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All Writing From Kate Russell

Jun 2015

One Big Holiday: Recapping Hangout Fest 2015

For three days a year, a quiet beachside town in Baldwin County, Alabama transforms into the USA’s only large-scale music festival directly on a beach. Hangout Fest started in 2010, less than a month after…Read full article

Mar 2015

BUKU 4 U: AG Writers’ Picks

Parrotheads and classic rockers stand down: this is not your AARP convention, ‘90s glory days revival, camp-chair army jamstival. The BUKU Music + Art Project, now in its fourth year, drops on New Orleans this…Read full article

Nov 2014

Angola Rodeo Postcard

Did you know that Angola offers offenders a chance to earn an accredited bachelor’s degree? Did you know that Angola is the only penitentiary in the US to have an FCC licensed radio station? If…Read full article

Jun 2014

Real Talk: Memorable Moments from Antigravity’s First Ten Years

AG has been privileged to speak with a lot of artists over the past 10 years and have them tell us their stories. Here are some of the most memorable moments as rendered by Osa…Read full article

Feb 2014

Ladder Parents, Tear Down This Wall!

Forget the drunken tourist, the out- of-control fraternity bro, the creepy Rolling Elvi and the Bacchagator. The ladder parents are the most terrifying creatures at the parades. Krewes spend months planning and creating  their floats…Read full article

Jan 2014

Life’s a Beach in 2014: Resolutions from some of the AG Staff

1. Stop smoking. (Failed) 2. Write more, continue to work hard and make more money. Maybe even ascend  into a new tax bracket for 2015. 3. Eat only delicious food. Life is too short for…Read full article

Nov 2013

Working Vacation with of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes

After several gleeful electropop albums, a brief romp into psychedelic funk and a journey through twisted R&B, where do you go? The ‘60s, baby. After 2012’s overly complicated digital jungle Paralytic Stalks, Kevin Barnes abandoned…Read full article

Oct 2013

Rock the Oaks: AG Writers’ Picks for Voodoo 2013

Voodoo 2013 or Lollapalooza  ‘95? Hard  to tell with this year’s lineup, which is topped by icons of  the last millenium like Pearl Jam and the Cure. But  hey, those were some golden times to…Read full article

Jul 2013

Reviews, July 2013

Books CURTIS HARRINGTON NICE GUYS DON’T  WORK  IN HOLLYWOOD: THE ADVENTURES OF AN  AESTHETE IN THE MOVIE  BUSINESS (DRAG CITY) Curtis Harrington’s autobiography is a strange example of the Hollywood insider genre: a tale of…Read full article

Jun 2013

Yes and No with Portugal. The Man

When Danger Mouse calls, you answer—even if you’re ten songs and two weeks into your album.  Portugal. The Man  found this out the hard way. The call came when they were recording their new album…Read full article

Hangout Fest Highlights

SHOVELS AND ROPE The highlight and first set of Saturday was South Carolina husband-wife duo Shovels and Rope, who played a strong set at the Hangout mainstage. Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst’s casual banter…Read full article

Hang Out 1 on 1: The Revivalists

The Revivalists aren’t just a New Orleans band anymore. At Hangout Fest 2013, we had to share “our” Revivalists with national media as everyone tried to get an interview  with  the high-energ y jam/funk  outfit….Read full article

Hang Out 1 on 1: The Weeks

“As for our places in history, we will run nakedthrough your streets before we sit decorated inyour halls,” The Weeks’ Tumblr proclaims. The five-piece band from Jackson, Mississippi started playing  together before some were old…Read full article

Hang Out 1 on 1: Ryan Bingham

When Ryan Bingham  first toured, he and then-band Dead Horses weren’t sure they’d make it to the next gas station in their wheezing Suburban.  Those hard-up  times are long gone. In the past five years,…Read full article

May 2013

Postcards from JazzFest — Weekend One

  FRIDAY The chair people have taken over the field. Today they were nice and let me walk on their tarps. By Sunday tribal warfare will be rampant. Alliances will be broken. Maidens will be…Read full article

Gulf Jams: AG’s picks for Hangout 2013

Technically, Hangout Music Fest––which takes place in May on the sugary sands of Gulf Shores, Alabama––is still in its infancy. Compared to veteran behemoths like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, it has a long way to…Read full article

Apr 2013

Goodie Basket: AG Writers Pick a Bountiful Bushel at This Year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Break out the wide-brimmed  hats, the sunscreen and the boogie. While hordes of  old dudes from Maine descend upon us clothed in short-sleeved button downs emblazoned with crawfish playing trumpets, it must not be forgotten…Read full article

Apr 2013

You Can Sit When You’re Dead: An Open Letter to JazzFest Squatters

What Jazz Fest means to me is the dawning of summer, when the sun comes out and chases away the winter blues, two weeks of perfect weather, before the heat onslaught. Jazz Fest means rocking…Read full article

Mar 2013

Blight Meets Bass: BUKU Year Two

Some people might look at the dilapidated portion of the Lower Garden District and say, “Bulldoze.” Winter Circle Productions said “BUKU.” Tulane graduates Reeves Price and Dante Dipasquale founded WCP in 2008. In a phone…Read full article

Dec 2012

We Don’t Know; Therefore, Party: Crossing our Fingers with the Cosmic Convergence Festival

Fire? Floods? Earthquakes? Asteroids? What does December 21st, 2012 really mean? Surprisingly, for Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the answer is not aliens. If you don’t recognize Tsoukalos’ name from his show Ancient Aliens or sensationalistic History…Read full article