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All Writing From Andrew Mullins III

Jan 2017


CHILDISH GAMBINO “AWAKEN, MY LOVE!” (GLASSNOTE) On “Awaken, My Love!” Childish Gambino—better known as actor and comedian Donald Glover— dives headfirst into 1970s-style funk and soul. Glover completely abandons rap, leaving behind the quick word…Read full article

Nov 2016


CHUPAME EL DEDO S/T (DISCREPANT) From my first visit, Domino Sound Record Shack has consistently exposed me to some fantastically out-there contemporary interpretations of international folk traditions, and Chupame El Dedo’s self-titled album is the…Read full article

Oct 2016


From the disco-meets-devil worship of GHOST to the redemptive, soulful wails of Charles Bradley, this year’s Voodoo Music + Arts Experience promises to be another religious experience among the majestic oaks of City Park. The…Read full article

Aug 2016


  ALICE BAG S/T (DON GIOVANNI)   Perhaps it was her activism, the penning of her memoirs of the Hollywood punk scene of the late ‘70s and of her travels to post-revolutionary Nicaragua, or her…Read full article

Jul 2016


BANTAM FOXES GOLD RECORD (BANDCAMP)  A Bantam Foxes release is like a sonic postcard that comes every few months, attempting to pack in as much as it can without seeming too dashed off, and leaving…Read full article

Apr 2016

Reviews, April 2016

Music – Books – Art Music DANIEL ASH STRIPPED (MAIN MAN) Anyone who has ever darkened the doors of Hot Topic or coughed from dancing too long next to a smoke machine knows the name…Read full article

Mar 2016

AG Report on Stolen Bicycles in New Orleans

Please note the corrections to this article at its conclusion If you’ve ever had a bike stolen, you might have scoured Craigslist looking for it or cased every similar bike being ridden down the street….Read full article

Reviews, March 2016

Books BOB MEHR TROUBLE BOYS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE REPLACEMENTS (DACAPO PRESS) There’s an expression—”don’t sit too close at the ballet”—that’s sometimes used to describe the feeling of learning too much about something you…Read full article

Feb 2016

Reviews, February 2016

Art CUBS THE POET RE-READ MSANIART GALLERY In a city that celebrates pageantry and performance, how do we experience the written word? Cubs the Poet, a constantly clacking fixture and poet for hire on Royal…Read full article

Dec 2015

Top 5 Newsworthy Critters

5. BAYOU ALLIGATOR Various news outlets reported sightings of a few 3 to 4 foot-long gators in Bayou St. John over the summer. One news outlet said they had reports of a man feeding it…Read full article

Nov 2015

Fresh Prints: NOCAZ Inspires the Next Generation of Publishers

During the first New Orleans Comics and Zines Festival last year—NOCAZ for short—organizer Erin Wilson surveyed the lines of tables with neat stacks of self- published comics in the Main Branch of the New Orleans…Read full article

Ghost, Live at the Civic: Gentle Satan

It’s a tossup whether the Ghost show at the Civic Theatre more resembled a medieval dark mass or a new age Satanic youth retreat. Perhaps it was both, and the band conjured a rip in…Read full article

Oct 2015

Top Guns: Antigravity’s Best of the Best for Voodoo 2015

The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is once again upon us, requesting permission to buzz the hallowed oaks of City Park. It’s a magical time of year, bringing boundless joy to both roving packs of…Read full article

Have You Checked the Children? Digesting “Guignol: A Tale of Escalating Horror”

Each Halloween, Brett Schwaner locks himself in his house and grabs a horror story off of the bookshelf. It might be a volume of the Walking Dead, a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, or a…Read full article

Reviews, October 2015

ANN PEEBLES GREATEST HITS (HI RECORDS/FAT POSSUM) With the Hi Rhythm Section backing her up, Ann Peebles released seven albums for Hi Records over the course of the 1970s. While her labelmate Al Green became…Read full article

Sep 2015

Raekwon and Ghostface Killa, Live at the House of Blues: Living History

Two decades have passed since the Wu- Tang Clan’s dynamic duo of Raekwon and Ghostface Killah released their classic album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Technically released as a Raekwon “solo” record, Cuban Linx showcased…Read full article

Reviews, September 2015

Books KATRINA: AFTER THE FLOOD GARY RIVLIN (SIMON & SCHUSTER) Put Douglas Brinkley’s The Great Deluge (published in 2006) and Gary Rivlin’s Katrina side by side. Deluge, intent on telling in detail the story of the…Read full article

Jun 2015

All Out of Enemies: Slipknot Live! At Champion’s Square

I saw Slipknot 16 years too late. They played in Champion’s Square with Hatebreed a month ago, and put on the spectacle my eternal angsty skater kid had only read about in Revolver. Long since…Read full article

Mar 2015

BUKU 4 U: AG Writers’ Picks

Parrotheads and classic rockers stand down: this is not your AARP convention, ‘90s glory days revival, camp-chair army jamstival. The BUKU Music + Art Project, now in its fourth year, drops on New Orleans this…Read full article

Jan 2015

Reviews, January ’15

Books   THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ SCENE 1970-2000: A PERSONAL RETROSPECTIVE THOMAS W. JACOBSEN (LSU PRESS) Jazz music is New Orleans’ artistic tributary that runs into the larger river of American music and culture. Music…Read full article

Sep 2014

Don’t Tell Bass Drum of Death What to Do

In early October, Bass Drum of Death releases its third album, Rip This, on L.A.- based label Innovative Leisure. After years of constant touring, along with producing two albums himself, bandleader John Barrett decided Bass…Read full article