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All Writing From Yvette del Rio

Sep 2017


  FAST FOOD FACE OFF: CHEESEBURGER & FRIES EDITION I love trashy junk food, but which one is the best? To find out, I decided to do the ultimate fast food face off, cheeseburger-and-fries style….Read full article

Jul 2017


A question that I get asked a lot is if there is actually good Mexican food in New Orleans. Like, dude, we’re a state away from Texas… why is it so hard? In a quest…Read full article

Jun 2017


New Orleans is not a town historically known for its barbecue. Luckily, there’s a slew of restaurants now that have set out to change our reputation. I’m especially grateful because I love smoked meat products,…Read full article

ERIN DWYER (1980-2017)

Those of us who make up the beautifully braided knot that is the New Orleans indie, punk, and queer communities were saddened to hear of Erin Dwyer’s passing last month. It’s no exaggeration that Erin…Read full article

May 2017


  Are y’all ready for the donut smackdown? I’ve pitted six shops against each other to find the best donuts around. To even the playing field, I tried the classic glazed at each shop, and…Read full article

Apr 2017


I recently went to a party that was catered by Shawarma on the Go, which is a little place inside of the JetGo on Magazine Street. I’ll admit that it’s not a culinary decision I…Read full article

Mar 2017


This is going to have to be another multi-part investigation, as there are so many Chinese restaurants! I tried to order a variety of dishes everywhere I went, but made sure to try the eggrolls…Read full article

Feb 2017


My first article for ANTIGRAVITY (February 2015, #127) was a citywide hunt for the best king cake. As I mentioned then, my longtime fave is from Dong Phuong, but this year I wanted to try…Read full article

Jan 2017


This month, I’m taking a detour from my usual quest for new and exciting spots to instead share some tried-and-true dishes from my favorite haunts. Nothing here is revolutionary, but hard times call for comfort…Read full article

Nov 2016


I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I haven’t written about breakfast spots before, and honestly, it’s because I thought that breakfasts were all the same. If you’ve eaten scrambled eggs and bacon…Read full article

Oct 2016


Remember the hubbub a few years ago when City Council changed the laws regulating food trucks? I know there was a lot of concern (some of it expressed in the very publication that you’re reading…Read full article

Sep 2016


What’s a chef without a restaurant to do? Why, borrow someone else’s and pop up, of course! I know that I’ll be hitting more pop ups in the future because there are so many and…Read full article

Jul 2016

Reality Bites: Williams Boulevard

There’s lots of talk about NOLA foodie hotspots, streets where every block is jam-packed with hip, cool restaurants: Freret Street, St. Claude Avenue, even good old Magazine Street. Well, this month we’ll be looking at…Read full article

Jun 2016

Reality Bites: Zapp’s

Have you ever wanted to buy every single flavor of Zapp’s Potato Chips and try them all? Well, I did it. I lived the dream and now I’m here to tell the tale. (OK, not all of…Read full article

May 2016

Reality Bites: I Scream, You Scream…

In honor of the beginning of summer, I wanted to visit as many ice cream shops as I could find. And I discovered that it’s surprisingly hard to find a spot that serves up plain…Read full article

Apr 2016

Reality Bites: Great Balls of Meat

This is a first for me: I’m going to start this column with a recipe, because it’s important that you get where I’m coming from, at least in regards to meatballs. I ate these once…Read full article

Mar 2016

Reality Bites: Fabulous Falafel

Maybe you’ve gone meat-free for Lent, maybe you’re meat-free for life, or maybe you just enjoy a deep fried food that is still high in soluble fiber. Obviously, the right food for you is falafel….Read full article

Feb 2016

Reality Bites: Drinking a King Cake

In honor of our abbreviated Mardi Gras season this year, I’ll be reviewing drinks that are king cake flavored, instead of king cakes, proper. Perfect for those who live alone and don’t want to eat…Read full article

Jan 2016

Reality Bites: New Year, New Eats

Even though there’s roughly a zillion restaurants in New Orleans, it’s easy to get stuck in the same old food rut. We’ve all been there, trying to decide where to go on a Tuesday night;…Read full article

Dec 2015

Reality Bites: Turtle Power!

Turtle soup tastes like Christmas; it’s my absolute favorite Reveillon dish, and is one of the few soups I enjoy. Turtle soup is such a fun, vintagey dish. I did a little research, and my beloved…Read full article

Nov 2015

Reality Bites: Pumpkin Whatever

Novembers in New Orleans can be muggy and 80 degrees, so sometimes you just have to create your own autumnal mood. For me, this means wearing sweaters and tights no matter what, and consuming as…Read full article

Oct 2015

Reality Bites: WINGS

When I told friends that I’d be reviewing wings this month, almost everyone asked if I was going to Hooters (and everyone who asked also wanted to go with me). Y’all, just go to Hooters…Read full article

Sep 2015

Reality Bites: Mac’n’Cheese

I was a vegetarian in New Orleans for a very long time, so I became an expert at going out to eat and only ordering sides, as there was a pretty massive dearth of vegetarian…Read full article

Jul 2015

Reality Bites: Hot Dogs!

July is a very special month for me because it’s my birthday! And before you get any ideas about that, I’m a Leo not a Cancer, which—as I’m sure you realize—is a very important distinction….Read full article

Jun 2015

Reality Bites: The World’s Perfect Food (Pt. 2)

In April, I ate fried chicken at five different locales—this month I’ll look at five more: Lil Dizzy’s (1500 Esplanade Ave.) Lil Dizzy’s came highly recommended, so I was very excited to try it. The…Read full article

May 2015

Reality Bites: Welcome to Summer

May is officially summer in New Orleans, which means it’s time for shaved ice drenched in sickly sweet syrup: SNO-BALLS! I feel like this should go without saying, but a sno-ball is not a snow…Read full article

Apr 2015

Reality Bites: The World’s Perfect Food (Pt. 1)

I was a vegetarian for 15 years and a vegan for two and a half of those. I broke, one fateful summer day, for Popeye’s spicy fried chicken, my absolute favorite childhood meal. And damn, y’all…the…Read full article

Mar 2015

Reality Bites: A Selfish, Soulless Seafood Splurge

It’s at this point in our relationship that we may as well discuss religion, right? Like 99.9% of other native  New Orleanians (give or take a few percentage points, I guess), I’m Catholic or at…Read full article

Feb 2015

Reality Bites: Citywide King Cake Reviews

This month we welcome Yvette to helm our food column. A born and bred New Orleanian, Yvette loves old buildings, thrift stores, and of course, going out to eat. She’ll be all around town so…Read full article