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Oct 2017


BLOODSICK S/T (C RAGE!) Having reemerged from their Ohioan tomb, Bloodsick now calls New Orleans its home base. Clevelanders, Nunslaughter, and local blasphemers Witch Burial—among a host of other projects past and present—primarily comprise the…Read full article

Sep 2017


BÊNNÍ I&II (GONER) Self-described as a purveyor of “Hi-NRG new age” music from “an H Class planet far across the cosmic highways,” it wouldn’t be a stretch to characterize Benny Divine, or BÊNNÍ, as an…Read full article

Aug 2017


AR-15 DOGS OF WAR (C RAGE!) Whiskey-swilling, shirtless, and full of banter during their live shows, this trio’s latest cassette, Dogs of War, recalls influential ‘80s/ early ‘90s NYC hardcore such as Cro-Mags and Sheer…Read full article

Jun 2017


COMO MAMAS MOVE UPSTAIRS (DAPTONE) The gospel music tradition lives on in many churches across the country, and one of the better examples of that tradition lies in the powerful voices of Ester Mae Wilbourn,…Read full article

May 2017


BOY HARSHER YR BODY IS NOTHING (DKA) Missing their February Mudlark appearance, yet seeing their shared bill with High Functioning Flesh (one of my favorite acts) later in the tour urged me to check out…Read full article

Feb 2017


CHERRY GLAZERR APOCALIPSTICK (SECRETLY CANADIAN) Apocalipstick—the sprawling second album by L.A.’s divergent pop-punk sweethearts Cherry Glazerr—is an undoubtedly matured take on the foursome’s unconventional noise-pop sound. Unlike their fuzzy, unrefined first album, Haxel Princess, which…Read full article

Jan 2017


CHILDISH GAMBINO “AWAKEN, MY LOVE!” (GLASSNOTE) On “Awaken, My Love!” Childish Gambino—better known as actor and comedian Donald Glover— dives headfirst into 1970s-style funk and soul. Glover completely abandons rap, leaving behind the quick word…Read full article

Oct 2016


13 DREAMS POST GOSPEL DISCO (BROTHERS SOMETHING) New Orleans’ 13 Dreams, Justin Batiste and Jesse Zenon, have debuted with a fantastically lush album. While its title Post Gospel Disco might seem to do the work…Read full article

Aug 2016


  ALICE BAG S/T (DON GIOVANNI)   Perhaps it was her activism, the penning of her memoirs of the Hollywood punk scene of the late ‘70s and of her travels to post-revolutionary Nicaragua, or her…Read full article

Jul 2016


BANTAM FOXES GOLD RECORD (BANDCAMP)  A Bantam Foxes release is like a sonic postcard that comes every few months, attempting to pack in as much as it can without seeming too dashed off, and leaving…Read full article

Jun 2016


MUSIC JAMES BLAKE THE COLOUR IN ANYTHING (POLYDOR) “I can’t believe this, you don’t wanna see me,” croons the refrain, amid spectral moans and piano chords. From this opening, James Blake’s newest offering, The Colour in Anything, engages listeners on…Read full article

May 2016

Reviews, May 2016

MUSIC ALL PEOPLE S/T (COMMUNITY) All People’s second, eponymous album is an eclectic half hour of guitar-heavy post-punk entwined with introspective lyrics, horns, and synth-pop. There is remnant influence from ‘90s bands like Pavement, Archers…Read full article

Apr 2016

Reviews, April 2016

Music – Books – Art Music DANIEL ASH STRIPPED (MAIN MAN) Anyone who has ever darkened the doors of Hot Topic or coughed from dancing too long next to a smoke machine knows the name…Read full article

Mar 2016

Reviews, March 2016

Books BOB MEHR TROUBLE BOYS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE REPLACEMENTS (DACAPO PRESS) There’s an expression—”don’t sit too close at the ballet”—that’s sometimes used to describe the feeling of learning too much about something you…Read full article

Feb 2016

Reviews, February 2016

Art CUBS THE POET RE-READ MSANIART GALLERY In a city that celebrates pageantry and performance, how do we experience the written word? Cubs the Poet, a constantly clacking fixture and poet for hire on Royal…Read full article

Jan 2016

Reviews, January 2016

ADELE 25 (XL) Look, I get it. I’m being played. I’m being pandered to. I am fully aware of it. But I also don’t give a shit. I’m all in on this one: Adele is…Read full article