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All Writing From Osa Atoe

Oct 2015

Cynthia Connolly: Photographing D.C. Punk’s Salad Days

Banned in D.C., a book of photos documenting Washington D.C.’s early hardcore scene, has only grown in significance to me over the past 15-plus years that I’ve owned it. I grew up in the Northern…Read full article

Jul 2014

No Age: David Ensminger’s “Confessions of a Punk Eye”

You might remember Houstonian David Ensminger from his flier art show at Trouser House Gallery on St. Claude in 2011. Sparrowhawk and Nervous Juvenile played on a foliage-encircled stage in the backyard. Inside the gallery,…Read full article

Crashing Pits and Picket Lines with Downtown Boys

Remember the days when punk bands sang with conviction about everything that wasn’t right with the world? Corporate exploitation of land and people, poverty, shitty landlord-renter or employer-employee dynamics, the lies inherent in mainstream media…Read full article

Jun 2014

Real Talk: Memorable Moments from Antigravity’s First Ten Years

AG has been privileged to speak with a lot of artists over the past 10 years and have them tell us their stories. Here are some of the most memorable moments as rendered by Osa…Read full article

Mar 2014

The Power of Simplicity: Mary Timony of Ex Hex

I had a friend when I was about 20 years old who was obsessed with Mary Timony. Not in the creepy sense, but in the admiring fan kind of way. She had one of those…Read full article

Dec 2013

Almost Ready: The Story of Punk Rock in New Orleans – An Interview with Director Al Champagne

I could ask a million different people how they found out about punk and what it meant to them when they did, and never get bored of hearing the variety of answers. It could be…Read full article

Oct 2013

Guerrilla Gourmet: An Interview with Nico from New Orleans Community Kitchen

When did Community Kitchen start here in New Orleans and why did you choose to call it something other  than Food Not Bombs? Nico: New Orleans Community Kitchen started in its current form in January…Read full article

Aug 2013

Photos by Osa Atoe

“After all of the touring I’ve done over the last several years, I’ve come to realize that the shortest tours are often the sweetest. My band, Negation, did a 10 day tour of the Midwest…Read full article

Jun 2013

Dirty Pictures: Photos by Eric Martinez

If you ever see a guy at a show standing near the front wearing glasses, a flannel and a backpack with a camera hanging on his shoulder by a strap, it’s probably Eric Martinez. Locally…Read full article