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All Writing From Michael G. Bateman

Jun 2014

Bad-Ass Bands, Pelican Pow Wows & Mystery Merchandise

Sarah Mason of Pelican Pow Wow Records, my favorite local label other than mine (Defunct), is on the cusp of a First Annual Pelican Pow Wow-Pow Wow Festival, 4th of July weekend, celebrating one year…Read full article

Mar 2014

Reviews, March 2014

Books MIKE KENNEDY KNOCKOUT: A MANUAL FOR SUCCESS (CRUSHED MEDIA) Filmmaker Mike Kennedy is a case study of local guy made good; but at one time in his life, he was over $400,000 in the…Read full article

Nov 2013

Once-In-a-Lifetime Nightmare: Housecore’s Horror Film (and Music) Festival

Everywhere I go I see Phil’s face through the crowd I hear his voice clear and loud He is the light that I seek The Old Man has found me So, Phil “Philip H.” Anselmo…Read full article

Oct 2013

Tireshreddin’ GonerFest 10 Highlights

Four days of my favorite music festival in BBQ Land and I am stuffed and fried… but not at all ready to leave C-Boy’s sweet guest-cabana / man-cave. Since 2005*, Goner Records has brought together…Read full article