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All Writing From Musa Alves

Aug 2016

To Chance, With Love

  Chance died on June 23, 2016 of a heroin overdose. He had lived only 26 years before he was ripped away from me, and from all of us—all of the people he made laugh,…Read full article

Aug 2015

Photos: Musa Alves

“Whether people stay or people go, photographs hold on to a moment that was beautiful, and between just you and them, forever.”

Jun 2014

A Decade of Deadlines : Celebrating and Commiserating with 10 Years of Anti-friends

To put into perspective what life was like in 2004, when Antigravity was launched, here are a few realities the people of New Orleans knew: TwiRoPa was a live and functioning club in the Lower…Read full article

Dec 2012

Europe by the Pound: On Tour with Spank Rock

Dear New Orleans! The Spank Rock/Boys Noize European Adventure Party Time Excellent Tour (actually called the ‘Out of the Black Tour’) was insane! Being on tour—on a continent you’ve never been to—is like being in…Read full article