Star Hustler: New Retrograde, Who Dis?

Published  March 2017

The astrological sign of Pisces, a water sign, is represented by the fish—there is no better symbol. Pisces breathes feelings. It navigates the depths with a knowledge that is unattainable to someone who doesn’t have the patience or experience with this type of terrain. In groups, it is equally protected by and vulnerable to being too connected and too aware. Every March, the sun swims through the sign of Pisces until the 21st. During this time, we feel more deeply, we pick up the feelings of those around us more naturally, and there is a tendency to need air. In a practical sense, this “air” can be any number of things to get you out of the current. Pisces brings an extreme need to go deep, sit in the depth, and—just as it becomes too much—rise to the surface and take your mind out of how real things can get. This year, there are a lot of realities to avoid, and it is important that in a dreamy state of floating above your problems, you don’t do harm to yourself. If you see yourself avoiding a personal reality this month, try being absorbed by a family and world that needs you. Be careful in the ocean, and be caring of the openness and softness of the people close to you.

Every 18 months, Venus goes retrograde. Venus, the ruler of love and relationships, will be retrograde from March 4th until April 15th in the sign of Aries. The last time this happened was from July to September in 2015. During a Venus retrograde, there is a lot of attention and energy devoted to the ways we show love both romantic and platonic. Often during this time, there are breakups; bad feelings rise to the surface that maybe you didn’t know existed. Also during this time, our values become unrecognizable. Because this retrograde is occurring in Aries, some of these feelings will be burning hot and unavoidable. Here is the deal: try to keep late night drunken calls to someone you dated 10 years ago to a minimum. Find ways to deal with who you are romantically through calm conversations. Do not be intentionally “bad” during this time if you can help it, because when the retrograde phase is over, you will be feeling it. This is a good time for a fun fling, but if you wake up April 16th and feel like you started something with someone who isn’t right for you, get out. Make amends. Be gentle in your relationships, but ask for what you need and decide if you need to expand your relationships or end them altogether. You may be attracted to buying things during this time that you can’t afford. For some signs, it can be a “wild” time to buy a new shirt, whereas other signs will suddenly really need a diamond-coated car. You will be able to afford some things and have a lighter feeling about spending, but don’t get too crazy. Aries loves action, and this Venus retrograde will be over the top this year. Your own heart is on fire, but so is everyone else’s. Be aware of the weight you push into the world.

There are a lot of horoscopes written to Aries as if they are babies that need to be directed in their every action. Your strength, for better or worse, is that you get up and go whenever something is happening that calls you. This month, your love life will be in focus in a way that it hasn’t been for years. There may be some lessons that you will be shocked to learn, and there may be some behaviors that you have made into patterns because it served you just fine. Get ready to undo some things, and be comforted in the knowledge that these lessons bring incredible, new blessings. The new moon on the 27th is especially epic for you because it is in your sign. If you spend the month working harder than you ever have, consider this date the celebration of your fire, your power, and the worlds you can move with your compassion and strength.

This month, Venus (your ruling planet) is retrograde, making a space of compassion and energy in your most sacred and secret worlds. Practically, this is an important time for you to understand, especially as it relates to your relationships, where you feel safest. Are you staying in a relationship because you feel like a part of something? Are you holding on to something that won’t ever be as dreamy as you know you need it to be because of a common theme running through the course of this relationship? Unfortunately, it’s time for a shake up, Taurus. While this month might not shake you free of the limitations exactly in front of you, it will change your ideas about what makes you feel emotionally content. What is your gut telling you? If you embrace change, there may be a rollercoaster effect this month, but you can handle it.

Inspiration and new information comes from all places and people in your life, Gemini. This year’s Venus retrograde is in your house of community and friendship, which brings up a lot of internal processing of what friendship means to you. Are you romantically involved with someone you consider a friend? Are you spending time socially with people who you are not in love with? It’s time to get back into some of the relationships that bring different and new perspectives, as well as get into friendship love with the people you are romantically linked to. The full moon on the 12th brings some upset to your home, which will be needed to understand the kinds of changes necessary for the year ahead. Make moves.

Your routines and habits are very personal, cancer. If someone else has encountered this with you, it is because you have granted them access to your secret world. Sometimes, because of the nests you create within your most special relationships, it can feel like you live secret lives. This month, Venus asks that you live a little more out loud. It is time to show your friends and lovers how much they mean to you. It is time to declare your love. It is time to make it Facebook official. These processes might feel silly, because you take good care to be up front about your feelings, but professing love will feel just right for you and the receivers of these messages this month.

In astrology, there is a special power given to the triangle. The shape needs all angles to work in order to stay standing, so there is a trusting pressure when something is angled toward your sign. This month, Venus (the planet of love) is making this relationship with your sign, holding you up and helping you see spaces you can rely on more. On the 4th, this planet’s energy shifts into a retrograde, and while it will still be a cradling and empowering space, it will also bring a lot of new and important lessons in what makes love happen the way it does for you. These lessons aren’t meant to be necessarily easy, but it’s still an important process in undoing some of the most strongly held behaviors that are not serving you well romantically. Remember: these changes are for you and your health and happiness, not anyone else’s.

When Venus goes through your eighth house every couple years, it is a revolution to your sexual identity and emotional awareness. It can feel like a lightning bolt of new information and experiences. This transit of Venus through your 8th house also brings a retrograde phase, which begins a time for change to some of your personal behaviors. It might get weird (because of the full moon in your sign on the 12th) but when considering the moves you need to make in your sexual identity, health, and well-being, now is the time to get into it. This also marks a period that is profoundly healing in deeply emotional spaces. When Mars enters your house of adventure on the 11th, an adventure to somewhere unusual could help unlock some new information.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde this month in your house of long-term relationships. Being that this is the sign of love, it’s a natural time to be very interested in your romantic life. As a single person, this could mean thinking a lot about what you want and who you are in relationships. This is a time to check in with yourself and people around you to learn some of the behaviors that serve you best and worst. As a person romantically involved, this is a time to consider how your relationship functions. This phase also marks a time to strongly consider whether or not you like the functionality of your romantic partnerships. It’s a good time to initiate permanent changes that make things healthier for everyone involved.

Do you feel like you have been waiting bazillions of years for your dream job to appear? This month, there is a lot of love in the realm of your career. This could be taken quite literally as “you will have a romance in your workplace;” or it could be a time where you strongly consider your worth as an employee in that workplace. This month also brings positive and important changes to your health: Go for a routine check up, change something in your appearance. Venus is retrograde this month in Aries, which is helpful in making some choices and moves in your love life. You have a tendency to be very thorough in your decisions and this month, you may find yourself doing something quickly in your love life in a way that can feel scary. Don’t worry; it’s good for you.

With Venus moving through your fifth house, you could feel like you want it all, like everything that has ever felt good to you should be at your fingertips, like you can make things in seconds that you may have spent hours working through before. It is a time for abundance, creative tsunamis, and good feelings. Because Venus is retrograde in the sign of Aries, now is a good time to consider what holds you back from feeling this way most of the time. Any human has difficulties, but when you consider your emotional self, how can you be more free? In your relationships, I want you to consider this freedom. Celebrate it, be in it, and free yourself if you aren’t feeling it.

Significant retrogrades of planets are tough for you, Capricorn. You want as much clarity as possible, and when a planet is going backwards, the essence of that energy is confusing as a rule. This month, Venus goes retrograde, asking that you not only consider your love life, but make moves as quickly as possible. Some things to ask yourself in this phase: who makes you feel most comfortable to be exactly yourself? Are you spending enough time being in the moment and not considering what is coming next or what has happened before? With this retrograde phase, you may also be thinking a lot about being taken care of, or taking care of someone else. Allowing either of these makes you very vulnerable but with the correct people, this is a very important lesson in who you can be with another person. The new moon on the 27th is a good time to spend with the ones you love most.

Alright Aquarius, it’s time to get real about your love life. Your mind is the center of your world. You are naturally someone that thinks a lot about the ins and outs of the human experience and has a lot to say about it all. This month, Venus is retrograde in your house of knowledge, which is a time to consider your mental connection to the people you are in partnerships with. If you are single, consider how you speak to people you are interested in—if it’s not working for you, change the way you communicate. If you are in a relationship, speak up about the things you want or need to continue. Mental spark is huge, and you might find yourself fighting about little things, so strip them down as much as possible to change the conversation.

illustration Kallie Van TasselPISCES
Venus is retrograde this month in your house of values. This retrograde by its very nature skews our ideas about what is important to us. Be wary of spending money on things— and be aware that if you are strongly drawn to expensive things in a way that feels unusual, it might signify a desire for change in your love life. This Venus retrograde is in Aries, which brings out a lot of boldness, so try something different, and ask for what your heart desires. Partnerships are the focus this month, and clarity about who you want to be with is especially strong. The full moon on the 12th might bring about some energy that makes you want to profess your love in a big way to someone: go with it.

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