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All Writing From Michael Bateman

Dec 2015

Reviews, December 2015

ADULTS THIS IS OUR YEAR (THIS IS HURRY UP AND WAIT) I have to channel my inner Bryan Funck because I was hoping he’d review this record but dude is so “busy” these days, mostly…Read full article

Aug 2015

Polo Silk, The Picture Man

Local favorite Sthaddeus “Polo Silk” Terrell has been a fixture of the New Orleans rap scene as its #1 party/event photographer—as well as a fan—since the ‘80s. I’d been meaning to track him down for…Read full article

Dec 2014

Reviews, December 2014

Books   EMPIRE OF SIN: A STORY OF SEX, JAZZ, MURDER, AND THE BATTLE FOR MODERN NEW ORLEANS GARY KRIST (CROWN PUBLISHING) In Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder and the Battle…Read full article

Oct 2014

Goner Fest Two Knives (11) Recap

Note to self that I still like rock’n’roll music. This year’s Gonerfest featured the most thoughtful lineup in recent memory, in that it represented the current musical taste of Goner Eric and Zac (from here…Read full article