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All Writing From Paula Anne Socco Anicete

Jan 2017


I started working in education ten years ago in Texas, as a contract tutor for public schools in danger of closing due to consecutively failing state standardized testing. My other job was being a teacher…Read full article

Jul 2015

The Ultra Sounds of Girls Rock! New Orleans

One night, Wayne Shorter walked straight to Miles Davis’ hotel room and knocked on the door relentlessly until Miles got up and opened it. Wayne confessed he couldn’t sleep. He had to come and see…Read full article

Jun 2014

Not Enough Fest 2014 : Still Not Enough

“This is probably the biggest event I’ll go to this year,” I thought as I parked on Rampart behind the Red House. Walking across the field, I saw all kinds of people—standard punks to fashionistas…Read full article

Feb 2014

A Speck-Tacular Interview with Rachel Speck

I went to Mimi’s in the Marigny this past January because Rachel Speck is someone I respect: she is  a fellow artist who is also a professional, full-time, certified, bona- fide teacher. I love the…Read full article

Not Enough! Fest Update

Not Enough! Fest is an annual music festival that showcases and supports new collaborative work by women, queer folks, and people of color. Last year was the first year for this festival in New Orleans,…Read full article

Oct 2013

The Best Food I Ate All Summer: New Orleans Community Kitchen

Many cities in America have some kind of alternative or fringe community-led food share, such as Food Not Bombs. In New Orleans, we have the New Orleans Community Kitchen. In their own words, the Commie…Read full article

Sep 2013

One Question for My Last Show of Summer

ROOM 101 Room 101 is a solo guitar act playing against a backdrop of  abrasive film montage synced with programmed compositions.  He is a teacher by day. What is the secret to balancing work and…Read full article

Field Notes from Down Low: Summer 2013

Anyone who’s stayed in the city for at least a couple years straight knows New Orleans has definite periods of dispersing her children (after Mardi Gras) and harvesting them all back to her sticky, sweaty…Read full article