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Feb 2016

Guidance Counseling: Titus Andronicus’ Patrick Stickles

Like their fellow Jerseyite Bruce Springsteen, Titus Andronicus has been crafting expressive, instrument-rich anthems for quite some time, all sung at an inspired, breathless roar by lead singer and guitarist Patrick Stickles. And while not…Read full article

Dec 2015

Guidance Counseling: John Waters

When ANTIGRAVITY landed a feature with the immortal John Waters last December, in advance of his Christmas show at the Civic Theatre, we were over the moon. Imagine our delight when we saw that the…Read full article

Oct 2015

Guidance Counseling: Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers

The Drive-by Truckers are no strangers to New Orleans (or the pages of Antigravity). They have rocked crowds into the ground at late night Tipitina’s shows and charmed festival audiences at Voodoo and Jazz Fest…Read full article

Sep 2015

Guidance Counseling: Natural Child

So many bands these days don the wardrobe of down-home-country-blue-collar- drifter, but most of their buckles are too shiny, their denim too crisp, their weed too boutique, and their sound way too clean. Meet the…Read full article

May 2015

Guidance Counseling: Matt Sharp of The Rentals

Matt Sharp launched The Rentals 20 years ago as a side project during his time with Weezer. A few years later, he would split from the group for good and The Rentals would go on…Read full article

Apr 2015

Guidance Counseling: Dan Deacon

Part computer whiz, part musical purist, Dan Deacon is all manipulator, a dealer in pliable soundwaves. A master of instruments as varied as keyboard and tuba, his trademark live shows are known for extensive audience…Read full article

Mar 2015

Guidance Counseling: Big Freedia

A household name here at home for years, Queen Diva Big Freedia has been taking audiences around the country by storm, grabbing their slightly-stunned hands and dragging them onto the dance floor for a crash…Read full article

Dec 2014

Guidance Counseling: Dax Riggs

For more than 20 years, Dax Riggs has been the resident doomy crooner of south Louisiana. Famous for his blend of vocal virtuosity and dark subject matter, his most well-known gig was as the frontman…Read full article

Nov 2014

Guidance Counseling: Caddywhompus

Sean Hart and Chris Rehm have been making music together since they were kids, but as the experimental, mind-tickling duo Caddywhompus, they have landed a coveted spot as both  critical darlings and fan favorites. Their work…Read full article

Oct 2014

Guidance Counseling: Screaming Females

This year’s Community Records Block Party will be headlined by Screaming  Females, a power trio (from Joizey!) featuring the giant guitar shredding (and vocals) of Marissa Paternoster. A road-tested heroine for the punk underground, we…Read full article

Sep 2014

Guidance Counseling: Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless is a child of Heartland USA, but she specializes in slaying preconceived notions of country music, marrying tales of small town woes with bluesy stomp and a punk snarl. The last two years…Read full article

Jun 2014

Guidance Counseling: Above-Average Advice

AG has asked for advice from all kinds of artists, famous nationally and locally. One is even a puppet. Here is some of the wisdom we’ve received throughout the years.   My boyfriend’s ALWAYS late to…Read full article

May 2014

Guidance Counseling: Red Fang

For this month’s advice we’re tapping Portland metalheads Red Fang, who just dropped Whales and Leeches (produced by Chris Funk of the Decemberists) on Relapse Records. Chunky riffs, thunderous drums, and the overall piney grit…Read full article

Apr 2014

Guidance Counseling: Sirens

On April 18th at Gasa Gasa, Kimberly Vice and Michelle Ausman—the silky voices of Sirens, will release their first LP Blossom Talk on Community Records along with label owners and mates All People. The release…Read full article

Mar 2014

Guidance Counseling: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Perennial AG favorite and NYC dream-poppers The Pains of Being Pure at Heart return to New Orleans this month for the BUKU Music + Art Project (on Saturday, March 22nd). We couldn’t be more thrilled—and…Read full article

Feb 2014

Guidance Counseling: Ice Balloons

Ice Balloons are a collection of Brooklyn musicians, ranging from TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone to what the band bills simply as “a common fly.” Their self-titled album (available at features a cobra…Read full article

Dec 2013

Guidance Counseling: Mike Cooley

Mike Cooley is frequently a man of few words. He tends to save his best ones for writing lyrics with his band of 18 years, Drive-by Truckers. But he took the time to answer a…Read full article

Nov 2013

Guidance Counseling: Eric Andre

Eric Andre is not a stable human being. Watch a few minutes of his late night talk show on Adult Swim (produced by the same folks who birthed the bizarre Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great…Read full article

Oct 2013

Guidance Counseling: Guantanamo Baywatch

If you projected Repo Man onto the same screen as Point Break, you might get a whiff of what Portland’s Guantanamo Baywatch is all about. Not only did they hit the band name jackpot, but…Read full article

Jul 2013

Guidance Counseling: Buzz Osborne of the Melvins

Look, if you need some kind of introduction to Buzz Osborne— a.k.a. King Buzz— you’re beyond help. As one of the founding members of rock’s most original, influential, longest-lasting, heaviest, scariest and funniest band the…Read full article

Jun 2013

Guidance Counseling: Generationals

With their 2009 Park the Van debut album Con Law, Generationals (Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner) ushered in a boom for local indie rockers scratching their way to national recognition. With songs appearing in major…Read full article

May 2013

Guidance Counseling: MC Trachiotomy

MC Trachiotomy is one of New Orleans’ most notorious noise gangsters, saloon keeps and sender of sound men to asylums, so he’s the perfect host for the International Noise Conference, going down May 25th at…Read full article

Mar 2013

Guidance Counseling: Alynda Lee Segarra

Alynda Lee Segarra is the soft-spoken but powerful, creative voice of Hurray for the Riff Raff, one of New Orleans’ most promising homegrown acts. They’ve been steadily gaining notoriety worldwide since the release of their…Read full article

Feb 2013

Guidance Counseling: The Pink Slips

There’s always that one special moment during certain Mardi Gras parades when a band float passes by and surprise! It’s not some lukewarm Dixieland cheez or the Air Force retirement squad, but rather the Pink…Read full article

Jan 2013

Guidance Counseling: Blowfly

What do the Predator, Godzilla and George W. Bush have in common? They’re all going to get F’ed by Clarence “Blowfly” Reid if he has his way. Blowfly, who may have actually invented rap music,…Read full article

Dec 2012

Guidance Counseling: Katey Red!

As if you didn’t know, Katey Red is one of New Orleans’ bounce icons, trailblazers and matriarchs. With hits from “Ugly Buggin Me” and “So Much Drama” to her a cappella contribution to the Never…Read full article

Nov 2012

Guidance Counseling: The Pharmacy

Though they make their bed-head in Seattle, New Orleans can lay partial claim to the Pharmacy, a scruffy garage-pop trio who spent the better part of a year soaking up some of our city’s vibes…Read full article

Sep 2012

Guidance Counseling: Saul Williams

We’re super lucky to get globe-trotter, genre-bender, word-wizard and all-around boxthinker-outside-of artist Saul Williams to listen to our problems this month. He’s just the kind of multi-tasker with a philosopher’s heart that can soothe our…Read full article

Aug 2012

Guidance Counseling: Meschiya Lake

Meschiya Lake is one of New Orleans’ most adored female vocalists. She plays tirelessly around town with her Little Big Horns, charming crowds with dulcet tones, all the while keeping the true spirit of jazz…Read full article

Jul 2012

Guidance Counseling: Supercool DJ Kazu

This month we bring you the life of the party, Mr. Kazuaki Mai—aka Supercool DJ Kazu. Originally from Fukuoka, Japan, Kazu has been a staple of the New Orleans DJ scene since he landed here…Read full article

Jun 2012

Guidance Counseling: Ms. Charm Taylor

You may remember the formidable Ms. Charm Taylor standing defiantly on the cover of our February issue with her bandmates in the Honorable South. This past May they released a video for their single “Beast”…Read full article

May 2012

Guidance Counseling: Dummy Dumpster

It was a year ago exactly that we featured Mike Schadwell’s glorious, sweaty body on the cover of ANTIGRAVITY. His band of many years and many incarnations, Dummy Dumpster, had just released their first 7”…Read full article

Apr 2012

Guidance Counseling: Theresa Andersson

This month, local soul songstress, multi-instrumentalist and Swedish-born beauty Theresa Andersson is acting as our wise sage, dispensing advice to some of our weary readers. After 20 plus years as a professional musician in New…Read full article

Mar 2012

Guidance Counseling: Masters of the Obvious

Welcome back Paul Caporino! As the nucleus behind the legendary Masters of the Obvious (Or MOTO for short), Caporino has crafted hundreds of garage-pop gems for almost three decades now. He’s a regular leather-clad, bayou-bred…Read full article

Feb 2012

Guidance Counseling: Mike IX Williams

So sorry Antigraviteers, we’ve left you in the lurch these past few months without any sage words for your troubled souls, but this month our group therapy session is back with a vengeance, as we…Read full article