responsibility and energy with you—you get a lot from it. Consider what is working and what is not, and what you want to do around both.

illustration Kallie Van TasselAQUARIUS
Inspiration comes from exploration this month. It doesn’t take much to consider your next adventure. The potential for new places and people keeps an Aquarius heart moving at all times. This month, Jupiter is in retrograde in your house of adventure and spirituality. This retrograde asks that you dig a little deeper into what feeds your pursuit of new spaces and the divine. If you only feel truly free when you are in an adventurous state of mind, how do you move that into your everyday experiences? Are you comfortable with your personal relationship with spirituality? Mercury spends a lot of this month in your sign, helping to mentally strategize ways to create a closer relationship to your ideas and wildness.

This is a very special and sacred month, Pisces. The sun will be in your sign on the 18th, but before it moves to make sure everyone is paying attention to you, it makes sure that your deepest emotions are highlighted and worked through. Thorough investigation of self is definitely propelled and celebrated this month, especially when you get the intellectual power of Mercury running through your sign, starting the 7th. Are there any messages you have been telling yourself that are no longer serving you? Do you need to get rid of excess baggage that is holding you back or holding you up before you allow yourself to feel the actual current? The new moon on the 26th is the Pisces New Year: start fresh.

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