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All Writing From Breonne DeDecker

May 2017


In the summer of 1881, a letter from Louisiana appeared in Ha-Melitz, a Hebrew newspaper printed in the Russian Empire: “Tomorrow on the 21st of August, I and the rest of the men will go forth…Read full article

Dec 2016


Affordable housing developers and advocates are feeling anxious about the incoming president. The federal government plays a massive role in the creation and preservation of housing, but the public investment primarily benefits the middle and…Read full article

Sep 2016


  Tanica’s been living in a motel on Airline Highway since her eviction one week ago. It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and her 3-yearold daughter is sitting on the bed, picking happily at her lunch…Read full article

Jun 2016

Hidden Louisiana: Louisiana Treasure Museum

All I really knew about the Louisiana Treasures Museum in Tangipahoa Parish was that it was filled with old glass bottles and pictures of dead cops. I eyed a century-old giant wheeled cage, formerly used to transport prisoners, standing in the front yard…Read full article

Mar 2016

Hidden Louisiana: The Republic of West Florida

When a group of white anti-government militants occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Western Oregon in January of 2016, they claimed to be acting under a divine message from God. While the occupation appeared at…Read full article

Jan 2016

Hidden Louisiana: It’s Britney, Bitch

“Are you here to see Kentwood’s World War II collection, or Britney Spears?” The elderly woman behind the desk at the Kentwood Museum already knew the answer. I was there to see Britney Spears, or…Read full article

Dec 2015

Top 5 Condo Developments

New Orleans is in the middle of a housing crisis. Home prices and rents are skyrocketing in many neighborhoods. For my 2015 year in review, I decided to spotlight some exciting new housing developments in…Read full article

Nov 2015

Hidden Louisiana: The German Coast

The southwestern rim of Lake Pontchartrain, commonly referred to as the German Coast, is a composite of landscapes both real and imagined, their details spread across plat maps, sunken concrete, and digital artifacts. The landscape…Read full article

Oct 2015

Hidden Louisiana: Rum & Coke

Coastal Louisiana’s intricate mazes of marshes and bayous have long been safe havens for bandits. Perhaps the most known is the pirate Jean Lafitte, a much celebrated local legend, and the namesake of a bar…Read full article

Histories of Southern Revolt: An Interview with the authors of Dixie Be Damned

Dixie be Damned is a history book about the South unlike any I have ever encountered, challenging the narrative that the South is a passive, politically conservative region. The authors, Neal Shirley and Saralee Stafford,…Read full article

Sep 2015

Hidden Louisana: Trinkets and Truth

Louisiana’s Civil War Museum at Confederate Memorial Hall is the oldest operating museum in Louisiana. Originally opened in 1891 as the Confederate Memorial Hall, the museum served as a meeting space for Confederate veterans and…Read full article

Aug 2015

Photos: Breonne DeDecker

“(These images were taken in the fall of 2005) Everything was the color of mud by daylight. A riverine stench hung in the air. Waterlines seemed etched into every house, telephone pole, and car we…Read full article

Jul 2015

Hidden Louisiana: Freaks of Nature

I went to high school in a small suburban town named Evans, Georgia, named after a minor Confederate general. The school was new, freshly built in the far outer suburbs of Augusta. The demographics of…Read full article

Jun 2015

Hidden Louisiana: Last Island

The wealthy always need an escape.  Entire geographic locations are constructed with the promise of escape, of getting away—an archipelago built in remote locations, strung together by their promised atmospheres of seclusion. Megaresorts have bloomed…Read full article

Mar 2015

Hidden Louisiana: Bayou St. Malo

“If you didn’t want to be found, this would definitely be the place to go,” says the pilot of the small boat, laughing. We turn around again. It’s a bright and chilly Sunday morning.  I…Read full article

Jan 2015

Hidden Louisiana: Louisiana Leprosarium

In 1894, a man from New Orleans turned up in Iberville Parish. He was looking for a large tract of land, he explained, for an ostrich farm. He managed to purchase the dilapidated Indian Camp…Read full article

Nov 2014

Hidden Mississippi: War on Water

Settlement and development of the lower Mississippi delta is all about water control and water management. Devastating floods— such as the great flood of 1927, which flooded 127,000 square miles in water as deep as…Read full article

Sep 2014

Hidden Louisiana: Plaquemines Parish

The idea of Louisiana, and the wider south, fascinates me. Geography, history, and contemporary life lie on top of one another, and it is never quite certain which facet you are seeing at a given…Read full article