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All Writing From Zack Smith

Aug 2015

Photos: Zack Smith

“Over the past 20 years, the camera has given me the unique ability to tell a variety of stories about remarkable people in the most unique places and situations. Currently I am finishing up the…Read full article

Aug 2014

Zack Smith

I’m always looking for the good light. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes I bring it with me. You got to have the good light for the great portrait. Finding the good light is like ordering your…Read full article

Jun 2014

A Decade of Deadlines : Celebrating and Commiserating with 10 Years of Anti-friends

To put into perspective what life was like in 2004, when Antigravity was launched, here are a few realities the people of New Orleans knew: TwiRoPa was a live and functioning club in the Lower…Read full article

Feb 2014

The Last Supper: Grab’n’Go Mardi Gras Edition

Anyone hosting a Mardi Gras party near a parade route is well aware of the many roles your home takes on: base station, rest stop, hospital, safe house. Likewise, a good Mardi Gras spread is…Read full article