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All Writing From Travis Bird

Sep 2017


BÊNNÍ I&II (GONER) Self-described as a purveyor of “Hi-NRG new age” music from “an H Class planet far across the cosmic highways,” it wouldn’t be a stretch to characterize Benny Divine, or BÊNNÍ, as an…Read full article

Aug 2017


AR-15 DOGS OF WAR (C RAGE!) Whiskey-swilling, shirtless, and full of banter during their live shows, this trio’s latest cassette, Dogs of War, recalls influential ‘80s/ early ‘90s NYC hardcore such as Cro-Mags and Sheer…Read full article

Jun 2017


COMO MAMAS MOVE UPSTAIRS (DAPTONE) The gospel music tradition lives on in many churches across the country, and one of the better examples of that tradition lies in the powerful voices of Ester Mae Wilbourn,…Read full article

May 2017


BOY HARSHER YR BODY IS NOTHING (DKA) Missing their February Mudlark appearance, yet seeing their shared bill with High Functioning Flesh (one of my favorite acts) later in the tour urged me to check out…Read full article