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Dec 2016


Aug 2016

Photos: Patrick Melon

“Going into Baton Rouge the day after Alton Sterling was killed, I didn’t know what to expect. There was so much emotion in the air throughout those days. The anger was there, that’s for sure….Read full article

Nov 2015

Justice or Else: Taking NOLA to DC for the 20-Year Anniversary of the Million Man March

History can be a very relative term to use, especially when describing what took place in Washington D.C. this past October. To some, this year’s gathering of the Million Man March, with its tagline “Justice…Read full article

Aug 2015

Photos: Patrick Melon

“A lot of my photography has been about me trying to reconnect myself back to my city. I was born and raised in New Orleans but I’ve only just recently begun to realize what it means…Read full article