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All Writing From Dominique LeJeune

Sep 2014

Boyfriend: A Material Girl for a Material World

New Orleans-based femme fatale rapper Boyfriend has become quite the significant other both in the region, across the United States, and all over those blogs you can’t seem to hide from your newsfeed. Two years…Read full article

Reviews, September 2014

CORY BRANAN NO-HIT WONDER (BLOODSHOT) Cory Branan’s latest effort, No-Hit Wonder, is a simultaneously summery and sullen showcase of Branan’s immense talent as a writer and his band’s immense talent as a band. These tunes…Read full article

Jun 2014

Real Talk: Memorable Moments from Antigravity’s First Ten Years

AG has been privileged to speak with a lot of artists over the past 10 years and have them tell us their stories. Here are some of the most memorable moments as rendered by Osa…Read full article

Mar 2014

Mountain Tops and Mortal Kombat: Heat Dust vs. Natural Blonde

THIS BUS RUNS ON ICED COFFEE tour? What inspired that name? Jasper den Hartigh: We just like iced coffee, right? Jesse Kees: I don’t really drink iced coffee. JDH: Some of us like iced coffee….Read full article

Feb 2014

Reviews, February 2014

Books DALT WONK THE RIDDLES OF EXISTENCE (LUNA PRESS) You can choose to take playwright and poet Dalt Wonk’s latest, The Riddles of Existence, at face value and treat this oversized deck of cards as…Read full article

Nov 2013

Seven’s Company with Sweet Crude

I’ve interviewed duos, trios, brothers and sisters, and best friends; but never have I faced the challenge of fitting a seven-member band into one interview. I met up with five of the seven members on…Read full article

Apr 2013

Getting Stuck with the Kid Carsons

Morgan D. Carson (bass guitar and vocals) was first introduced to her future bandmate Chad (vocals, guitar) when she was five and a half years old—he just so happened to be her baby brother. Morgan…Read full article

Feb 2013

Reviews, February 2013

Books ALAN LIGHT THE HOLY OR THE BROKEN: LEONARD COHEN, JEFF BUCKLEY, & THE UNLIKELY ASCENT OF “HALLELUJAH” (ATRIA BOOKS) It still maintains a hold on us, this song of longtime troubadour/ writer/poet Leonard Cohen’s…Read full article

Nov 2012

The Infinite Toy Chest of Vox and the Hound

They’ve got heart. They’ve got brains. Now… they’ve got Courage, the debut LP of New Orleans-bred Vox and the Hound, released this month. After being fortunate enough to see a live preview at the Living…Read full article

Aug 2012

Roots Music: Jamming with the Plants at the Greenhouse Sessions

Rain clouds gathered overhead as I navigated my boat-like Ford SUV into a forgotten sliver of Lakeview. Upon arrival, the camera was rolling as August Cuny, armed solely with his acoustic guitar, began serenading an…Read full article

Jul 2012

The Way of The To’: Caddywhompus Achieves Road Nirvana

Originally from Houston, Chris Rehm (guitar/vocals) and Sean Hart (drums) have made New Orleans their home since 2008 and have continued to make a lasting impression. They have won hearts locally and nationally as the…Read full article

May 2012

Talking Monet and Metal with Habitat

Following suit with the indulgent nature of this city, one band is not enough for the average NOLA musician. West Bank natives Andrew Landry and Evan Cvitanovic, known as the masterminds behind noisy math metal…Read full article