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All Writing From Don Donnie

Apr 2016

Humor: Don Donnie’s 2016 Federal Tax Form

Mar 2016

Humor: Don Donnie’s Easter News Roundup

EMMET, ID —Ammon and Ryan Bundy, still reeling from their  militia’s failed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, presented a “redress of grievances,” and promised armed occupation of their corner of the dining room…Read full article

Dec 2015

Humor: Don Donnie’s Discount Christmas

Avoid the consumerist hellscape of traditional gift giving this year, and ring in the holiday season with these budget-friendly alternatives: Jedi Master Toy Lightsaber™ The little Luke or Leia on your list pines for an…Read full article

Oct 2015

Humor: Don Donnie’s Discount Halloween Costumes

SEXY COUNTY CLERK Materials: piously formless thermal sweater; ankle-length skirt; persecution complex to obscure muddled understanding of law; Pentecostal hair. Description: best when incorporated into a group with at least two grandstanding Republican politician costumes,…Read full article

Sep 2015

Humor: Don Donnie University

FALL 2015 COURSE OFFERINGS* *DDU is fully accredited by the Louisiana Department of Education   ENGL 301 Smug Public Display: Camus to Ginsberg Holding A Tattered Paperback In Such A Way That Everyone Can Read…Read full article

Jul 2015

New Summer Theme Park Rides

To counter declining attendance rates and profits, major U.S. theme parks are exploring a more economical approach to the design of new attractions this summer. Inspired by Hollywood and beyond, park engineers are busy developing…Read full article

May 2015

Lost Mother’s Day Cards

Mother, I know that purchasing and writing in this greeting card are both grave sins, but I thought it was worth risking a night or two in the prayer closet to wish you a happy…Read full article

Apr 2015

Earth Day 2015, Presented by Shell

Costco In the face of inevitable catastrophic climate change that will render our planet uninhabitable within the next century, Costco unveils its new Earth 24-pack. “When our species is driven  from this Earth by the…Read full article

Mar 2015

Don Donnie’s Diner: 2016 Presidential Candidate Menu

Feb 2015

Speed Dating with Sylvia Plath

And I am a smiling woman. I am only thirty. And on the clock we have two minutes to speak. What a tragic circumstance. The lonely desperate crowd Burns up for “love.” Out of the…Read full article

Jan 2015

American Resolutions

1587, Saint Augustine, Spanish Florida: 21-year-old Martín de Argüelles resolves to incorporate more Timicuan native slang into his lexicon, at once antagonizing the colonial aristocracy and the appropriated native tribe. “Whatever, taca-biro gonna taca,” Martín…Read full article

Dec 2014

A William Shakespeare Holiday Office Party

Hark! Hark! Tis now struck six; get thee away from thy wheeled thrones and screens aglow. Let us lessen the fluorescent glare and heighten the festive glow of fir and candelabra. The outlet, Carol, thou…Read full article