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All Writing From Rev. Dan Jackson

Oct 2014

Reviews, October 2014

Books BLACK FRANCIS, JOHN  FRANK, STEVE APPLEBY THE GOOD INN (IT BOOKS) In 1908, the simple mechanics of the zoetrope and the science, chemistry, and fledgling art of still photography had combined in a new…Read full article

Sep 2014

Reviews, September 2014

CORY BRANAN NO-HIT WONDER (BLOODSHOT) Cory Branan’s latest effort, No-Hit Wonder, is a simultaneously summery and sullen showcase of Branan’s immense talent as a writer and his band’s immense talent as a band. These tunes…Read full article

Jun 2014

Reviews, June 2014

THE BALLY WHO? A PILFERER’S PATIENCE (SELF-RELEASED) Of all the places for a band to find inspiration for an album, a puppet show is probably down toward the “unlikely” end of the spectrum—but that’s exactly…Read full article

Real Talk: Memorable Moments from Antigravity’s First Ten Years

AG has been privileged to speak with a lot of artists over the past 10 years and have them tell us their stories. Here are some of the most memorable moments as rendered by Osa…Read full article

May 2014

Creepin’ and Reekin’ with Lydia Loveless

With three separate releases—Boy Crazy (EP), Somewhere Else (LP), and the single “Mile High” b/w “Blind”—all jammed into the last six months, Lydia Loveless has been everywhere at once. She was kind enough to chat…Read full article

Apr 2013

Reviews, April 2013

Books VINCENT A. CELLUCCI, ED. FUCK POEMS: AN EXCEPTIONAL ANTHOLOGY (LAVENDER INK) It’s amazing, the capacity that one word can still have to shock, to titillate, to hint at the sacred and the profane all…Read full article

Goodie Basket: AG Writers Pick a Bountiful Bushel at This Year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Break out the wide-brimmed  hats, the sunscreen and the boogie. While hordes of  old dudes from Maine descend upon us clothed in short-sleeved button downs emblazoned with crawfish playing trumpets, it must not be forgotten…Read full article

Mar 2013

Reviews, March 2013

Books MARK LAFLAUR ELYSIAN FIELDS (MID-CITY) Kicking off a book with a catastrophe-in-the-making is risky business. In the case of Mark LaFlaur’s Elysian Fields, it casts a pall over the massive flashback that is the…Read full article

Mar 2013

Passing Gas with They Might Be Giants

John Linnell (pictured, on the right), one of the founding Johns of They Might Be Giants (together with John Flansburgh), was gracious enough to chat with me in anticipation of the band’s upcoming show at…Read full article

Feb 2013

Reviews, February 2013

Books ALAN LIGHT THE HOLY OR THE BROKEN: LEONARD COHEN, JEFF BUCKLEY, & THE UNLIKELY ASCENT OF “HALLELUJAH” (ATRIA BOOKS) It still maintains a hold on us, this song of longtime troubadour/ writer/poet Leonard Cohen’s…Read full article

Eat Party Rally Boot Repeat: Antigravity’s Mardi Gras Buffet

DAN’S HUMMUS Someone recently told me they wanted to swim in my hummus; I don’t know what’s so special about it but I have been making this dish for a long time, ever since my…Read full article

Nov 2012

Reviews, November 2012

Books T.GERONIMO JOHNSON HOLD IT ‘TIL IT HURTS (COFFEE HOUSE) It begins as a tale of two brothers’ provenance: Afghanistan war-weary veterans Achilles and Troy return from a tour of duty to find their adoptive…Read full article