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All Writing From Emily McWilliams

May 2013

Paw Talk: Stuffed Animals

For those of us whose pets are unquestionably family, the grieving process does not exclude them when they pass. People grieve their deceased pets in many ways: honoring their pet’s life by not adopting for…Read full article

Apr 2013

Paw Talk: Heads on Walls

When I was a kid, touching the soft hair of a mounted deer head in someone’s house or, better yet, on the wall of some diner on a family road trip, always felt strange. I…Read full article

Mar 2013

Paw Talk: Pets vs. Plants

March is a perfect time for South Louisianians to start gardening. Down here, we don’t have to wait for the snow to melt and dissipate. In fact, since a deep freeze does not kill off…Read full article

Feb 2013

Paw Talk: Interspecies Love Song

One thing was certain: the raccoons living under my house and in the backyard tree were not friends with the cats in the neighborhood. One night, in the early morning hours while I was up…Read full article

Jan 2013

Paw Talk: Tame Your Wild Cat

Anyone who has moved with a feline friend knows this: cats despise change. Many do not adjust well to a new setting and it takes their owners extra effort to familiarize them with their new…Read full article

Dec 2012

Paw Talk: City Chicken Edition

They waddle. They don’t necessarily like you. They produce large quantities of excrement. For many of us, chickens are just funny-looking creatures who peck, make strange noises and are rather dirty. Other than the bird…Read full article

Nov 2012

Paw Talk: Active Cats are Happy Cats

When an indoor cat is screaming and clawing at the windows, I immediately think of prison: the window as a jail cell, constricting the feline’s innate need to roam, the cat a convict still alive…Read full article

Aug 2012

Paw Talk: The Good, The Bad and The Squeaky

Picture it: the frayed rope toy in between you and your dog. You’re pulling; your dog is pulling, both of you growling. Your dog accidentally loses bite and quickly pops back, trying to grab the…Read full article

Jul 2012

Paw Talk: Heatwaves and Hurricanes

Henry Pit Bull is a regular at training class in Harahan at the Abadie Vet parking lot; just a few weeks ago, as we were heeling in a circle, he started slowing down, far more…Read full article

Jun 2012

Paw Talk: Cats Are Assholes

It’s been about twelve hours since she was bitten. Dr. E lies in the back of a van, slowly waking to the thick, incessant throbbing in her right arm. Her body is prickly with chills…Read full article

Apr 2012

Paw Talk: Lost and Found

Arriving home after a ten-hour drive from Robbinsville, North Carolina, my house only partially feels like home. B and his band are touring Europe and Henry Dog is still in Metairie at his favorite playground,…Read full article

Mar 2012

Paw Talk: KiloHURTS!

The vast and open warehouse covers a surprisingly large space for being stuck in the middle of buildings so close to one another that they could be deemed cozy; a post-punk band is set up…Read full article