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Jan 2018


ALVVAYS ANTISOCIALITES (POLYVINYL) I’ve heard plenty of disappointment about Alvvays’ 2015 Gasa Gasa appearance, yet I only became aware of the band for how many copies of their first record I sold volunteering at Sisters…Read full article

Nov 2017


ARIEL PINK DEDICATED TO BOBBY JAMESON (MEXICAN SUMMER) Indie pop’s most mysterious shut-in has done it again. Chillwave progenitor and asshole interviewee Ariel Rosenberg (Ariel Pink) is back, with his least zany album to date….Read full article

Oct 2017


BLOODSICK S/T (C RAGE!) Having reemerged from their Ohioan tomb, Bloodsick now calls New Orleans its home base. Clevelanders, Nunslaughter, and local blasphemers Witch Burial—among a host of other projects past and present—primarily comprise the…Read full article

Aug 2017


AR-15 DOGS OF WAR (C RAGE!) Whiskey-swilling, shirtless, and full of banter during their live shows, this trio’s latest cassette, Dogs of War, recalls influential ‘80s/ early ‘90s NYC hardcore such as Cro-Mags and Sheer…Read full article

Jan 2017


CHILDISH GAMBINO “AWAKEN, MY LOVE!” (GLASSNOTE) On “Awaken, My Love!” Childish Gambino—better known as actor and comedian Donald Glover— dives headfirst into 1970s-style funk and soul. Glover completely abandons rap, leaving behind the quick word…Read full article

Sep 2016


APHEX TWIN CHEETAH (WARP) Richard D. James has certainly been prolific these past few years. Between 2014’s triumphant Syro (the vast archive of previously-unreleased tracks put up on Soundcloud) and last year’s Computer Controlled Acoustic…Read full article

Jan 2016

A Living Soundtrack: There’s No Place Like Home

Between 2007 and 2011, the scene in New Orleans got a new kind of weird. Before the days of every show seemingly featuring a popular Loyola indie band, the Dragon’s Den, Banks Street Bar, and…Read full article

Nov 2015

Reviews, November 2015

Books   KRISTIN HERSH DON’T SUCK, DON’T DIE: GIVING UP VIC CHESNUTT (UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS) In the mid-1990s, Throwing Muses’ founder Kristin Hersh embarked on what would be the first of many tours with…Read full article

Oct 2015

Reviews, October 2015

ANN PEEBLES GREATEST HITS (HI RECORDS/FAT POSSUM) With the Hi Rhythm Section backing her up, Ann Peebles released seven albums for Hi Records over the course of the 1970s. While her labelmate Al Green became…Read full article

Apr 2015

Reviews, April 2015

CHEF MENTEUR III (SUNRISE OCEAN BENDER) The sheer size and scope of Chef Menteur’s III may seem daunting to new listeners at first, but these New Orleans-based instrumentalists are old hands at epic conceptual albums….Read full article

Mar 2015

Reviews, March ’15

Books P. CURRAN THE BREATHTAKING CHRISTA P. (CADIZ & CADIZN’T) New Orleans in the ‘90s: a great place for an escaped fugitive to hide in plain sight… or it would be for one particular fugitive…Read full article

Feb 2015

Gracious Host: Parisite Ushers in a New Era of NOLA Skate Culture

Despite a historical lack of organization and support from the city, as well as the usual hassle by law enforcement, the New Orleans skate scene has produced a steady crew of enthusiasts and infrastructure over…Read full article

Jan 2015

Reviews, January ’15

Books   THE NEW ORLEANS JAZZ SCENE 1970-2000: A PERSONAL RETROSPECTIVE THOMAS W. JACOBSEN (LSU PRESS) Jazz music is New Orleans’ artistic tributary that runs into the larger river of American music and culture. Music…Read full article