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All Writing From Mwende Katwiwa

Dec 2015

#BlackTransLivesMatter: Remembrance, Resilience and Resistance

2015 has been the deadliest year nationally and internationally in the trans* community. In the United States alone, at least 21 trans women of color and gender nonconforming people of color (GNC) have been murdered….Read full article

Reportback from TakeEmDownNola Coalition’s Nov. 28 action

If you were in the French Quarter the last weekend of November, you may have noticed something different about  the statues and monuments in the area. On that Saturday (November 28th), the #TakeEmDownNOLA Coalition  conducted…Read full article

Top 5 Times White Women Needed to Have All The Seats

It’s been a particularly side eye- inducing year, due to an epidemic my friends and I have dubbed WWF (White Women’s Fuckery). WWF is a very particular way in which white women fuck everything up…Read full article

Sep 2015

Navigating Space and Race in the French Quarter

“FREEDOM” IN CHAINS Maafa comes from the Kiswahili word Kufa, which means “to die.” It can be translated to mean “a disaster” or “a great tragedy.” Too few Americans are familiar with the term “The…Read full article

Jun 2015

Confronting Histories Old and New with #BlackSpring

#BlackLivesMatter. Much has been made recently of this simple, yet necessary affirmation of the humanity of Black people in America. The hashtag was created by Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza in 2012 after…Read full article

May 2015

The Fight for $15: A Union and a Movement

On April 15th, low-wage workers across the country went on strike to demand an increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour and the right to unionize. This day of action was coordinated by…Read full article