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All Writing From Jenn Attaway

Sep 2017


Dale Crover has been a very busy man. Best known as the drummer of the Melvins, he has also recently joined Honky and Red Kross, released a solo album (The Fickle Finger of Fate), put…Read full article


BÊNNÍ I&II (GONER) Self-described as a purveyor of “Hi-NRG new age” music from “an H Class planet far across the cosmic highways,” it wouldn’t be a stretch to characterize Benny Divine, or BÊNNÍ, as an…Read full article

Feb 2016

Reviews, February 2016

Art CUBS THE POET RE-READ MSANIART GALLERY In a city that celebrates pageantry and performance, how do we experience the written word? Cubs the Poet, a constantly clacking fixture and poet for hire on Royal…Read full article

Jan 2016

Reviews, January 2016

ADELE 25 (XL) Look, I get it. I’m being played. I’m being pandered to. I am fully aware of it. But I also don’t give a shit. I’m all in on this one: Adele is…Read full article

Oct 2015

Danzig Q&A: Cover the World in Blackness

Glenn Danzig is an iconic figure in punk and metal. He pioneered horror punk with his band, The Misfits, in the mid-‘70s, then went on to form Samhain. Once signed, Samhain became Danzig, with the…Read full article

Babes in Toyland’s Lori Barbero: Queen of the Hill

In 1987, a punk trio was born in Minneapolis that would go on to help influence a whole new generation of female rock musicians. With a powerful sound and lyrics that weren’t afraid to visit…Read full article

Sep 2015

Reviews, September 2015

Books KATRINA: AFTER THE FLOOD GARY RIVLIN (SIMON & SCHUSTER) Put Douglas Brinkley’s The Great Deluge (published in 2006) and Gary Rivlin’s Katrina side by side. Deluge, intent on telling in detail the story of the…Read full article

Jul 2015

A Fetish For The Dramatic: Roddy Bottum Talks About the Return of Faith No More

Formed in roughly 1981 in San Francisco, Faith No More revolutionized the alternative music scene in the late ‘80s and throughout most of the ‘90s with their unique hybrid of funk, metal, and rap. The…Read full article

Jun 2015

Reviews, June ’15

ISSA RAE THE MISADVENTURES OF AWKWARD BLACK GIRL (37 INK/ATRIA BOOKS) YouTube, much maligned for creating loads of inane internet stars, blessedly balances out those scales by bringing the world the work and perspectives of…Read full article

Nov 2014

Reunions & Rock’n’Roll Remembrances: A Recap of the 2014 Housecore Horror Film Festival

Living in New Orleans, there are always tons of things to do around the end of October. As Halloween approaches, the tally of concerts and horror movie screenings grows exponentially. However, some years it’s easy…Read full article

Oct 2014

Poop and Boners: An Interview with Tesco Vee

Back in the ‘80s when punk rock was really getting going, there were bands that stood for something and fought to be heard. There were bands who tried to give their peers a voice and explain…Read full article

Glow Sticks and Goat’s Blood: AG Writers Pick their Voodoo 2014 Favorites

The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience has always served up an eclectic conflict of sound, whether it’s been Neil Young vs. Metallica, Rage Against the Machine vs. M.I.A., or this year’s lineup, which pits metal…Read full article

Jul 2014

This Interview (with King Buzzo) Kills Readers

Let it be known that the amazingly singular personality that is Roger “Buzz” Osborne, also known as “King Buzzo,” simply will not slow down. In 1983, he founded the grunge/sludge powerhouse band the Melvins, and…Read full article

Jun 2014

Reviews, June 2014

THE BALLY WHO? A PILFERER’S PATIENCE (SELF-RELEASED) Of all the places for a band to find inspiration for an album, a puppet show is probably down toward the “unlikely” end of the spectrum—but that’s exactly…Read full article

A Decade of Deadlines : Celebrating and Commiserating with 10 Years of Anti-friends

To put into perspective what life was like in 2004, when Antigravity was launched, here are a few realities the people of New Orleans knew: TwiRoPa was a live and functioning club in the Lower…Read full article

Real Talk: Memorable Moments from Antigravity’s First Ten Years

AG has been privileged to speak with a lot of artists over the past 10 years and have them tell us their stories. Here are some of the most memorable moments as rendered by Osa…Read full article

Apr 2014

Dick Dale Will Live Forever

When most people think of surf music, they typically call to mind the pop harmonies of the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, or the innocent fun-in-the-sun dance tunes from any number of beach party films….Read full article

Feb 2014

Jigglin’ with Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra may be best known for pioneering the West Coast political punk scene of the ‘80s with his band, Dead Kennedys, and his record label, Alternative Tentacles. However, his interests and activities throughout the…Read full article

Jan 2014

Reviews, January 2014

Books ERIN K. WILSON SNOWBIRD: BOOK ONE (SELF-PUBLISHED) The premise of the graphic novel Snowbird has all the makings of a disaster: a jane-come-lately do-gooder  drops in on New Orleans to literally  lecture everyone about…Read full article

Dec 2013

Top Gross-Out Moments in John Waters Films

Mondo Trasho (1969) – John Waters’ first full-length film is certainly unique in that it’s basically a silent film, using music to tell the story. The live chicken decapitation in the beginning, followed by some…Read full article

Oct 2013

Reviews, October 2013

BANTAM  FOXES TRIUMPH (INDEPENDENT) To pigeonhole the music of Bantam Foxes into a niche known as ‘90s rock is to miss how far brothers Sam and Collin McCabe, in league with hard-hitting drummer Jared Marcell,…Read full article

Oct 2013

Groovy! Evil Dead: The Musical Hails to the King

Fans of the horror genre are familiar in some way with the legendary Evil Dead trilogy  of films: The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn and Army of  Darkness. Written, directed and co-…Read full article

Sep 2013

Dr. Ike Stomps Again

After taking a break in 2012, the Ponderosa Stomp returns to celebrate its 11th year with “Three days of the best music you’ve never heard of.” Ponderosa Stomp Foundation President and Founder, Ira “Dr. Ike”…Read full article

Sep 2013

Reviews, September 2013

  ALEX CHILTON ELECTRICITY BY CANDLELIGHT/ NYC 2/13/97 (BAR/NONE) One February night at New York City’s Knitting Factory, the power went out. An Alex Chilton solo performance slated to go on that night was initially…Read full article

May 2013

In Memoriam: Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman January 31, 1964 – May 2, 2013 I found out on the evening of Thursday, May 2nd, that Jeff Hanneman, guitarist and founding member of Slayer, had died of liver failure that morning…Read full article

Dirty Rotten Interview with Kurt Brecht

Back in the ‘80s, there was hardcore punk and there was speed metal. Then something happened: bands began to throw genre restrictions out the window and experiment with a brutal, bloody blend of the two….Read full article

Apr 2013

Battle Scars: Facing Death, Drugs and Prison with Rob Evil

Most people think of Elvis, early R&B and rock ‘n’ roll when they think of Memphis, Tennessee—and more recently, garage rock and punk. However, one of the best original thrash bands to emerge in the…Read full article

Apr 2013

Liner Notes: A Record Store Day Wishlist from the AG Staff

Some days are just meant to be hassle-free, where you can lay it all out and stop worrying about stupid shit for a second. Beach trips. Mardi Gras day. Sunday. Record Store Day should be…Read full article

Mar 2013

Random Disjointed Brain Farts: Show No Mercy

I was blindsided by news of Slayer’s firing of drummer Dave Lombardo. At first, I disregarded the rumor as just another internet farce. However, Lombardo personally addressed the issue in a frank statement to his…Read full article

Feb 2013

Chuck Dukowski Keeps it in the Family

If you were going to compile a list of the most influential early punk/hardcore bands in America, you’d have to include Black Flag. Likewise, if you were going to name record labels in the ‘80s…Read full article

Jan 2013

Random Disjointed Brain Farts: Racing Through the Roadblocks

There are few things I love more than barreling down the open road at 80+ MPH, blaring some of my favorite tunes, watching the scenery scroll past as the stars and moon in the rural…Read full article

Dec 2012

Disjointed Brain Farts: Reindeer Droppings

Before I commence another bitter holiday-inspired rant, I’d just like to pass mention that I am NOT the AG “holiday writer.” It just so happens that I was granted a column preceding three months of…Read full article

Nov 2012

Random Disjointed Brain Farts: Short End of the Wishbone

Ah, Thanksgiving… Another holiday reliant solely upon the greed and gluttony of American culture; or at least that’s what it has morphed into over the centuries. Just another opportunity for your family to come over,…Read full article