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All Writing From Carl Elvers

Oct 2016


13 DREAMS POST GOSPEL DISCO (BROTHERS SOMETHING) New Orleans’ 13 Dreams, Justin Batiste and Jesse Zenon, have debuted with a fantastically lush album. While its title Post Gospel Disco might seem to do the work…Read full article

Sep 2016


Grief practically invented the style known as sludge metal when three members from Disrupt (aggressive political punk from Boston) decided to start playing slow, angry, bleak music in 1992. My first exposure to them was…Read full article


APHEX TWIN CHEETAH (WARP) Richard D. James has certainly been prolific these past few years. Between 2014’s triumphant Syro (the vast archive of previously-unreleased tracks put up on Soundcloud) and last year’s Computer Controlled Acoustic…Read full article

Dec 2015

Top 5 Local Releases Not Reviewed by Antigravity

5. KAKAFONI “DEATH IN MIND” LP (MANGEL) This “side project” consists of the four guys from Gasmiasma and two veteran Swedish musicians adding to the cacophony (pun intended). Though noise is not the factor, but…Read full article

Nov 2015

Reviews, November 2015

Books   KRISTIN HERSH DON’T SUCK, DON’T DIE: GIVING UP VIC CHESNUTT (UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS) In the mid-1990s, Throwing Muses’ founder Kristin Hersh embarked on what would be the first of many tours with…Read full article

Oct 2015

Reviews, October 2015

ANN PEEBLES GREATEST HITS (HI RECORDS/FAT POSSUM) With the Hi Rhythm Section backing her up, Ann Peebles released seven albums for Hi Records over the course of the 1970s. While her labelmate Al Green became…Read full article

May 2015

Reviews, May 2015

ALABAMA SHAKES SOUND & COLOR (ATO) Alabama Shakes’ 2012 debut Boys & Girls heralded an auspicious beginning for these blues rockers, bringing the raw force of Brittany Howard’s voice, Zac Cockrell’s bass, Heath Fogg’s simple-yet-strong…Read full article

Sei Hexe: Cats on Dope

Sei Hexe are a four piece from Portland, Oregon who are finally making waves in the underground music scene after years of playing shows. After several shifts in their lineup, the current incarnation (Alessandra: guitar,…Read full article

Apr 2015

Reviews, April 2015

CHEF MENTEUR III (SUNRISE OCEAN BENDER) The sheer size and scope of Chef Menteur’s III may seem daunting to new listeners at first, but these New Orleans-based instrumentalists are old hands at epic conceptual albums….Read full article

Mar 2015

Reviews, March ’15

Books P. CURRAN THE BREATHTAKING CHRISTA P. (CADIZ & CADIZN’T) New Orleans in the ‘90s: a great place for an escaped fugitive to hide in plain sight… or it would be for one particular fugitive…Read full article

Feb 2015

Reviews, February 2015

Books JEFF CHANG WHO WE BE: THE COLORIZATION OF AMERICA (ST. MARTIN’S  PRESS) Best known for the landmark hip-hop history Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Stanford University Institute for Diversity in the Arts director Jeff Chang…Read full article

Jan 2015

Reviews, January ’15

Books   THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ SCENE 1970-2000: A PERSONAL RETROSPECTIVE THOMAS W. JACOBSEN (LSU PRESS) Jazz music is New Orleans’ artistic tributary that runs into the larger river of American music and culture. Music…Read full article

Nov 2014

Reviews, Nov 2014

Books NOT THAT KIND  OF GIRL: A YOUNG WOMAN TELLS YOU WHAT  SHE’S “LEARNED” LENA DUNHAM (RANDOM HOUSE) What kind of girl is Lena Dunham? Not That Kind Of Girl, in any other context,  would…Read full article

Oct 2014

Reviews, October 2014

Books BLACK FRANCIS, JOHN  FRANK, STEVE APPLEBY THE GOOD INN (IT BOOKS) In 1908, the simple mechanics of the zoetrope and the science, chemistry, and fledgling art of still photography had combined in a new…Read full article

Jul 2014

Reviews, July 2014

Books   DAVE EGGERS YOUR FATHERS, WHERE ARE THEY? AND  THE PROPHETS, DO THEY LIVE FOREVER? (KNOPF/MCSWEENY’S) Eggers’ latest effort is a series of conversations. Each chapter features a different character that our protagonist, Thomas,…Read full article

Jun 2014

Reviews, June 2014

THE BALLY WHO? A PILFERER’S PATIENCE (SELF-RELEASED) Of all the places for a band to find inspiration for an album, a puppet show is probably down toward the “unlikely” end of the spectrum—but that’s exactly…Read full article

Apr 2014

Reviews, April 2014

Books RICHARD CAMPANELLA BOURBON STREET: A HISTORY (LSU PRESS) Better known locally and in academic circles for his work on New Orleans’ geographies, Tulane School of Architecture geographer Richard Campanella has penned a reading on…Read full article

Mar 2014

Reviews, March 2014

Books MIKE KENNEDY KNOCKOUT: A MANUAL FOR SUCCESS (CRUSHED MEDIA) Filmmaker Mike Kennedy is a case study of local guy made good; but at one time in his life, he was over $400,000 in the…Read full article

Jan 2014

Reviews, January 2014

Books ERIN K. WILSON SNOWBIRD: BOOK ONE (SELF-PUBLISHED) The premise of the graphic novel Snowbird has all the makings of a disaster: a jane-come-lately do-gooder  drops in on New Orleans to literally  lecture everyone about…Read full article

Aug 2013

Reviews, August 2013


Jul 2013

Reviews, July 2013

Books CURTIS HARRINGTON NICE GUYS DON’T  WORK  IN HOLLYWOOD: THE ADVENTURES OF AN  AESTHETE IN THE MOVIE  BUSINESS (DRAG CITY) Curtis Harrington’s autobiography is a strange example of the Hollywood insider genre: a tale of…Read full article