Published  April 2017

Last month we started a retrograde phase of Venus. Venus turned retrograde in Aries, and we needed to be aware of the quickness of our movement, our temper, and our passion. We begin this month with Venus still in retrograde in Aries, but on the 4th, Venus backs all the way into Pisces, which brings new themes to consider, including who we are involved with romantically.

Venus in Pisces is dreamy, moving as if wading through an ocean of bath water. There is nothing to hurry for, and nothing to consider outside of this warmth and how nice it feels. Venus retrograde in this sign is a time to consider your spiritual work, to fully find love within your dreamscape, and to recognize the parts of your relationships that feel like they are too pure for Earth. This is a time in relationships to connect emotionally. If you are not connecting emotionally, you might want to consider a different approach (or a different relationship). On the 15th, Venus goes direct in Pisces, bringing a boost to the love lives of Pisces, and shedding some truths on spiritual centers. On the 29th, Venus will re-enter Aries, which will definitely kick any behavior or relationship that isn’t working out the door. This is also a time to be bold with your feelings, to make your desires known, and to act quickly around what you know is best for you.

This month we also see Mercury and Saturn go into retrograde phases. Mercury is retrograde three times a year and Saturn is retrograde once a year, so these are fairly normal experiences for everyone. The interesting thing is that they are happening within days of each other, while the sun is in Aries, and right before a full moon. This combination has a potential to show all of us a very public example of a breakdown in communication, a new message being heard loud and clear, or secrets emerging. Aries, in its very nature, is moving forward. As you see these truths come to light, I strongly encourage you to move in any way you see fit. Of course, with Aries, there is meant to be a battle, so if you feel called to do so, stand up for what you know is right.

Before you have an extended vacation with Venus in your sign next month, you will have to face some of your own secrets. Venus is retrograde, and it will back up into a space that is private and precious to you. In that very secret space, are there things in there that don’t serve your life anymore? Are there things you have told yourself to let go of? This space—that you share with only the most sacred people, full of your secrets, insecurities, and wounds—will be cleaned out by the end of this month. There could be moments that are painful, but in order to have a full experience of loving yourself and loving other people, you need to be fearless.

You know those dreams where you are running as fast as possible but it sort of feels like you’re running through quicksand? This month could feel a little like that. Things are pressured yet move so slowly. There are a lot of outcomes that will be surprising, because where you have tried-and-true methods for your life, a lot of planets are in places that are confusing and asking that you trust your gut. This month on the 10th, Mercury goes retrograde in your sign, which can lead to you being misunderstood. The best course of action is to keep moving and trust your intuition. You are not wrecking everything.

About every two years, Mars enters your sign, and it’s back, baby! Mars motivates, fights, and stomps into whatever it touches, and you may feel a need to get up and go. This is a good time functionally to get into a new physical routine, and a good time mentally to prove just how wrong your enemies are—with a million sources to back up your facts. This is also a good time to stand up for what you believe in and draw lines in the sand for those who are with (or against) you. This energy doesn’t come around too often, so make sure you do something good with it.

This month we are ending a phase of Venus in retrograde. It ends in a trine to your sun sign, which brings necessary information about what you need to change in your love life. Then, at the end of the month, it will be in a more difficult placement to your sun sign, making you act on the things you know. My best advice is to sort out your feelings before the end of the month. Have necessary conversations before your temper overrules them at the end of the month, and be gentle to yourself when this happens. Starting on the 10th there is also a potential for a serious communication breakdown with one of your friends. Be patient and try to see their side.

Does the world feel a little heavier than what you would like? This month there is a special focus on taking time for an adventure. In order to get different results, you have to try different tactics, and getting outside of your comfort zone supplies a lot of ideas about ways that things could be different. Venus is retrograde this month in Aries, making a trine to your sign, and creating pressure and discomfort—but ultimately knowledge of who you are and an awareness that you bring a compassionate force to the world. Make a plan to do something out of the ordinary to ponder what exactly you want your ideal life to look like, with special consideration of your love life.

I want you to strongly consider where you are supposed to live in the world, and what family means to you. Very heavy opening line, sorry. But listen, Saturn is retrograde for the last time in 30 years in your house of home and family, meaning that there are some important things to consider for your best moves by the end of this year. Do you want to move into a different space in the same city? A different state? A different continent? Do you want to be a parent? These are the kinds of things Saturn has been obsessively bothering you with for the last couple years, but this month is an especially pronounced time to make some choices here. My advice: you make the most thorough, complete decisions. You are safe and able to do anything. Just start doing it.

There is a focus this month on loss and transformation. Libra, how have you transformed since last April? Some of our greatest awareness of what we really value comes from recognizing what we have lost. What have you had to let go of to get to the best version of yourself? Relationships? Bad habits? Negative feelings about yourself? When you think about where you are now, was there ever a time when it didn’t feel possible? It may be time to do some personal purging, but in consideration of this past year, doesn’t it feel appropriate to make room for all the good things coming your way? Any decision you make this month should be backed up by gut feelings, because the stars are aligned to make your intuition stronger. Out with the old, in with the new.

Every year in April you get a boost of energy in your house of work and health from the sun. This month, Venus and Mercury join the sun to make this specific planetary phase especially strong. Your energy is very magnetic to other people this month, and when you apply yourself in specific situations, the outcomes will be in your favor. Venus retrograde is in a trine to your sign, which could have you doubting some of your worth and whether or not you deserve the attention you are getting. Instead of letting this energy get you down, consider the spaces that you want to be celebrated in and the type of work you want to be doing daily. Intention goes far with your sign.

For the third spring in a row, Saturn goes retrograde in your sign. Saturn retrograde is a time to make sure we understand the hard work we have done over the last year, and to navigate what still needs to be done for us to feel a sense of accomplishment. This retrograde phase is the last one in your sign for the next 30 years. Saturn is fundamentally not very comfortable for a Sagittarius, but it shows you what you are capable of and what you want to work toward. Spend this month considering how much you have gone through in the last three years. Health and career are especially important to consider. If you have more work to do, get it going now.

This month, Saturn goes into a retrograde phase in your 12th house of dreams and spaces that are unknown. Saturn has everything to do with school, work, and health. This month, I want you to focus on secret or hidden silver linings in frustrating circumstances surrounding these Saturn themes. If it seems that you are having a hard time sticking with a health routine, maybe you are meant to come across something better during this time. If work isn’t going the way you’d like, maybe focus on a different project with an intention of coming back to another. One way to escape daily frustration this month is working things out through a creative outlet. Make something, be patient, trust the process.

Have you considered fully what you truly value in a romantic partner? This month, Venus retrograde will ask you to consider whether your relationships have true substance, or if you are involving yourself with objects of affection (at times obsession) that you don’t truly connect to. If you have been feeling that your relationships are lacking depth, now is a good time to try to connect emotionally. On the 10th Mercury goes retrograde in your house of home, which might cause a little frustration in your living space. Be patient.

When you think about your love life over the last two years, is there anything you would like to do differently or change? This month, Venus asks that you strongly consider exactly who you have been and what you have been to the people in your life. This phase will last from the 4th to the 28th, an important time to get exactly what you want. Pisces, sometimes you lose yourself taking care of people closest to you, but this phase in conjunction with a lot of planets asking us to truly consider our best selves needs you to put your self first.

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