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All Writing From E Willy P

Jan 2014

Life’s a Beach in 2014: Resolutions from some of the AG Staff

1. Stop smoking. (Failed) 2. Write more, continue to work hard and make more money. Maybe even ascend  into a new tax bracket for 2015. 3. Eat only delicious food. Life is too short for…Read full article

Nov 2013

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part six)

In the last installment, we found Harry in a cab driven by an Eastern European, waking from a strange visit to the Ganderthals and meeting their leader, Tobe Wannason, who had bio-engineered himself into a…Read full article

Sep 2013

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part five)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI “Hey, you are a little old of a person to be hanging with those young after hours…Read full article

Aug 2013

Photo by E Willy P

“I’d love to wax and wane poetic about cameras, photography and cite some photographers as influences or having extensive training and experience; but for me, at the end of the day, it’s simply about my…Read full article

Jul 2013

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part four)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI I wake up in a dark room. I’m on my back but I’m not too hurt. Wait,…Read full article

Jun 2013

The Rational Radicant: Eulogy

My Dad (EJP) was the last of a generation, the man’s man without doing it in an over-machismo “something to prove” way. He grew up in the post-depression steel mill towns of Pennsylvania and Ohio….Read full article

May 2013

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part three)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI Stepping off the bus and knowing I’m a few blocks from my house alleviates the fear and…Read full article

Apr 2013

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part two)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI “Hey you, either remove your ass off the bus or bring it up here and pay your…Read full article

Mar 2013

The Rational Radicant: Tumbling Through Black (part one)

Read Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI The funny thing about working all night into the next morning is the choices you have in…Read full article

Feb 2013

Eat Party Rally Boot Repeat: Antigravity’s Mardi Gras Buffet

DAN’S HUMMUS Someone recently told me they wanted to swim in my hummus; I don’t know what’s so special about it but I have been making this dish for a long time, ever since my…Read full article

The Rational Radicant: It’ll Be Bad Before Better, Babe

Happy Mardi Gras! (air horn, confetti, stumble, puke, piss, police siren, handcuffs) Whoops; hope you don’t end up in jail. Remember: if you go in anytime before Mardi Gras, you won’t get out until after;…Read full article

Jan 2013

The Rational Radicant: No Cure for Chaos

The shooting in Sandy Hook was a horrible event. When a son kills his own mother, right there you have an incredibly disturbed individual or an incredibly dysfunctional situation. I’m sure a lot of people…Read full article

Dec 2012

The Rational Radicant: Q & A with Krampus

If you haven’t heard of Krampus then you’re not sniffing enough reindeer dust. Krampus is Winter holiday season’s biggest mythological party animal, yes even more so than the Yetti. Hailing from imaginary Germanic quadrants of…Read full article

Nov 2012

The Rational Radicant: Election After Party

Hope you get this important article in time for the big day, folks. Me, I mailed in my ballot and after you read this piece on the other contenders, it’ll be pretty clear which American…Read full article

Aug 2012

The Radical Radicant: Insomnia 6574

A cat fight screaming sets off a dog barking, which sets off all the dogs barking; soon it’s a cacophony of dogs and as if conducted by a drunken symphony conductor, a random scream is…Read full article

Jul 2012

Radical Radicant: Small Dicks Big Wars

People with very small dicks have been shaping the way we act and what we choose to do for a long time. Our culture is their battleground in the war of life. I am using…Read full article

Jun 2012

The Radical Radicant: Bless Ewe

I laugh at the idea of a Christian conservative running for office or even holding office when the very idea of government is one of the things the alleged Jesus preached against. by today’s standards,…Read full article

May 2012

The Rational Radicant: Anarchy & Anonymity

There was a movie that came out based on a book called Men Who Stare at Goats. It was a nonfiction account of interviews with some of the people involved in a special section of…Read full article

Apr 2012

The Rational Radicant: Brown Energy

I stay in shape by working out using body weight training and a book called You Are Your Own Gym. You should check it out: 14 bucks and you have a blueprint for life on…Read full article

Mar 2012

The Rational Radicant: (File)Sharing Is Caring

The Stop Online Piracy Bill (SOPA) was so broadly written it would have empowered large corporations with the ability to shut down whole websites and have the potential to take the domain hostage just for…Read full article