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All Writing From Anton Falcone

Mar 2017


The Dean Ween Group hit the well-worn Tipitina’s stage this past February on a mission to leave a mark deeper than a dropped Pelican case. Deaner’s post-Ween rotating yet fluid band of pros brought with…Read full article

Jul 2015

Reviews, July 2015

THE BRETON SOUND DON’T BE AFRAID OF ROCK & ROLL, VOL. 1 (INDEPENDENT) The latest from the bearded ones known as The Breton Sound is all about refining their formidable skills to present their tightest…Read full article

Jan 2015

Metronome the City: Dissected to the 32nd Note

It is often said that New Orleans has its own influential beat, a citywide groove, a rhythm that bridges wards, a streetcar line-crossed chord progression of world music. If that is true, then Metronome The…Read full article

Sep 2014

Sons of Magdalene: Off The Cross

Josh & Charlie, Great job on the new LP. Sorry I can’t make it to the party this time. I’ll catch up with you during the tour. You cats prove New Orleans is capable of…Read full article

May 2013

New Kids on the Block: Not Enough Fest Ushers in the Next Generation

The transition from the dusty oval of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival into Not Enough Fest’s reverse-engineered DIY culture showcase was swift and came with an excitement similar to jumping out of a…Read full article

Apr 2013

Goodie Basket: AG Writers Pick a Bountiful Bushel at This Year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Break out the wide-brimmed  hats, the sunscreen and the boogie. While hordes of  old dudes from Maine descend upon us clothed in short-sleeved button downs emblazoned with crawfish playing trumpets, it must not be forgotten…Read full article

Jan 2013

50 Cubic Centimeters of Death

Moped Order of New Orleans member Eric Russell signaled the start of the moped rally’s big ride by circling his finger above his head and yelling “15 minutes!” Moped riders from across the nation exercise-biked…Read full article

Dec 2012

The American Wet Dream

My invite to the Exxxotica adult entertainment convention in Edison, New Jersey did not come with a save-the-date but with a reminder to bring my boner because they would be giving away tits. The 4…Read full article

Aug 2012

Drawn And Quartered at The San Diego Comic-Con

The weeks leading up to the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) were sweat-inducing and panic-riddled. I had been promised three all-access passes to the SDCC from an LSU football ticket scalper; and on that promise I…Read full article